Friday, November 2, 2012

Picture Friday!

Well, since I always have a post with mostly just pics, I thought I will just make it official, therefore Picture Friday!

Doesn't she have a beautiful butt? I love it! And I am usually not big on girls....

Mh, I love spanking pics when you can see some of the guy, especially a guy in work clothes like slacks, belt, you get the idea....


This last one is a gif, so give it a moment to load. That moment captured is just so sexy, scary, and intimate.

Happy Friday everyone! 


  1. I think it might be even more cringe worthy just because you never actually get to see that first swing! Happy Friday:)

  2. Very nice pictures. The last one is sooooo butterfly inducing.

    1. I agree, it really is. Mh, I am thinking I need some maintenance! lol

  3. Great selections! I especially love the second one.

  4. Very nice selections. Happy Weekend Julia.

  5. Picture Friday...

    That's a good way
    to start the weekend :-)

    Love the pictures...
    oh yeah, I'm Big on girls :-))

    but I will more often
    changes clothes to a suit

    Enjoy your weekend
    Regards, Monsieur Fessee

    1. I love a man in a suit, or really just dressed like a grown-up man, some silver in his hair. Mhhhh.
      Thank you, and Enjoy yours too!

    2. Grinnnnnnnn

      Some silver you wrote? Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
      It's silver and silver :-)
      the rest of the colours are gone...

      So I better wear the suit, maybe a grey one to match the hair :-)


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