Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Early conversation

This morning in bed, both of us not ready to face another day of school and work, I asked DH about maintenance. 
"Are we going to schedule maintenance again?"
"Ahh, you need another spanking. Already. Okay."
"Once you start talking about spankings again, I can tell you need one."
I always thought of this as if I have to start  talking about it again, then it is not often enough...but maybe that is just me?
"Well no, but we used to have a schedule for this, and I liked that."
"Because when I wasn't able to talk my way out of it, I knew you really wanted/needed it too."

Leading me to why I do that. I mean why do I try to talk myself out of it, well not really myself, but him? Why do I do that? I have reached this conclusion: I do it to see if he follows through, if he is going to be the HoH and tell me whats going to happen. Just thinking about it makes me feel all tingly.

As you guys read in the last post, things went a bit different this last weekend. And I liked it! Now I am just kind of waiting to see what happens next. What DH's follow through is, if he is going to let work distract him again. Or if he will finally see that doing ttwd helps him too. We will see!

Found this great site with spanking related pictures....


  1. I've said that a time or two - "you really don't have to do this right now, ya know!" I don't think he's ever taken the out, haha, and maybe that's why we offer it? So we can feel their resolve that much more acutely? :)

    1. I think so, sadly though, I have been able to actually talk him out of it a few times now. I don't like that. So why do I keep trying?

  2. I do it too. I think it's because I want to know that resistance is futile (makes me feel tingly too :) and well, just because I feel I have to at least say something and I guess jumping up in excitement and shouting ok with a big smile just isn't the way I'd like it to be lol. Oh, and because there's probably some small part of me that still feels she has to deny that she needs/wants this?

    Dee x

    1. So nice to know I am not the only one and that I still makes sense. Lol. That is exactly it! While I feel like grinning from ear to ear and jumping to lean over his lap, I want to know he really wants this too.

  3. That HoH of yours is getting very perceptive, Julia. I sometimes try to talk my way out, but it never works, so I usually just accept it and head upstairs.....there is comfort in knowing that it is futile, and that makes no sense at all....

    1. Yeah I hope so! I would love to know that I can't talk my way out of it, but so far, it has worked too often. So we will see. And just rereading this is ridiculous, I mean, if I want a spanking, why would I talk my way out of it? Wow, please no non-spankers read this...:)

  4. I try to talk my way out of it ALL the time but it doesn't work and when he says enough, I stop. Sigh. The truth is though, if he backed down when I tried, I'd get all insecure, and quick!

    We women are nuts.


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