Friday, March 29, 2013

Quick Update (from Riley)

Hi All,

This is Riley here. Julia was SO sweet and offered to let me borrow her blog ;) As you may have noticed, my blog (if you read is on private. Long story short, my fiancé accidentally forwarded one of my emails from my vanilla extract account to his father. Luckily, it was vanilla in content, so he may or may not have checked up on it. But, I'm not leaving anything to chance, so, I ended up locking the blog just over a week ago, only I have access at the moment. I am just so afraid of his father seeing it (could you imagine!!) and of course I didn't have time to put up a post telling everyone I was about to go private (that would defeat the purpose...). I just wanted everyone to know so that nobody thought I put it on private and neglected to invite them.

Anyway, I will be putting it back on public in a little while, I figure if his father is to pursue it, he'd do it within a week or two? That's my hope anyway.

Thanks again to Julia for letting me post on her blog to let everyone know. Hmm, has anyone else had any really close calls with vanilla family or friends? If you have, please do share!

Also, Happy Easter weekend to everyone who may be celebrating!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Arms of Steel

Last night, after the kids were in bed, DH and I were sitting together, He sat in a chair, I sat in a different chair. He was talking to me. About something. But I cannot, for the life of me, remember.
He was wearing a white t shirt  and looked just like the guy in the picture. Right in front of me. Tell me, how is a girl to concentrate when there is a sexy guy like that right in front of you, talking to you?

"Well what do you think?" he asked.
 I looked up at his face, feeling my face grow hot, I blushed, and look down smiling, and maybe a little embarrassed.

"You know that when you sit there like that I can't concentrate, right? I mean, are you doing this on purpose?"
He looks all innocent, but with a ginormous cheesy grin on his face. I think that is the first time that really happened. I guess that is how guys feel when they see a particularly lovely lady, or in DH's case, me in a skirt and boots.

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Just another Weekend!

"Is this little girl ready for her spanking tonight?" DH asked me yesterday during the day. I blush a little, but nod my head, of course I am ready. We had already rescheduled maintenance because we were too busy being awesome parents, lol, so I was ready. Kids went to bed early, and I crashed on the couch.
"Lets wait for the kids to actually go to sleep, then I expect you to take a shower and get ready for me and your spanking." Honestly, at this point, I usually am overcome with tiredness, but smiled, nodded, watched something funny, and then hopped in the shower.
My lucky nightie.
I always get lucky in it...
When I got out, I put on this little nightie with some white panties, I got up on the bed on all fours, and presented myself, as DH has been calling it.

"Presenting" in our dynamic means that I will get on all fours somewhere specified by DH, and present myself. For us, this has quickly turned into a great way for me to get in the right head space, feel submissive and beautiful, really. The way DH always gets excited when he sees me doing it, is a big turn on. Sometimes he will tell me to go ahead and get ready and present, and he will get there when he gets there. Being on all fours, ass in the air, legs spread like that, is very humbling. Yesterday, he didn't let me wait long, but he has made me wait before.
"Mh, what a presentation for Daddy" he says as I can feel his finger touching his very favorite part any panties. This pair was white, full cut, microfiber. I know, doesn't sound very sexy, but you wouldn't think that way anymore after somebody treats them the way DH has been. :)
DH watched a video posted by His Lily last weekend, and has been intrigued since. He has had me doing research as to which implement to use over this last week, but honestly, I asked him if he could please do the research. I don't feel comfortable doing it as this seems to be his project. Its funny, I mean, I have gotten almost all our other implements, but with this, I feel like the little girl DH has been addressing me as lately, and I would prefer Daddy to do this, you know what I mean? After I confessed this to DH, I could see a light bulb go off.
Yesterday, he took this paddle, and ran over the inside of my thighs, trying out how it might feel to spank me in this very private place. As he got more confident that I wasn't going to call the cops, he started lining up the paddle better, and swatting my pussy over my white panties.

After this, he positioned me on three pillows and he is going to write the rest:

Last night, I took my favorite leather paddle, and ran it over the inside of her thighs.  I let her feel the the corner edge of the paddle as I slowly dragged it down the valley between her cheeks, and over her perfect white-pantied mound.  Her bottom was glowing red from her hand spanking, and her panties were pulled down to the top of her thighs. She shivered, waggling her bottom at me involuntarily.

"Are you ready for the paddle?" I asked.
"Yes Daddy," she whispered.  I gave her a few light swats to get my bearings.

Crack!  She stiffened, and her legs straightened.  Crack, crack!  Two more really hard hard swats on her sit spot, and her right leg came up.  I was swinging the paddle hard now, with my left hand, and I let the rhythm build.

"I want you to remember this spanking," I lectured.  I paused, rubbing the paddle across her red bottom.  "And," I continued, "I want my little girl to remember that it's not OK to lecture Daddy on how he spends his money.

"I'm sorry, Daddy!" she said.
"I know," I said.   "And I want you to remember that as I spank you now."

I swung the  paddle hard, and gave her 15 more hard swats with the paddle.  At 13, she bucked and swiveled her hips away from me.  "No!" she cried.

"I know," I said, "but you need to stay still for Daddy."  She moved back into position, and I again ran the paddle over her bottom.  I raised it again.

CRACK!  She cried out, and I put the paddle aside and started spanking her with my hand.  "You are such a good girl," I said, spanking her whole bottom a little more lightly.  

We had a great weekend, got lots done although DH made sure I got to take a nap. I love when he makes me take a nap so I am nice and awake in the evening. Makes me feel very taken care of.
So, any advice on the kind of implement DH is looking for?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Picture Friday - Butt Edition

Happy Friday Everybody!

Here are some pics of some beautiful women's behinds. I love all of these, I don't think I can pic a favorite, how about you?
Sorry for the formatting, Blogger is being blogger again...

Found at...

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

And in case anyone missed it, I wrote a post for the CWS blog over here.....

Added one more

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spanking Implement Review # 9

Description: Willow Oak Tree Paddle/Glow in the Dark Paddle 

Intensity: Stingy, slappy, can be fun but should be taken seriously...

Sound level: Slappy, therefore kind of loud

Feeling during spanking: Stingy, kind of fun, but still gets the job done

DH's comment: "I like that it glows in the dark, I like the feeling, very light, but slaps nice"

A little while back, I received an email from a reader, asking if I would be willing to review an implement on my blog. She gave me a nice selection of differently shaped implements, and DH and I decided to go with this thin one that glows in the dark. How cool right? I know DH sometimes misplaces the implement in the heat of the moment, and this might come in handy.
This reader explained to me that this paddle is made out of an old willow oak tree that had to be cut down, and she and her husband figured they could do something useful and lasting with the wood. Well, let me assure you, it is lasting all right.

This past weekend, DH finally tried it out during our maintenance spanking. He started slow like he usually does, over my panties, and got more intense as time went by. Its funny, but the more comfortable we get in our roles, the more comfortable we are trying new things, or just letting things move in new directions without actually discussing it first. So, he has been handling me differently lately, and most of the time, I really like it, I will have to write a post on it when I am ready.

After the warm-up, DH pulled down my panties, and really started smacking my whole bottom with his hand, telling me all the while that he wants to see my bottom uniformly red. I don't know about you guys, but I can handle spankings best when there is a type of rhythm and they just keep coming down. When he starts getting distracted and then starts again, it is very hard to concentrate on the pain, and bare it. Which may be the point? Not sure.
"Mh, nice and red all over. I think it is time to try out this new paddle on my little girl's bottom." And he did. As usual, he stroked my bottom with it first, letting me feel the cool on my warm cheeks. The first two spanks were too light, the next two too hard, and then, he just got the hang of it. He slapped away, one cheek then the other, over and over taking me into a different world.

My verdict: I would recommend this paddle, it is light weight, can be fun, but can be more as well, depends on who uses it and how!
To purchase, look for rednakedy on ebay. You can type 'rednakedy ebay' in Google, and it will take you to her profile. Then look under "items for sale".

Thank you reader for this opportunity!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Need to Procreate!

My step son just informed us that we are to be grandparents. Yeah, you heard that right, Grandparents! So I called DH at work yesterday and greeted him with "Hi Granddad!". We were not as surprised as I thought we would be. His son has been hinting at this for a while now, and I guess it finally worked.
Although, it is still very early.
But this led me to think about us humans. Aren't we fascinating?! I remember wanting a child, a baby, my baby. That longing was so strong. The longing for my own family, something that will connect me forever to my partner. That urge was so strong, but I could keep it at bay. I mean I was 19, no age to start a family, right? I was attending college, I was busy. Well my little sister found out she was pregnant though, something clicked inside me, and that was it for me. I think DH could tell, he could tell that the longing was no longer just a longing, but our lives had shifted and that was what happened next.
We were lucky, I checked when I should be most fertile, and we did it twice a day for a few days, and wam bam! We were pregnant. I have never regretted it, ever. Leading to my step son.
Even though we have never gotten along that great because he was a very difficult and jealous little boy, as he grew bigger, moved in with his mom, and was fed all kinds of terrible things about DH and my relationship by his mother, his relationship with me and DH deteriorated. That is, until she couldn't handle him anymore, and all of the sudden, she was telling him that the best thing for everybody would be for him to be with us.
We took him in, and it didn't work out. It was horrible.
Now at 21, he kind of lives with us, at least his stuff does, and he calls our home home, but he is staying with his girl friend. Which is okay with DH and I. We are happy we have been able to repair our relationship with him, we are happy he lets us help him, but at the same time we expect him to financially support himself, and now, also his girl and baby on the way.
The point of this blog is, that I understand him and her. I understand that longing to start a family. To have somebody that will be only yours to take care of and love. I understand it. But now with age (oh yeah, all 28 years), I can see beyond the longing and think of the responsibility of having a child. What it takes, not just the money, but never having a moment to yourself when you could really use it. Having to parent together with your husband, figure it out, not discourage anyone. I really hope this works out for him. He deserves some much needed happiness, but at the same time, I know that having a baby is work. Its hard.
This is how humans are designed though, isn't it? Wanting and needing to procreate? That longing. I am sure you guys can relate. Right?
I feel like DH and I have been doing a pretty good job with his son lately, and if his girlfriend really is pregnant and everything is okay, I feel like we started a good foundation for our future relationship.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Picture Friday - Steak and Blow Job Edition

We started the day in bed, with some worshiping under the blanket.

Some after he came home from work and I kneed by his feet, taking off his shoes, slowly taking him in my mouth.
Followed up by a nice Flank Steak Dinner.

All in all, I think this is a fun idea, and will definitely participate again. And even saw that this day exists in Germany too, called Schnitzel und BJ. Isn't that funny?!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sneaking Food.

This last weekend was a bit more stressful than DH and I like, but unavoidable. We make the best of it. We try. There was a lot of step son drama (post tomorrow), but we managed to get maintenance in on Saturday, which was good. I am always so happy when we get to reconnect like that. DH has been working more lately too, comes home mostly on time, but then has to log on again. This is usually when I start to feel myself disconnect. I promise I am not that whiny and attention-whore-like, but sometimes I just want to have his attention too. Too much to ask? Maybe. Especially when he is that busy at work. I know that if he didn't have to, he wouldn't be working in the evening.

On Sunday night, I  started to go through kitchen cupboards looking for anything yummy to eat after every one was asleep. I found something too, and proceeded to eat it until I realized what I was doing. Sneaking food. God, I hate when I realize something like this myself. I went back to bed, and woke up feeling like I had eaten way too much. Which of course, I did. DH pulled me close as he was waking up, and I blurted out what I had done, feeling pretty shitty about having done it.
"Thank you for telling me, that can't have been easy." He kissed me on my forehead, and we got up. Needless to say, I didn't really feel any better about this, (still don't really, and I haven't touched those stupid things that are still in the cabinet again), and my mood started to go down the drain.

Depending on DH's schedule, we write some emails throughout the work day. Its a nice way to stay at least a little connected. He must have noticed my mood, told me we would 'talk' about it later. Honestly, that was good enough for me. I started to feel better, less guilty, but also less gross about myself.
Once the kids were in bed, DH logged into work again, leaving me to my own devices, but when you know there is going to be a 'talk', concentrating on anything but can be quite difficult. At least for me. Finally, we went to bed, he had me get over his lap, and he spanked me. He lectured me a little, but then started talking about his work. Yep. During the spanking, I started to get to hear about this person, and what that person did. Don't get me wrong, I am always a happy listener, I love that he shares this part of his life with me, but not when it should have been my turn, right? Too selfish? Probably.
 I mean, doing ttwd can be hard, challenging, and yet soo rewarding! We weather everything together, we survive the busiest weeks with the glimmer of hope that we will have incredible sex or spanking or both at the end of it and then work intruded on it.
He spanked me a bit longer. I stayed very still. I haven't been doing very good at holding still, but I felt like I owed him staying still. When it was over, he indicated I could get up. I lay in his arms.
And silence.
Nothing. No movements. No talking. No rubbing thumbs.
I asked him why he wasn't talking, and he said he didn't know what to say. We lay there another minute, when he turned to get the remote and started to watch TV and cuddled me.

I have never been the top, giving out a spanking, fun or no-fun in nature. But I am pretty sure some kind of reassurance would have been nice. Just another minute of alone time, heck maybe even two.

Tell me about the aftercare you like, need, crave, and/or receive. Please do! This was not right. I did not like it, and honestly, I have been struggling with this one.

And here is what I was listening too during my morning run!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

And here are some Answers....

Fondles asked: Did you have awesome hot sex on your wedding night?
We did not. As I explained in the comment section of the last post, DH and I got up early on the day of our wedding, went to the court house, came back home, he dropped me off and went to work. I was alone that whole day. In the evening, I would guess we ordered Chinese food, and then were too tired to have sex. While that does sound kind of pathetic, it clearly isn't any indicator of 'oh,-that-couple-is-not-going-to-make-it'. Cause we did make it. 

Brooke asked: What is the number one positive outcome you think ttwd has brought to your marriage?

There is not one thing I can pinpoint. Ttwd has changed our lives entirely. We both are more confident. We talk about so many more personal things. We try out new things. DH has become such a confident man. His interaction with our children, as well as his older kids, is so different now. He trusts himself to know he is doing the right thing, instead of looking to me to assure him. I no longer wear the pants, yippie! Our sex life is so incredible. I am all around happy. I used to read one romance novel after another, and I don't even read them anymore, simply because I have something more real and so much better right here. Great question though, wasn't it?

Christina asked: What is the most "unusual" food you've ever eaten?

Honestly, I just can't stand the thought of eating something weird, unusual, therefore I don't. Please nobody kidnap me and let me go in some country where they eat weird stuff, pretty please! I am a picky eater I guess. German's are not very adventourous when it comes to food anyway. I can (after ten years here) finally eat something a little hotter than mild!
If you could redo the career part of your life, would you choose the same path or a different one?
I am a stay at home mom and full time student although I am nearing my graduation at the end of this year hopefully. I chose to have children first, and to start my career after my children are a little older. I did not want to miss their firsts, and I really didn't want somebody else to raise our children. This is very important to DH and I, and I don't regret doing it this way. This said, I am a bit anxious to start looking for work soon. I am going to have some serious student debt hanging over my head, and I will need to find work, and I am just going to hope that it will be okay. Everything will work out the way it should.
If you were given the chance to do something outrageous, without worrying about money, time, or consequences, what would you choose?
Wow, what a question and scenario to think about! Anything? Mh, I would love to travel more, but not just travel, live in these places (that don't have weird food). I would love to do this with DH.

Anonymous asked: How long did you work for DH before there was an attraction?
I really liked his voice the first time I talked to him on the phone, but was too nervous to think about anything. Seriously. Seeing him at the airport, and then the ride home, on which he got lost, I thought he was funny, though shy. The first day together, I knew he was funny, lonely, and couldn't handle his household or children by himself. Which is when I started taking care of things for him. I still do it every day. I love making his day easier. Love doing his laundry, because he thanks me every single time. He always thanks me for cooking dinner, even when it wasn't my best. 
Short answer, I worked for DH for less than 48 hours before I realized it, even less for him. He says he knew he was in trouble when he picked me up at the airport. He says the first thing he saw was long legs, and that I was tall - and he knew he was in trouble!

What I am listening to: 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Questions and Answers!

As I have been seeing all over blog land, like Conina, Fondles, and Fiona, March is Question and Answer month. I would like to answer any question you may have, if it relates to this blog!  So send me an email or comment, and I will do my best to answer!

Or send me an email to:

This could be the time for lurkers to get some burning questions answered! Like, why to spank you wife!

*starting ttwd
*men and confidence

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I want you sore, baby!

Quote by Christian Grey out of 50 Shades of Grey. I really like this quote. I still am sore from our last spanking. I don't think I have ever stayed sore for more than a day after, but I am this time.