Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spanking Implement Review # 5

Description:  Leather paddle

Intensity:     More intense than a thorough hand spanking, but not like a wooden implement.

Sound level:   I was surprised at how quiet it was.

Feeling during spanking:  Perfect. (Can I say that about getting a spanking?)

DH comment:   This will work!

Susie and Ashley both told me about leather paddles on one of my implement reviews. Honestly, leather kind of freaked me out. Leather seems to be such a BDSM thing. You know? Like kink factor infinity, and I was always shying away from that a little.  I know DH is not into that at all, and so leather implements were never really something we even thought about. 

But after reading how many of you guys have them, and the fact that it is not as harsh as wood, made me reconsider. So I browsed, and found one on eBay that I liked. It is fairly long, which surprised me. 

DH tried it out for the very first time in his office, me leaning over, and him spanking me with it over my pants. He was very careful, didn't want hurt me, and he wanted to get a 'feel' for it. 
"Tonight, I want you to wear your whole outfit. So after the kids are in bed, I want you to take a shower, and then put it on. Get the new paddle out and wait by the bed."

Grrr. That is almost like corner time for me. Although never had to do that, so I am sure corner time is even more humbling. So I went and took a shower, and then put on my outfit. My outfit is a short plaid skirt, white underwear, long white socks, black bra, white blouse, I am sure you get the idea..... This outfit has been perfected over the last few months, and I just got new stockings/long socks with a bow at the front. Very cute. I was feeling very cute at that point. Whenever DH sees me in this outfit, instant hard-on for him. He makes me feel so desired and sexy. I love it!

I waited for a few minutes at the bed, just standing there, thinking about the fact that I should really clean his nightstand. It was super dusty (cleaned it yesterday actually).

He came in the room, and just stood there, looking at me. He had me spin around.
"Lift your skirt."
I did, in the front, and not enough for him to see anything. I dropped it.
"Lift your skirt now."
I did it again, this time a little more. He was getting an idea of what panties I was wearing at this point, but not the whole view.
"Last warning, lift it now, or we will skip the leather and I am getting my favorite paddle out."
Okay, at this point, I lifted it all the way, and even spun around slowly. Jeez! I was just teasing.
He had me over his knees, and just lifted up my skirt again to expose my white panties. 
He hand spanked me for several minutes over the panties, then slid them down just below the spot where a spanking really, really hurts, and continued with his hands.
About twenty swats later, he grabbed the leather paddle, and started with it. 
I think he was still being pretty careful. I could have handled more, but the way he did it, it was just right. DH also likes to rub my bottom with implements, to give me a feel for it. Especially after, when my butt feels like a glow in the dark button, he likes to lay the cold implement on my cheeks, which always feels good, and is a nice way to end a spanking.

So, I like the leather paddle. I didn't bury it underneath all the other stuff we have in our newly appointed  kink box. (I did however, bury the wooden paddle underneath everything else....)


  1. What a great review and a cute outfit! I have always liked the pics of the girls with undies just below their bottoms...

    I am panty free per request though, so that makes that look a little hard for us.

    I love our leather paddle - mine has a furry soft side and a hard side, so nice. :)

    1. Thank you Kitty. That is exactly what DH was saying too while I was laying over his knees. He said my ass looked exactly like something he has seen on porn sites. :D
      Furry on the other side must feel nice when smoothed over a glowing bottom!

    2. Kitty,

      Where did your paddle come from? That sounds like something we need.


    3. We bought ours locally, but I did see one on Eden Fantasy (a web site) - just search for fur slapper - and they will come up. :)

  2. Ooooh, very pretty. A leather paddle is something I have been considering myself :) This post makes me want one more, lol.

  3. As Usual....another good review. Since I just bought a wood paddle then this is interesting. Our leather paddle is like Kitty's above...leather on one side and pink fur on the other side. Anyway, this sounds like you both like it and so that is great. I also enjoyed your outfit description:) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you SNP! We both really enjoyed it. Can't wait to try it out again.

  4. You're up to five already, you're getting quite the collection! We don't have a leather paddle but I've been thinking of wanting one...wood is too thuddy on me sometimes, especially if I'm bent over. We use a belt but the aim on that isn't as good, so maybe a paddle would be a good happy-medium! I'm glad you liked it :)

    1. Well you can get a leather strap which would (I imagine) be easier to use than a belt.
      And I love our collection, although DH just warned me about something with the paddle...

  5. As someone who can't come in contact with leather, I like your review as a sort of voyeuristic experience. :) And *anything* has to be quieter than a wood paddle!!

    I like your outfit, too. It seems lovely.

    Happy spanking!

    1. Ana, I am sure glad I am not allergic to leather. And not just because of the paddle we got. And I agree, a wooden paddle really is loud!

  6. I want one!!!

    Currently the only leather implement we use is his belt. And he's a pretty decent swatter with it. Today, I also just got a belt of his to leave in my house for those days he's not wearing one. woot!

    1. Woot woot!
      I think you would like a leather paddle!

  7. "This will work!" HA! Spoken like a man:) Glad the new paddle worked out! Still stings, for sure, but not quite the same way wood does.

  8. That was pretty steamy just for a review. I'm thinking I need to surprise Adam with an outfit like that one. He might like it.

    We just use a belt right now as we are so new to this experience but I'm not the biggest fan. Accuracy can be a real problem for us. Then with a miss then is always a ton a remorse.

    1. Ha, thanks. I am not good at writing steamy I think. I always think it is way to personal. But I guess it was steamy for my usual....
      Look on ebay for a paddle. I was amazed at how many they had.

  9. I like the review. Thank you for sharing. I might have to look into one. ;)

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