Friday, February 22, 2013

Picture Friday - Lingerie Edition

This week was kind of a blur. After our weekend getaway, DH had Monday off too, but went back to work on Tuesday. And even though we were able to maintain our connection, normal life just gets you back too quickly. Makes me wish we were rich and DH could stay home every once in a while at least. Lol.
And the count of bloggers on my blogroll who decided to take a break, or stop all together, went up to four in just one week. Making me sad. Usually I love change, but not when it means this. :(

Something cheerful is needed for sure! Therefore

Picture Friday - Lingerie Edition!
Love. Just the right length.


How sexy is this? I mean really!

I love the simplicity of this one. And I own this one too. And DH really likes it, I have worn this twice now, and ended up getting fucked silly in it. lol.

I think DH would like this view. He is not much for stockings, but I think he has also never seen any on e a real woman.
Love the lace, and I like the corset too, especially because it is not too tight.
This is sexy, this pic tells such a story, without giving away too much. Love!

Which one is your favorite?
Happy Friday my fellow bloggers! 


  1. Very nice Julia, I love them all, hard to pick a favourtie, but I really like the top one and the corset.


    1. Yeah me too. Well I like them all a lot actually. Have a great weekend Roz!

  2. Hi Julia,

    Like them all too, but yes, the top one would be for me :)

  3. I like all of them, but the first one is my favourite.


    1. It is a very beautiful shot, isn't it?! Thanks Cybil!

  4. Over the couch is definitely my favorite. I think stockings are so hot!

    If you get a chance, I'd love your feedback to a question I have at the end of my hot spanky fun post-- it relates to one of your posts...

    happy weekend!

    1. Glad you pointed me to that post Renee, and so happy that I wasn't the only one that got to get away. :)
      I really want to try out some stockings for DH, I think he might like them more than he thinks he does.

  5. Over the arm of the chair or couch is great, I find myself in that position.

  6. That lingerie is really quite lovely!

    I too am sorry to see bloggers going :(

    1. Yeah, it is pretty sad to see these people leave.


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