Sunday, December 9, 2012

Giveaway Winners and He-said-She-said

I don't really have the time to write a blog today, but not sure I will have anymore time over the next 2 days, so you guys get some bulletins with random stuff. To make it more interesting, this is going to be a 'he said, she said' kind of post!

First off though, the winner of the German chocolate/candy giveaway are:

Nunuv Yobusiness, Susie, and Annie! Please contact me and we will figure out the details!

She said:

  • I have two huge suitcases full of stuff that is not my own already packed. There is not one item in there that is mine or my children's....
  • I have yet to actually start packing
  • Did you know that when you travel without the father of your children you need some kind of notarized letter with his signature that tells the custom people that I am not stealing my own children?
  • Our challenge is going pretty well: We had a day or two without sex, mostly due to real life catching us, making crazy parents out of us, making us run from ballet rehearsals to preschool Christmas concerts all within a very short time period.
  • Challenging your spouse to more sex is a fun way to reconnect I have discovered. It has put sex more in the middle of everything we do, and DH and I have both enjoyed raising up to meet this challenge.
  • Reaching six orgasms within 'one session' is not normal for me. But I like it!
  • I am going to go running in just a few minutes to meet my GOOB for the week, again. I really do like running, although I am a bit intimidated doing it in Germany. I have noticed that people in my life react differently to me working out more: Either the person is jealous and doesn't say much about it, or they are happy for me  and very encouraging. But isn't it kind of weird that I would have anyone in my life who wouldn't be encouraging? Like my friend who was here a while ago, she got really closed lipped every time I went to go running, and I really think it is because she was jealous that she is not working out.
He said:

  • OMG, Julia is leaving a long time from now in a week not tomorrow TOMORROW.  I'm working from home so I can drive her and the girls to the airport, and then I'm on my own.
  • Last night, I gave Julia a very thorough spanking with my hand and the leather paddle.
  • Our challenge is going pretty well.  And I'm proud that we put our children ahead of the challenge.  And, I'm not as proud that I took a long shower and then fell asleep instead of having my way with Julia as I should have one night.
  • I've given Julia a schedule for phone calls while she's in Germany, to make sure we stay in contact, and connected.
  • I can't help Julia pack.  She packs for everyone in the family because she is an organizational genius.  It takes her about 5 minutes to pack what would take me a day.  
  • Julia's getting ready to go running.  She's stretching right now, she's got her workout clothes on, and she's trying to figure out what her course will be.  She looks so beautiful. 
  • I can't wait to see Julia and our girls in Germany.


  1. Have a wonderful safe trip. DH keep on your toes until you can join them. Have a beautiful holiday visit.

  2. Have a wonderful holiday!

    1. Thank you lillie! I hope you have wonderful holidays too!

  3. Have a great holiday and don't forget to wave when you're there: I'll be to your West. ;)

    Hugs, Julia

    1. Will do! Will actually arrive in Amsterdam..

  4. Wow! Tomorrow is the bog day. No doubt you'll miss each other tons, but safe travels, wishing you a wonderful visit and a very happy reunion in a couple weeks!

  5. I won! Yay, i won! I never win!

    Safe travels.

    Mr. No Name

  6. Safe travels and happy holidays since you likely won't be back till after.

    1. Yup, won't be back until the new year! Happy Holidays to you and yours as well!

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