Saturday, May 19, 2012

A review!

Thank you all for your comments! It helped me remember to relax, and enjoy the show as it were!
We first went out to Indian food, and then caught the movie. I had bought the tickets in advance just to make sure we would get a seat. DH was happy. The food was amazing as always.

Before we had kids, going to see movies was our thing. We would do it every weekend, so whenever we get a chance, we will go and see almost (not quite) any movie. The previews are always the best part for me though, I love to be surprised and see what is coming out soon. DH and I will sit there and rate it:

Must see.

At home rental.

No thank you!

And last night, almost all of them were at least home rentals.

Here is my personal movie review: Exactly as expected for me. Lots of action, explosions, weird machines/animals? that attack earth. But don't get me wrong. I did have a great time. Just seeing DH happy sitting there makes me happy. Throughout the whole movie, I sat there, with my hand on his dick. That seems to help me not talk during the movie (I can be obnoxious that way) therefore avoided getting in trouble with DH.

I have to admit, when we got home, we both fell asleep. But made up for it this morning. DH was disappointed though, I think mostly in himself because he was too tired to enjoy our evening without kids. This morning, I woke up when he started sneaking off, pouting. I called him back, turned around on my tummy and wiggled my butt. Works like a charm, every single time.

He seemed to have a hard time letting go though, of his disappointment, and shortly after pulled me over his lap, and gave me a short, precise and to the point, spanking. I could feel him reconnecting, and we have enjoyed every second together since. Including playing super mario together and failing miserably.

Have a great rest of the weekend everybody! I know I will.


  1. Yeah, it's a long movie and it takes a lot of energy out of a person just to watch it. We fell asleep when we got home after too... also to make up for it the next morning. :)

    I love the part about failing at Mario. :) We play Dr. Mario whenever we get a chance. I always win though.

    1. Well we started playing Super Mario a while ago, and since the kids weren't here, we could actually do it all by ourselves. Not that it helped, but it was fun!

  2. I do the same sort of rating of previews. :)


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