Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spanking Implement Review # 3

Description:  Wooden Paddle

Intensity:      Ouch

Sound level:   loud but not too loud. Kind of thumpy, muffled

Feeling during spanking:  Nice sound, nice slap, really ouchy

DH comment:   He hasn't not used it since....

So, I figured I owed all my readers a review of my birthday paddle. 
I was not too worried about DH having a paddle now, because honestly, so far, he hasn't gone too far yet, and always stopped before I was ready even.
Well. Not with this one. 
When he had me unwrap this "present" (oh yeah, I have to put that in quotation marks, I mean how is that a present for me, when it hurts the way it does?) , I wasn't too worried, and really excited to try it out. Once the kids were in bed, we were sitting in his office, and just enjoyed ourselves. After a while, he gets the paddle out from behind him, and starts to warn me that he is going to take it really easy, and to just enjoy because he didn't think he would be handling it that well for the first time. He also told me he expected me to count out the slaps. 
"You are not serious right?" I actually said that out loud. Oops. 

"Damn straight, I am serious. Now lets go."

We went to the bedroom. He had me pull down my pants and underwear, he went on the bed, and I laid over his lap/knees. He stroked my cheeks like he always does. I can feel him enjoying me. He starts to explore and then suddenly starts spanking me with his hands.
 "This is a warm up, because I don't want to hurt you." 
Sure sure, is all I am thinking, relaxing into him. He always starts out pretty slow (unless he is mad with me), and it took about ten slaps before it got more intense. 
At this point, I was thinking that haha, he had forgotten to make me count the spankings, and I was rather glad, I was not looking forward to that.
All of the sudden, I feel him shifting, and getting the paddle. The first smack, so lightly done, stung. I mean seriously. The second one (I could feel he was starting to feel more relaxed and confident) almost hurt. He starts reminding me to count out loud, and he would do it until I started counting. So I did. Very quietly. Can I just say, that makes me feel very dominated? Wow. 
29. 29 Slaps with that thing. OUCH. OUCH. OUCH.
After, my ass was glowing. I didn't actually go look at it, but I could feel it radiating heat, and I am sure I could have lit up a whole room with it. Needless to say, DH was very satisfied.

Sunday maintenance was done with it too. And once again, this paddle really hurts.  That day I had told him how intense the paddle was, and he told me he didn't even do half of what he could do with it. Great.

Last night, he finally 'only' gave me a hand spanking. It felt so comforting.
This morning, we talked about the spankings for a minute after both kids were at school. "I am only going to get the paddle out for punishments. I want you to remember that." How could I forget?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ready. Set. Go. Camping.

This weekend was amazing! It was so long too that I feel like I don't know what to do with myself now that DH is not here. He was home last Thursday and worked from home, and just went back to work this morning.

Having him home that long reminds me of him being laid off and being home all the time, except when he is home now, we enjoy every second of each other, and plus, we don't have to worry financially like we used to. I feel very lucky and happy today.

Here is to an awesome week!
Speaking of awesome week, we are going camping for the first time this weekend with our kids of course. I have a lot of work to do this week, but feel so unmotivated, like I don't know where to start!

So, help me out! Please leave me a comment with something you always forget, so I won't! :D

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Birthday spanking.

Thank you guys so very much for my wonderful birthday wishes! I feel so blessed to have found this great community of gals!

I feel so much better today than I did yesterday!.

DH is working from home and I just baked my cake!

I already got one present .
Not sure how excited I should be, I remember Dee being pretty excited, and then suddenly not anymore. :D

DH promised me a birthday spanking tonight. 29 swats. With that.

To be continued..........................

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I shouldn't have.

I shouldn't have written my post yesterday.
I said I don't really get emotional when I get my period. I bet writing it down yesterday, or just thinking it, resulted in the way I feel today.

Backing up: Tomorrow is my birthday. My birthday is always special to me of course, and I like to be with family and friends. Over the last nine years, somebody from my family was either here, or we were in Germany.  Not this year. My mom is coming in June, and I am really excited, but as of right now, I am sad. Crying. Unhappy. Which is silly I know. But its true.

Last night, I was snuggling DH, and it occurred to me that ttwd hasn't been on my mind a lot over the last few days, for whatever reason. So I asked DH:

We are still doing this right? I mean, we are just getting used to it, right? Adjusting, things are settling in?

Why are you asking me this? Of course we are doing this.

I don't know, I haven't felt it I guess.

He sits up, turns off Conan, flips me over, and starts spanking me, really hard. Like he was insulted that I would even ask that. And thinking about it today, I realize that I guess I needed some reassurance because I am needy today, and yesterday, and probably tomorrow.
After a few minutes, I started to really fight him. It hurt. After he got the last word spank in, he soothed me and my poor bottom, cuddled me, and I fell asleep pretty blissfully.

This morning we woke up, and heard my oldest daughter proclaim that our stupid little dog had peed on the carpet. Again. And this is how my day is continuing it seems. At this point, at it isn't even noon yet, I would like this day to be over. Or at least have a good book and sit on the couch, but lately I can't even find anything I would like to read anymore.
I called DH, and started crying. I mean really? Yeah, I really did. I know he doesn't like it because he is so far away and he feels guilty, but I just can't keep the water works off today.

Going on the couch now. Hopefully Super Mario with the four-year-old will lift my spirits.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When things are different

We didn't do maintenance this Sunday. And it was kind of mutual. I am getting my period, and my boobs hurt. So I can't imagine lying on them to get a spanking. And DH is so understanding. He always says that because he doesn't have any, he has to take my word for it.

When I was younger, I could never tell when I would get my period, I would just go to the bathroom and noticed "it" arrived. Sometimes I really do long for those easy days. Since I have had kids, I get crampy during, and my breast are very tender before. Just not fun.
But one of the good things about this is, that I feel naturally more submissive, I have noticed. I don't feel the need for a spanking at all, mostly because I feel like a kitten who needs to be cuddled most of the time. Yesterday I cleaned house, did my homework, laundry, cooked amazing dinner, all without the motivation of a spanking.

 I generally don't get bitchy, maybe if my back is hurting too much, but otherwise, all kitten all the time. Anyone else like that? Or do you go into total bitchy mode? Either way, I don't think we can control that. Hormones are amazing. Aren't they?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Starring role

Listening to this song, I always feel bad for people who do still feel this way. I feel so secure in my marriage. I know DH loves me as much as I love him, and I never ever doubt that. But at the same time, I feel bad for people in my life who do not know this secure feeling, and have never experienced it.

Enjoy the song!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A review!

Thank you all for your comments! It helped me remember to relax, and enjoy the show as it were!
We first went out to Indian food, and then caught the movie. I had bought the tickets in advance just to make sure we would get a seat. DH was happy. The food was amazing as always.

Before we had kids, going to see movies was our thing. We would do it every weekend, so whenever we get a chance, we will go and see almost (not quite) any movie. The previews are always the best part for me though, I love to be surprised and see what is coming out soon. DH and I will sit there and rate it:

Must see.

At home rental.

No thank you!

And last night, almost all of them were at least home rentals.

Here is my personal movie review: Exactly as expected for me. Lots of action, explosions, weird machines/animals? that attack earth. But don't get me wrong. I did have a great time. Just seeing DH happy sitting there makes me happy. Throughout the whole movie, I sat there, with my hand on his dick. That seems to help me not talk during the movie (I can be obnoxious that way) therefore avoided getting in trouble with DH.

I have to admit, when we got home, we both fell asleep. But made up for it this morning. DH was disappointed though, I think mostly in himself because he was too tired to enjoy our evening without kids. This morning, I woke up when he started sneaking off, pouting. I called him back, turned around on my tummy and wiggled my butt. Works like a charm, every single time.

He seemed to have a hard time letting go though, of his disappointment, and shortly after pulled me over his lap, and gave me a short, precise and to the point, spanking. I could feel him reconnecting, and we have enjoyed every second together since. Including playing super mario together and failing miserably.

Have a great rest of the weekend everybody! I know I will.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Second action movie in a row means I get IOU?

Tonight is date night. This is very special for us, because we don't have any family where we live and therefore our kids can't just go over to grandmas for the day or night or whatever! So yesterday my good friend, asked me if they wanted a sleepover with her! Sweet! I am so freaking excited!
I told DH, and he was like: So we can go and see the Avengers!
Me: Um. Yeah that would be great.

I could say something along the lines of no thank you. But I know how much he wants to see it and therefore I am going to suck it up. Plus there isn't anything I really really want to see, so Thats is what we are going to see. But! I think, since this is the second action movie in a row (last one was Wrath of the Titans), I should get a IOU, or a get-out-of-spanking-free card, right?

And plus, I get to see THOR again! I love that actor. Chris Hemsworth. Totally hot! Pus who knows what we will do with all that time we will have!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spanking Implement Review # 2 and obituary

Description:  Unfinished wooden paddle hairbrush

Intensity:       Perfect, light, but stings 

Sound level:  you can hear it....

Feeling during spanking:  Nice sound, nice slap, intense and overpowering

DH comment:  Oh yeah!

And now the sad news. He broke it. Apparently I really was rude on the phone yesterday.

I took a shower right before picking DH up at the train station, put on a skirt, light make-up, hair down. Maybe to try and distract him, its quite possible. He enjoyed the outfit, but as soon as we were alone for 2 minutes, he told me that he was very disappointed and if it wasn't for ttwd, he would probably not have talked to me for the rest of the day. But knowing that he would take care of my being that rude on the phone later, relaxed him for the rest of the day.
Once the kids were in bed, he had me get ready. He had me wait at the bed, holding my hair brush while he got ready. Humbling, I might say. Just standing there, waiting. He had me lie on his knees, and started. He proceeded to tell me how disappointed he was with me, how unbelievably rude I was. I don't even remember being that rude.
I don't think he ever spanked me that hard. Ouch. I was done after the warm-up. The brush got pushed me over the edge within seconds. After, he lotioned my poor bottom, looking all proud and masculine. I really was and am sorry. I can't believe I talked to him that way when I pride myself on being one of those wives that never does that.
This morning, he checked my bottom before we got up, and told me no spanking until the dots are gone. Then he got in the shower. I went to brush my hair and notice that my brush broke. Great! I liked that one for my hair. (Secretly for the bottom too, but psst).
Apparently in my rush to get him yesterday, I forgot my hair in the shower. I know, nasty. I hate wet hair like that. Just gross. One of our only rules. And I forgot.
So once the kids were gone, I got another spanking. At least 20 excruciating slaps, hurting from the first slap.
 I have spent all morning not sitting down.
So just like all of you, the 'talk' was less talking, a bit of lecturing, and a lot of spanking. Ouch. But oddly enough, I just felt motivated enough to do all the chores I put off, cleaned the house, did my homework, laundry...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A spanking a day will help with refinancing?

This weekend was perfect, absolutely perfect. It started with DH manager sending him home at 2pm on Friday because of the beautiful weather. We worked in our yard, enjoyed ourselves. The kids were amazing, and DH worked really hard at making it a wonderful Mother's Day. He even picked flowers from the yard instead of spending money on buying them. Love it!

DH has the tendency to be very grumpy after such a weekend. He sometimes feels like he is spending his life working to pay off our debt, and nothing brings that home like a Monday morning. And I understand. I really do. Doesn't seem quite fair that I get to stay home and take care of our children and home while he has to be gone all day. But we got ourselves into the debt and we are trying to get back out from underneath it. This includes refinancing our mortgage.

Which is almost impossible for us because we have student loans. So today, Tuesday morning, he had to call our refinance person, who keeps saying ,yeah not a problem, and then calls back saying, hey how do you feel about 3.5% for a 15 year? Well that is great, if you want to pay half of that. There is no way we can afford that. Arg, so frustrating.

So, DH and I were just on the phone, and I snapped. I yelled at him because this is soo frustrating. We are doing everything we can, and still. He just wrote me an email:

I understand, and I agree, this is extremely stressful.  

We’ll talk more about it tonight.  And by talk, I mean something totally different.

Now, I am in for it. Which is good if it happens, but if it doesn't, then I feel even worse because it will feel like he is not being consistent, and that seems to me like he doesn't care enough about ttwd and me. And I know that is not true, not after this last weekend, and really the last nine years together. So, I am going to relax about it, try not to freak out about our finances, and just not spend any money.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Very Happy Day!

I hope everyone is having the best Mothers Day! I sure am. I woke up after sleeping for 12 hours to hand-picked flowers, cards, waffles, and the promise of spanking tonight. Perfect!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mounting establishes and maintains dominance

Another Friday. I really do like Fridays! It means the weekend is still ahead, lots of possibilities, DH is home more than during the week, and of course, SUNDAY, as in Sunday maintenance. If it happens that is.

After our last spanking fiasco, DH hasn't attempted to redo it. He is very busy, his job takes long hours, and sometimes he doesn't even come home until 10pm. I know he is tired at the end of the day, week, month. I understand. But still. It seems like incorporating ttwd into our marriage is more my wish than his. He is mostly too tired to care whether the kitchen is clean, to figure out if I had my phone on me or not, or whether I did something else I am not supposed to.
This leaves me so frustrated. I want him to notice on his own. I want him to care.

 I want to be submissive, let him guide this, but at times it seems like he forgot or simply doesn't care enough. Last night, we were having some tired sex. It was good, I am sure better than what many couples experience on a regular bases. When he was behind me, he started spanking me, and I just didn't care for it. I don't find 'erotic' spankings erotic. I find spankings erotic when he is in charge of the situation. When he tells me this is what is going to happen, now get over here. Just thinking this makes me feel guilty. I know he has a lot on his plate, and I am not helping. And after the debacle of our last spanking, all I keep thinking is that I am asking too much of him by doing this.

But then I look at the picture below  and think: It is in his DNA to be dominant, he just has to be comfortable enough to be himself.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spanking Implement Review # 1

Where to begin? I could think of several titles for this post, but had to decide on one. So I decided I will write  reviews to implements we have used so far.

I could have also named this blog post: What not to do during a spanking. Or laughing during a spanking probably means it is not working correctly...something along those lines. More to that later.

Description:  Bamboo Spatula

Intensity:       Too light

Sound level:  Way to loud

Feeling during spanking:  Nice sound, nice slap, but too light and not intense at all

DH comment:   Not my favorite.

So, there we were last night. Finally the kids are in bed. I was freshly showered and ready for DH. Instead of the skirt, he wanted me to put on a white thong. He loves spanking me when I am still wearing a thong. I found this great one that has a little hole at the top in the back, that he loves to hold onto.
He had me get into bed, he sat up in bed and had me lay over his lap. He starts stroking my butt (love that), and starts giving me a warm up with his big, warm hands. It was perfect! He is really figuring this out. Then he had me get up and get the spoon that was hanging in the closet. He warned me that it will take him a while to get used to it, and to let him know how it is. So I did. I actually got over myself and talked. I told him when I couldn't feel it really, and I told him when it was getting better.
When he had the angle correct, that thing is loud! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! And at the beginning it was a good feeling, but after a few minutes, some pausing, and restarting, he started really smacking me with it, and it just wasn't enough. And I wasn't the only one feeling that way. He kind of got in a pattern, and it started to be  rhythmical. I could tell he wasn't enjoying it like he usually does, something wasn't right. And I was feeling the same way. And I just couldn't help it. I started laughing. And laughing and laughing. (A little side note: My husband studied piano for four years when he went to college, therefore everything he does is musical) DH did not like the laughing because I was laughing too hard to tell him why I was laughing. So he got defensive and very embarrassed. Once I could talk again, and explain to him, how I felt, it was better, but still, I could tell I had hurt his feelings a bit.

So we got to talk, having given up on the spanking :(, and it turns out, he didn't like the spoon either. I asked him why he didn't say anything, or change it. Or whatever really, because he is the leader in this and whatever he wants, goes.
I am sad to say, the spanking last night really wasn't what either one of us had in mind, but it did help reconnect us in the silliness of it all. We felt very close after, I shared some of my most intimate thoughts with him, and we made beautiful love. For the first time, he commanded me to orgasm last night, and it was so hot, I came within seconds.

So there you all have my review. The spoon is already in my 'thrift store' bag again, where I put everything I want to donate.

Have you ever laughed during a spanking? And do you have a favorite implement? Because this one really wasn't working for us.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I heart the thrift store!

I love browsing at any thrift store. I do it at least once a week. I never go in with the purpose of finding anything, which I think is the reason why I am so successful usually. DH can't stand the smell, but I am always amazed at the treasures I find. Like this one.
I used to skip the wooden isle because I never really found anything anyway, but I was reading somebody's blog and she found such a nice implement that I keep thinking about it now every time I enter a thrift store. And today, I guess I got lucky. Just walking around with the spoon in my hand, I noticed that this is a stinger. And I am happy to say, I didn't feel like everybody knew what I was going to do with it, like Dee did in her last post. Lol. I am still chuckling at her post.

I already cleaned it and now it is waiting in the closet.
If I could figure out how to turn the image I would. Sorry.
DH and I kind of made up this morning. I told him that I feel like he doesn't want me when I am sick, and he told me that he thought I didn't want him because I didn't cuddle him last night. Well, you can probably guess why I didn't cuddle him: I thought he didn't want me. So, once again, communication is a must!
We had a quickie and I made him late for work, but he said he was not going to leave until we had come to a good place between us. I can say that I do feel better, although still not quiet reconnected.

And this is what DH said this morning too. He feels that spanking really helps us stay connected and in sync with this dynamic we have, and when for some reason (like I am sick, or god forbid, I have my period) he can't spank me, he feels the connection slipping. I am pretty sure we will get the hang of it at some point, but meanwhile, it is kind of hard to have to keep going through the processes.

So for tonight, DH requested I wear the skirt again. I guess he really does like it. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The one where I feel like Monica on Friends

This weekend was a long one. We had a bunch of stuff to do because we are in the process of refinancing our home and need to get some stuff fixed before we can get the loan. DH is not that handy. He is a computer guy. Give him any stupid computer that doesn't work anymore and he can fix it, but a new railing on the front porch, or painting the house is just not his thing.

I am still sick, but at least my head is not pounding anymore, but it still meant I was off limits to DH. He has this thing where he is just not turned on by a sick lady. Makes me think of Monica on Friends when she is horny and trying to seduce Chandler.

So of course, maintenance didn't happen. :(  And not much else happened between us the entire weekend. He seems to not know how to be around somebody who is sick I guess. Since we have started this new journey together, we have done the one side of ttwd, spanking and to a degree discipline, but never the taking care part. He realized this yesterday evening before he had to log into work on a  Sunday. He realized that ttwd means taking care of me to a degree, making sure I don't overdo anything, and maybe even telling me to go rest. Well he didn't all weekend. And I know, if I need to rest, I should just say that, but part of me wanted him to notice and to send me to bed. To keep the girls away from me to make sure I rest.

Instead, I mowed half the lawn until I ran out of breath and got really dizzy. Just thinking about it makes me realize that I wanted him to take me in hand, make me stop. But he didn't. At the same time, this makes me wonder, am I weak? Why do I want him to take me in hand? Why do I need this? Makes me think of Saoirse's post. What do you guys all think? I am being childish for wanting him to make me rest?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

For anyone who is up way late....

My new favorite song! I can't even pinpoint why exactly I love this, but I do. She is soo innocent, while singing about being a primadona. Her voice is amazing and I love the mix of her style of singing with the type of music.

Off to bed, DH is waiting!

Friday, May 4, 2012


Living in the Pacific Northwest can be beautiful! I love that it is so green here. Everything is green: The trees are covered in moss, the trees are always green, and the grass hardly ever dies in the summer. But lately, well over the last two springs, we skipped spring. Even though everything is blooming and looks just gorgeous, the constant rain is putting a damper on it and we miss the first warm rays of sunshine, taking pictures of the girls in front of blooming flowers. Things like that. And this damper often expands to me, and I am grumpy. I mean how much rain can a person take?

This morning I woke up with a cold. How that sucks! I was lying there, my head felt at least twice its normal size. I had my day all planned out already. My older daughter doesn’t have school today, so we are going to go swimming after we pick up her sister from school. Well, lying in bed feeling like crap, and thinking about having to do anything just doesn’t sound like fun. 

DH missed his train to work and decided to drive; he was leaving me alone mostly. A few times he asked if I wanted him to stay home. Hell yes! But not when he asks in the most oh-my-god-do-I-have-to-voice. That alone will get me to survive without him.

Then he starts stomping through the house all grumpy, and I realized he was feeling guilty because he knew I wanted him to stay, and he really wanted to go to work. Well with his history of not wanting to work (when he was unemployed he went through a phase of not wanting to make any companies any more money), I realized that I had to make sure he understood that I am good enough to survive without him. This is the first time I realized why he is grumpy every single time I am sick. I always thought it was rude of him to react that way just because I am sick. 
Well, I think ttwd has helped me see his side of things more often. It has helped me understand him better, and to not open my mouth and just blurt out things without thinking first. And I did. I told him I can handle myself, and to not worry. This way, I will probably get some pampering out of him tonight, and I can suck it up long enough for that! Maybe I will even get a movie for when the kids are in bed!
Now I am trying to finish my homework to enjoy the rest of this day with my children. I hope you guys feel better than I do this morning!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Don't not make a sound!

Speaking of Fifty Shades of Grey. I love reading! I love reading romance novels, although lately I have been moving into a different genre. Mainly erotica. But the story still needs to be good, I don’t just read it for the sex scenes. After I finished FSOG, I was longing for a strong male in my life that would love me as much as this guy does in the book. And then I started thinking, I am married. I love my husband like that. Why not have sex like that too?
DH and I have been together for over nine years now. As we approach this ten year anniversary, I keep hearing about other couple’s who don’t make it. To us personally, sex is the essential part to our marriage. Whenever we don’t have sex for a few days, or gasp a whole week, he starts to get a bit distant and it gets harder to get back into the groove!
Practicing ttwd has let us be more open with one another. When I first brought it up, I opened a whole can of worms I was not prepared for. I mean, who would have thought that I had to spill my guts and tell him my most secret fantasies? I didn’t think of that I guess. But I got over it. I mean we are together. We chose to marry and spend our lives together, so why not be open and honest with one another and be the absolute best we can be?

Yesterday, after we put the kids to bed, I surprised DH by putting on a skirt, blouse, and knee socks for the Sunday maintenance. I was unsure of myself when I walked into his office, he didn’t notice the outfit at first, and then couldn’t look away. He guided me into our bedroom, had me get my new hairbrush, and lay down over his lap. He started telling me how pleased he is with our progress, how I have been behaving, and how this spanking is supposed to last me all week.
All week? As in, he is going to spank me that hard, or he won’t have time this week, and mentally this is supposed to last all week.

As it turns out, I have a high tolerance for pain, at least that is why DH says. I can handle a lot, apparently. And after Sundays's maintenance, he asked me to be more, how do I put this? Vocal? When I am in pain, I have to concentrate on it, I get quiet and I don't hear what is going on around me. Now though, he is asking me to make some sound so he knows where I am at. But I am not sure I can do that. How do you guys handle it? Do you take it quietly? Or make sounds?

It is now Thursday, and I have to admit, so far it has lasted me this long.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Relationship advice from Family Guy

DH doesn't watch a lot of TV. I have a few shows that I record, but otherwise, the tv is not on a lot in our house. One of the shows we watch together is Family Guy. I have it on auto-record, this way we always have two episodes to watch. The other day, we were sitting on the couch snuggling, when this scene came on:

And we both couldn't help ourselves. We were just shaking our heads, thinking how sad it is to be in a relationship with somebody, to spend your life together, and to treat each other this way.  I know of course, that this is Family Guy. But still. There are so many people who behave this way with one another.

When we have an argument, we try to stay respectful to one another. We never call each other names, and don't raise our voices. We try to figure out what exactly is bothering us, and if it is needed, we don't have a problem giving the other person some space. I need this space, I need to be alone every once in a while. To think. Contemplate. To figure out what I am feeling.

Back to this scene. When we watched it, we both started saying what the woman and the man should have been doing instead. For example, why is she accusing him of looking at 'porn'? If that was me, I would just make sure my DH wouldn't have a need to look at porn if it really bothered me. And even if I accused him, I wouldn't do it the way she does.
He should have said, yes, there are dirty pictures. I look at them. Furthermore, why is he being defensive? If he looks at them, then he should just say so.
And then she of course, makes it about the family. He doesn't care about the family, instead of admitting that she doesn't like it, and it makes her feel unaprecciated and not sexy. He should have stopped right there, taken her in his arms, or at least held her, and told her that he loves her. He should have looked her in the eyes, and made sure that she know he is here for her, and she can relax.

Then, she walks away, wanting him to come after her, or maybe even lower his voice and tell her to get her butt back over here, otherwise he would spank her.
But he doesn't. He behaves like a ten year old.

But he sums it up nicely: If they had sex more often, probably none of that would have happened.