Friday, January 18, 2013


I love ttwd. It has brought DH and I so much closer. We seem to trust each other more. I didn't think we didn't trust each other before, but now, it is just so much closer. 
The other day, while I was lying over his lap getting a spanking, I was thinking that this trust comes from opening myself up more to him, which in turn lets him open up to me more. I was thinking that if I had never brought it up, we would have never done this, or even done the spanking thing. Before I read about ttwd, we never experimented with it during sex or anything. 

But since we started, and especially in the last few months, DH has gotten to the point, where he really will step up with whatever the problem is and face it head on. 
Today, his manager called him into a meeting, and low and behold, there is a person from HR in the room. And then he didn't send me any more emails. Leaving me to worry. I mean, we have been through something like this before, where I get a phone call from him, and he tells me he doesn't have a job anymore. The recession. I hated that feeling. That feeling of control slipping, and things just happening to us. It makes me anxious just to think about it. I think I am developing some anxiety issues actually, and it is really hard for me to let something like this go and not worry. 
So I wrote DH an email, telling him I can't shake the anxiety, I need to know what is going on.
Phone rings. He explains a little. Manager complained that DH had gone to work with a coworker at a coffee shop. Apparently that is not okay. Also apparently DH has been making manager sound bad to other people. Followed up with 
"Don't worry, I got this. He can't do anything to me, and even if he does, don't worry. I got this. I am strong. Let it go, relax, and I will see you at dinner time." 
A year ago, this wouldn't have meant much, honestly, because he wasn't that strong. But it is different now. I know he can handle himself. It actually seems like we reversed roles, I am the one that needs the reassurance, the comfort.


  1. Wishing for the best for all concerned.

  2. That's so nice Julia! Glad he was able to reassure u. Hope everything's ok with his job



  3. Hope everything is okay, Julia and I am so happy that DH has lots of confidence as a result of your marriage.

  4. Hope everything is okay, and I think the confidence you two seem to have in each other is amazing :)

  5. Good luck with everything and take care.

  6. OH Julia...this is exactly the kind of thing that sends me over the deep end but you are very right. He is strong and however this turns out, he will handle himself well and be a comfort to you! Hang in there.


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