Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Relationship advice from Family Guy

DH doesn't watch a lot of TV. I have a few shows that I record, but otherwise, the tv is not on a lot in our house. One of the shows we watch together is Family Guy. I have it on auto-record, this way we always have two episodes to watch. The other day, we were sitting on the couch snuggling, when this scene came on:

And we both couldn't help ourselves. We were just shaking our heads, thinking how sad it is to be in a relationship with somebody, to spend your life together, and to treat each other this way.  I know of course, that this is Family Guy. But still. There are so many people who behave this way with one another.

When we have an argument, we try to stay respectful to one another. We never call each other names, and don't raise our voices. We try to figure out what exactly is bothering us, and if it is needed, we don't have a problem giving the other person some space. I need this space, I need to be alone every once in a while. To think. Contemplate. To figure out what I am feeling.

Back to this scene. When we watched it, we both started saying what the woman and the man should have been doing instead. For example, why is she accusing him of looking at 'porn'? If that was me, I would just make sure my DH wouldn't have a need to look at porn if it really bothered me. And even if I accused him, I wouldn't do it the way she does.
He should have said, yes, there are dirty pictures. I look at them. Furthermore, why is he being defensive? If he looks at them, then he should just say so.
And then she of course, makes it about the family. He doesn't care about the family, instead of admitting that she doesn't like it, and it makes her feel unaprecciated and not sexy. He should have stopped right there, taken her in his arms, or at least held her, and told her that he loves her. He should have looked her in the eyes, and made sure that she know he is here for her, and she can relax.

Then, she walks away, wanting him to come after her, or maybe even lower his voice and tell her to get her butt back over here, otherwise he would spank her.
But he doesn't. He behaves like a ten year old.

But he sums it up nicely: If they had sex more often, probably none of that would have happened.


  1. A guy behaving like a 10yr old? Really?? Lol! Seriously, in a perfect world, it would be all sunshine and roses, but it's not and I don't think that would actually be that much of a good thing. However would we learn anything otherwise? I'd like to say I never raise my voice, but the more emotional etc I am, my voice raises accordingly........ and then I do a great impression of a 2yr old lol! Thankfully (or fortunately?) this is where ttwd works a treat :)

    Dee x

  2. Julia, never did I think Family Guy could be capable of giving relationship advice! But you're so right, this is such a good example of what not to do. And I agree, if I were her, I would have asked why he felt the need to look at porn...perhaps she could change something. Or not. I've heard some guys just like their porn!

  3. Family Guy may be just a cartoon but unfortunately it quite accurately represents the way the media protrays most relationships these days. It really is a sad commentary on the state of society in general. It's no wonder so many marriages end in divorce when this behavior is accepted as normal and funny.

    1. I actually think that because of the media, the kids these days think it is okay to be like people they see on tv, be that real people acting, or cartoons like Family Guy. I am not sure that this generation understand that reality tv doesn't mean it is actually real, but just real people acting and pretending to lead lives like that.

  4. Ooh family guy. Such a crazy show, but you're right that's a good example of what not to do. I like your approach MUCH better!


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