Thursday, July 26, 2012

Striving for a good girl spanking!

Our house has gotten a little fuller again this past week. My nephew from Germany came to stay with us. Very exciting and he is slowly settling in here. DH and I were a little worried about him being here without anybody else, but he loved being on the airplane by himself like a big boy.
DH was also a little worried about my nephew being here because he thought we would have even less time together, but thank god, that is not true. 
We are heading out for our annual family get together on Saturday. I am sooo excited! Some much needed warm weather is awaiting us, and I get to be with DH almost 24/7. I don't even care about the fact that we will hardly be alone the entire time, simply because I will be with him all day long. I really miss him a lot lately, especially with our friends living here. I see them hanging out with each other every day, all day long, and I really envy them that. But as DH put it:

"Yeah, I understand how you feel about their time together, but I think we’re both happy that we’re not living in someone else’s house, iykwim… the price we pay for being responsible, as it were. Sigh."

And I do know what he means, and I do agree with him. It is just some days, as I am sitting here, trying to do my homework, and I hear them laughing with each other, that I get a stab of envy in my heart. So, I am super excited for our week away!

This morning, after a sexless night, I hopped into the shower with DH. I kind of surprised him. Usually I leave him alone in there during the week, because we are on a very tight schedule. I have to drive him to the train station and we need to leave the house at a certain time. This morning though there was enough time for something, at least if he wanted it (me). And he did.
"You know that if you come in here, I might just bend you over?"
"I was counting on that, actually. " Grin.
He proceeded to wash me, turned me around, and pushed me to lean over. He kept washing me. DH loves to take showers, and I think he loves showers with me even more. He was very happy fondling and washing my most private areas. 
"I need to feel you. I need to be strong today at work, I need to fuck you now." At that point, I was once again so glad that I can help him like that. That I can make him feel strong, powerful, and capable. We fucked for a while, really just enjoying ourselves, and I could tell he was getting close, when BAM! the seven year old is coming into the bathroom, trying to tell us something. FUCK!
Pre-depression DH would have yelled at her and been really embarrassed to 
1. Have been caught having sex,
2. Yelling at her at all.
But he didn't. He looked at her (she couldn't even see me...) and told her that the door had been closed for a reason, and to please get out.
But of course, the mood was lost. We finished rinsing and got out. On the way to the train, DH was angsty and grumpy. So I distracted him by asking if he wanted to cum down my throat tonight. He looked at me, a little speechless (big accomplishment to have him not say something), and said
"Do you think you could handle all of me? What if there is too much?"
"I am not worried and if it is too much, I will just let your cum run down my chin."
"Mhh, like a face-cream-pie!" Needless to say, I think he is not angsty and grumpy anymore, rather he is excited about tonight. And honestly, so am I!

Last night, DH told me he would take me out to the woodshed, but I told him I don't want him to tell me something like that. I would rather have it happen. As in, get up, we are going out now. Not the, I will take you out later. Because, during the week, ten o'clock is pretty late, and neither one of us feels like it at that point anymore.
I don't know if we will get any spanking in before then, but I sure hope so. I am thinking I am going to try for another good girl spanking like I managed after our last trip. Here's to Hoping!


  1. I bet he is counting the minutes until tonight.

    1. Well I am!
      Backstory to that is that I have swallowed before and he was still smoking, so his cum tasted pretty bad, and he never made me do it again. But now that I have discovered I actually enjoy giving him BJs, I want to try again!

  2. Way to recover from coitus interruptus! I hope tonight is fabulous!!!

  3. Hope you get that gg spanking!! And, hope you have a great trip, too:)

  4. Adding my "hopes" for you, Julia. You guys are really on a roll these days with fun connection time. Jumping in the shower was a good idea even if all did not go as planned. Have a wonderful time with your family gathering.

    1. Thanks SNP! And you know, if we didn't try harder to find fun connection time, I think we would really be struggling with not having our house to ourselves!

  5. That was the perfect way to recover from being interrupted, I'm impressed. Hope you get that gg spanking!

  6. Fingers crossed that you get your good girl spanking :) Sorry to hear about the morning incident, it sounds hot and steamy, but not finishing must have been frustrating. I hope you can make up for it!

  7. Sounds like you two are going through a mega fun connection time, hope you get your spanking :)

    Dee x

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