Monday, June 25, 2012

Weird and fascinating.

Both Kitty and Conina just posted about search terms that bring people to their blogs. I hardly ever look at those, but these two posts made me very curious. So, after checking that my mother really is taking a nap from all our shopping, I found that "birthday spanking" has gotten the most hits. I find that pretty curious actually, but I guess whatever!

girl spanking

"birthday spanking"

otk paddle wood

"birthday spankings"

girl on girl spanking


good girl spanking

is a wide conair hair brush a good spanking implement?

spanked college coed

Not sure why anyone would find my blog by looking for girl on girl spanking because that just doesn't appeal to me at all, but whatever!

What is your weirdest search term?


  1. I love looking at search terms! No idea how people got girl-on-girl for your blog either! The conair brush one was funny too! I'd say my all-time weirdest was "masturbating with vanilla extract." Who even does that? And I have masturbating nowhere on my blog! It's good for a laugh :)

    1. Wow! Masturbating with vanilla extract? OMG that is too funny!

    2. LOL Riley! I love that :)

  2. I am starting to see a bit of a theme here... I think, wait, don't tell me, that you have a blog about spanking?

    The girl on girl part is interesting - did you search it to see where your blog shows up? That was like when I had daddy "big hips" submissive. More than once. I had to google and found it in a fantasy post from February or so.

    1. No clue where the girl on girl came from.
      Big hips? Weird...

  3. Most of ours are what you would expect, 'spanking', 'a good spanking', 'domestic discipline'....then we have 'girl hand down pants'.....what?

  4. Mine are pretty 'normal' today. Explain ttwd and ttwd blog. Im still laughing about vanilla extract though :)

    Dee x

    1. Yeah vanilla extract and masturbation was pretty funny!

  5. I've got a tie for my favorites. "i like penis in my mouth sex and cats" and "doctor who" "spanking scene"

    I have some weirder ones.. but they're really really weird.


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