Tuesday, July 17, 2012

May I?

As I am trying to come up with a good intro to this post, I am reminded of Riley's comment on my last post. "It shows you're really thinking and working at this. It ALSO shows what a cool support system this place is". 
And she is so right. We, as a couple, really have changed over the last few months. It seems that by having our house guests (or as I like to call it, the circus) in our home over the last few weeks, DH and I have come to understand what is really important to us. Important enough to keep doing, and what things we have tried before, that are not as important. 

If I look back at us starting this journey, it seems like (at least now, looking back) that some of the things we tried to do were a little forced, as in we were trying to find what works for us. For example, DH is generally not the domineering kind. He is not really alpha material as it were. It seems that he tried a little too hard at the beginning, and sometimes  I could tell he was just 'trying it on'. I wouldn't comment on it, because, hey! He was trying, but nevertheless, I could tell. 
But over the last two months, I feel like we are both really getting more comfortable in our roles. We have settled in a bit. We know what to expect from the other person. I know the things DH really cares about, what he doesn't care about too much. He was never really good at saying "Tonight you are being punished" or whatever, because that simply isn't him. But what he will do, is get a glint in his eyes looking at me (especially in front of the circus when I have done or said something that wasn't the smartest thing to do or say). I know he won't bring it up again until we are all alone, but that doesn't mean he has forgotten. Far from it!
This community has really helped me understand the dynamic more, and as I try to figure things out, bouncing ideas off DH, he is understanding it more too.

I don't think he has ever been as in tune with me as he is now. He understands me so much better, and I think that is because I have let him in more. I don't make him guess anymore, instead I open my mouth and tell him. What a revelation! He now knows that when I wiggle any part of my lower body, it is because I am horny, or at least that I crave his touch. I thought he knew this. I thought he had known this all along, but as it turns out, he didn't!

After I wrote my last post on Saturday, one of my commenters (is that a word?) Celeste Jones wrote "Can't wait to hear how you both survived the next few hours of anticipation" and boy was she right! Whenever we could steal a minute somewhere, I found myself with his cock either in my hand or in my mouth. God! So awesome! I think this really helps DH to figure out that I really do enjoy his cock, no matter what he does with it.  Sometimes he still seems to expect me to react like his ex-wife did, and I am just not her. I love his cock. I love when he nudges my head down, holds my head while I give him head, or when he grabs my hair during it. I love it all!
As he is starting to realize this, he is slowly coming out with more of his secret fantasies. He always brings it up like I am going to be revolted at any moment, but I am just happy to oblige! Anyone know what I am talking about? Does your significant other just come out and tell you what he or she wants? Or do you have to get it out of him or her slowly?

Anyway, for those of you who are interested....
Last Saturday:
"I want you to wear your whole outfit again tonight, I haven't seen it for a while. So I am going  to get in the shower, and I want you to get in your outfit, grab the paddle, and stand in front of the dresser."
"Not the paddle! Please!"
"I meant the leather paddle. I want you to enjoy this one."
So I got ready. In my whole outfit, and I added his new tie he got from his work. I have to say, I usually don't always like the way I look, but that night I did. I felt so sexy! The skirt was perfect, I only buttoned two buttons on the shirt, and hang the tie loose around my neck. I was so ready! So I stood in front of the dresser, although I cheated a little since the TV was still on, and finished my show while waiting. 
DH got out, saw me standing there, although he started frowning when he noticed the TV.
"I guess next time, I should be more specific."
I grinned at him, turned it off, and was his.
We have figured out, that as long as nobody is in the living room and we have the fan in the bathroom going, nobody can hear anything coming out of our bedroom. So I got my spanking, and I got fucked. A lot.  
The leather paddle is just so perfect. It really is my favorite implement, besides his hands. It is so stingy, without being thuddy. Lol. He stopped a little too early for me, and finished me off with his hands. I think he was too turned on at that point to keep spanking me. 
He shoved me down to his cock.
"May I?" He likes me to ask, even when he had shoved my face into his crotch already.
"You may." And I did.


  1. Is he a stickler for grammar? What would happen if you said "Can I?"

    1. Well, I would get away with it, being German and all..but he is a big stickler for grammar. Our kids always have to ask "may I be excused?" after dinner.

  2. It is always wonderful when we find out what works for us.

  3. Ju-li-a! You guys are SMOKING! (commenter is a word, but my chrome spellcheck doesn't care for it either)

    To answer your question, my man used to be very reticent about his desires - the most I could ever pull from him was "I'd really just like to change positions a lot," but he never voiced that desire during sex.

    Now it's a whole other story, and I am loving it.

    Your post = awesome. :)

    1. Thank you Conina! I was a bit worried this one was too hot for my usual readers, but since its my blog, I can post whatever I want!
      Lol, at your husband. Glad he got over that! DH would sometimes say, well you want to try that? When I just want him to do it!

  4. Just glad to read things are going to so well for you inside your circus.
    I am smiling for you guys. Really. It is great.

    1. Thank you SNP! Now you've got me smiling too!

  5. Ohhh, I am SO happy to read this post, it sounds like you two are doing so well. I'm smiling with you and SNP. Looks like despite the circus, you've found a way to keep order and stay in-tune with one another. Thanks for the shout-out, too :)

  6. I am very glad that you found a way to make it work. So glad... and yes, I enjoyed it very much. The whole thing. :)

  7. Nice that you told them what it means when you wiggle the lower part of your body. Communication is great. And keep up the hot posts. The hotter the better. I doubt anybody will complain.


    1. Yep, communication is great! Thanks for stopping by!

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