Thursday, January 31, 2013

6 Weird Things That Affect Your Relationship

I was looking at the Cosmopolitan website when I came upon this list of things that can affect a relationship. I was never much of a Cosmopolitan reader, too many ads, and too much weird fashion, but they have some good articles on sex and relationships. So I figured I would share this one, and what I think of it.

1. Your Weight

Looking at nearly 200 newlywed couples, the University of Tennessee found that both men and women are more satisfied in their relationships when the woman's BMI was lower than the man's. While the study ruled out other factors like depression and income, which could have skewed the results, these findings are certainly not a reason to drop pounds. After all, the happiest relationships are those when both partners love and accept each other at any size, right?

I found this one interesting, although not surprising. Being healthy is kind of its own reward, isn't it? I have lost a fair amount of  weight over the last year, and losing this weight really is its own reward. I feel sexier, I look better, running is more fun, sex is better, I am more flexible and less self-conscious. 

2. Your Guy's Parents

According to a study at the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research, couples have a 20 percent higher chance of breaking up when a woman is BFF with her guy's parents. So, if you're not super close with your man's mom... that might actually be a good thing.

Don't have that problem. His mom is really old, and by really old I don't mean anything mean, but she is just much older, and therefore I don't click with her like I would with a girl friend. Although I can see how this could get in the way...

3. Your Commute

Slogging through traffic morning and night seriously ups your stress levels—which in turn can totally affect your home life, according to research from UmeĆ„ University in Sweden. In fact, the risk of breaking up increases 40 percent if you have to commute to work every day.

DH's commute used to be terrible. Like one and a half hours each way in the car, stuck on the freeway. But not anymore. He takes the commuter train, and is home within the hour. But it is still a long commute. So I try to give him a few minutes when he gets in the door, if he needs it. If time/kids permit, I also love to welcome him home by helping him undress, kneeling in front of him. I think its a pretty good stress reliever what follows.

4. Your Contraception

Taking the Pill helps prevent pregnancy—and maybe breakups as well. According to one study, women who were on the Pill when they met their partners are more likely to remain in their relationships than those who weren't. The reason? Researchers concluded that those not on the Pill tend to judge potential boyfriends by more superficial qualities—like how good looking and good in bed they are—causing those relationships to end quicker.

DH got a vasectomy after our last child, therefore we just don't have to worry about it. But! I know how annoying having to worry about it can be. It really was a downer for us, and often kept us from actually having sex. Having to put on a condom and all that. Don't miss it!

5. Your Cell
Obviously, texting your mom while your guy's trying to tell you about his day is beyond rude, but the University of Essex found that your smartphone can put a damper on your relationship even when you're not using it. Couples who had heart-to-hearts with their cells nearby reported that they felt less trust in (and empathy from) their partners.

Found this one interesting, and I can see how when the cell is more important than the man, there could be trouble. But not here.

6. Your Dog
A U.K. study found that owning a pet might screw with your dating life. After surveying single men and women about how they'd feel dating someone with a furry friend, a whopping 28 percent said they'd never shack up with a dog owner. Lame sauce.

Well, we are pet owners, so this one doesn't affect us. At all. 

What do you guys think of this?


  1. I think I agree with all, except for's best friend! True, we aren't single or dating so it doesn't really apply, but it wouldn't have stopped me back in the day either:)

  2. Interesting list. Some make sense on a practical level, like the commute; less time together, whoever is commuting is probably grouchy when they get home etc...

    The smartphone one I can see ending relationships, but not marriages. I guess it all depends on the quality of the marriage.

    My wife is obsessed with her phone, it drives me crazy! But I wouldn't divorce her over it.

    1. Exactly! I guess this list was more about shorter relationships than long marriages.
      And I so don't care for my smart phone that DH is usually the one to find it and plug in..

  3. I can see logic in all of these except #6. Alec did have animals when we started dating. That nurturing side was and still is a huge turn-on!

    1. I agree Catrinka. I love seeing DH cuddle Spock, our new cat!

  4. Interesting find, Julia. Thanks for sharing. Glad the commute is a little less for DH. Long commutes are a drag. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

    1. Yes they really are! and we are having a very good weekend. Hope you are too!

  5. Very interesting!
    I disagree with the pet one too. There's no way i would've ever been able to marry a non-pet lover.

  6. I have to admit (don't hate me, pet lovers) that the pet one makes sense. While for some people a pet is a way to instantly connect and so on, in a lot of cases I've found that people with pets don't understand that not everyone Absolutely Adores their pet. That can be a huge turnoff, not to mention allergies, health issues, etc. that might affect a person's ability to be with the pet even if she or he likes them.

    So it just depends on whether the pet issue is compatible. If you're a pet-lover, you want a pet-lover. If not, probably not.

    1. That's okay. I love hearing a different opinion, and I can certainly see what you mean, I am always annoyed when a person doesn't understand that that is not my pet, and therefore I don't find it as adorable as that person does.

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