Thursday, May 30, 2013

Birthday spanking

Hi, DH here!  Julia and I have been doing very well, but we haven't been blogging as much at the moment: her Mom is here from Germany, so Julia has spent the week completing her schoolwork and preparing the house.  She's been really busy!  And, I've been adjusting to my new job, which seems to be going pretty well so far.  Last weekend, we took advantage of the 3-day break, and went camping at a park.  It rained, but it was  really nice to get away, and we were able to stay dry and toasty the whole time! We're car campers anyway, so "camping" isn't too rigorous for us in the worst conditions, but we hung our tarp perfectly so that we were able to stay dry, even outside the tent.  And, I may have burned through a mountain of firewood.  ;)

I took everyone (Julia, my son, and our 2 girls) out for dinner at the Olive Garden to celebrate her birthday.  It was really nice, and she and I were pretty excited that The Boy had a date: I had a very certain birthday spanking in mind, using our brand new implement!  With a !  (Thanks, rednakedy!)  This post doesn't really count as an implement review, but I will say that I like this paddle! This one doesn't glow in the dark, but it does have a very nice medium stain finish, and it's super-flexible for a very stingy contact.  But the best detail is metal exclamation point on the front face of the paddle, very cool!

I took her over my lap right away, mindful of how my son's dates go sometimes, and started spanking her with my hand.  "Did you like your presents?"  She waggled her hips at me a little too playfully for my taste, and I stepped up the intensity of my swats on her bottom through her white panties.

"Yes!" she cried, after I spanked her hard on her right cheek twice.  She moaned as I caressed her bottom, and then ran my hand down her right thigh to her knee, back up, and then down her left.  She shivered.

"I hope you had a very special day, my love," I said, still rubbing my hand over her thighs and up to her bottom.  I started spanking her again with my hand, using hard, measured strokes.  "I'm so proud of you for everything you've done this year!"  I continued spanking her, alternating between buttocks with every hard slap of my hand.  I pulled her white panties down so that the waistband was at intersection of her thighs and her bottom.  I enjoyed the view of her red skin as I continued spanking her with my hand, until she cried out and swung her hips off my lap.

"Ow!" she kept swinging her hips to the side, so I concentrated a flurry of swats on her right cheek.

"Hold still," I commanded, firmly pulling her into position.  She tried hard to control herself, twitching as the sting crested on her hot bottom.  "Now I'm going to spank you with your new birthday paddle."  I pulled out our new paddle, and ran it over her skin.

She stiffened right away, anticipating the first contact.  I kept moving the paddle over her blazing skin, distracting her by running my other hand lightly down her back.  "I want you to count," I said.  "Out loud.  Do you understand?"

"Yes," she said.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"OK." I raised the paddle, and twisted my wrist to flick it down on her left cheek, hard.

"One," she said bravely.  "Two!  Her voice rose as I spanked her harder on her right buttock.  "Three!" she practically yelled, as I made perfect contact with her sit spot.  I let the paddle wander over her bottom for a brief reprieve, and then continued spanking hard with the paddle.  She counted each swat until finally, the 29th swat landed across both cheeks.

"And now, one to grow on."  WHACK!

"Ow!!  Thirty!" she cried.  I put the paddle down, and started spanking her with my hand again.

"Happy Birthday, Sweety," I said.  I stopped spanking her and caressed her bottom.  It was red and mottled, with what looked suspiciously like exclamation points  (it was pretty dark so I can't be sure. ;) ). I licked my right thumb and wet her bottom hole, gently circling it with my thumb as I got ready to...

And then my son got home.  Yep.  Riiiight then.  The spanking had been delivered (fortunately), but we were done for the night.  At some point, I'd like to write a blog post on how to HoH the whole family.  Something like, How To Be The Head of Your Whole House, or, How to Incorporate TTWD Into Family Life, or, How To Get Your Adult Son To Move Out and Stop Cock-blocking You.

Heh.  Maybe the last one.  

Friday, May 24, 2013

Picture Friday, Birthday Edition

Hey there, it's Riley here. Julia asked me last week if I'd want to do a guest Picture Friday. Of course I said yes, as it sounded like fun! Also, it just so happens to be Julia's birthday!! Please join me in wishing Julia a lovely and very happy birthday.
Wasn't sure if you prefer cake...
Ice cream...

Or all three!

On to the less vanilla part of the post...PIX.

My photo-choosing method is usually that of choosing who I'd like to be. In this case, I'd love to be in that cute little dress, in that precariously delicious position. She's not red, so it looks like maybe this one's just for fun ;)

I like this one because there's something really dangerously free about it but also kind of sexy too. She knows who she is and she's not afraid to just do what she wants.

I look at this picture and can't help but feel a little sorry for her. It seems like that waiting position which seems to pass way too slowly, yet end way too quickly.

Seriously, there's nothing more menacing than a paddle that can cover your entire backside. Right?
I just really like the pattern and the look here. Maybe she's having a nice morning coffee with her guy ;)

These little reprieves always feel so nice and they make you feel so loved, too.

I don't know about you all but a little designer kink has always been appealing to me!

Finally...try not get yourself into any trouble this weekend ;)

But, do plenty of this!!

Happy Weekend everyone. And again, a VERY happy birthday to our dear friend, Julia :) 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Music, Camping, Spanking, and Getting Lucky!

I am sitting here, looking out over my really dark, wet, and oh-so green backyard. It is so funny, but in Washington State, because everything is always wet, there is a lot of shades of green around here. I love the outdoors, but had to get used to the monotone of green, however, at the moment, the green is interrupted by bright pink, purple, and yellow.
I am listening to the new Daft Punk album. It is amazing! Seriously. DH used to listen to a lot of trance while working from home on his headphones, and I just never got it. A lot of thumping and not much else. That is until I tried it! Sitting at my computer with my headphones and listening to music has become such a treat to me. I don't do it with the children at home because then I can't hear them, so it is always special when I have the time. 
DH took me to see Oblivion starring Tom Cruise. I am a big Tom Cruise fan. Always have been. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved Tom Cruise. My first boyfriend was so jealous of the posters I had hanging in my bedroom, but I didn't care. Now, Tom Cruise is still hot, and charming, but all the media attention on his personal life made me finally grow out of my crush and see him mostly as an actor. The following song is the main title of the movie I think. Such an amazing song!

Another current favorite of mine is Daft Punk - Get Lucky. Please listen to it and then try to tell me you didn't start to wiggle in the chair wanting to dance and get lucky!
And then I downloaded the entire album by Daft Punk, which is what I am listening to this morning, watching the green, wet scenery outside.

Life has been busy. DH is happy at his new job, we have been enjoying the much shorter commute. We have done a very good job with mostly maintaining our dynamic,and enjoying our family, being together, having fun, and enjoying each other, although that usually leaves us cutting back on our personal time.
We haven't done maintenance lately, just too tired or not alone in the house, and honestly that lead to much less sex. I hate when we go down that road, but honestly, it happens, and it doesn't mean we are going to stay that way. We go through cycles of this it seems. This morning however, I woke up way early, and snuggled up to DH. As I was listening to him breathing, I suddenly noticed how quiet the house was, and I asked him: 
 "Do you want to spank me?" (How is that for asking for it????)
"Now? Okay!" Really funny actually. 
He sat up, and pulled me over his legs, facing the other way than normal. Meaning he would be spanking me with his left hand. He is left-handed. And I could and still can, tell. He spanked me. And spanked me. And just kept spanking me, telling me he wanted my buns of titanium to actually look rosy today. Well-spanked even. And so he kept spanking me with his left hand. Big slaps cover most of one cheek. Now that I think about it, he was probably letting his frustration of not being able to do it more often out. He didn't say anything either. No lecture, or reminders, or praise, or whatever, nothing. (Plus he hadn't had coffee yet).
After we had very close sex, the type where he can't hold me hard enough. 
And my bottom is still sore.

My birthday is coming up this weekend, its going to be Memorial Day here in the United States, a very big holiday to Americans as it signifies the start of almost summer, bbqs, outdoors, pools are opened, and it also a great reason to get together with people you like. So we are going camping! First time of the season, but we are very excited and the forecast looks better than what it is like today.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Should have posted it for Mother's Day. Every day is Mother's Day!

What Do You Do All Day?

A man came home from work and found his three
Children outside, still
In their pajamas, playing in the mud, with empty
Food boxes and wrappers
Strewn all around the front yard.

The door of his wife's car was open, as was
The front door to the house
And there was no sign of the dog. Proceeding
Into the entry, he found
An even bigger mess. A lamp had been knocked
Over, and the throw rug was
Wadded against one wall.

In the front room the TV was loudly blaring a
Cartoon channel, and the family room was strewn with toys
And various items of clothing.

In the kitchen, dishes filled the sink,
Breakfast food was spilled on the
Counter, the fridge door was open wide, dog
Food was spilled on the floor,
a broken glass lay under the table, and a
Small pile of sand was spread
By the back door.

He quickly headed up the stairs, stepping over
Toys and more piles of
Clothes,looking for his wife. He was worried
She might be ill, or that
Something serious had happened.

He was met with a small trickle of water as it
Made its way out the bathroom door.

As he peered inside he found wet towels,
Scummy soap and more toys
Strewn over the floor. Miles of toilet paper lay in a
Heap and toothpaste had been
Smeared over the mirror and walls.

As he rushed to the bedroom, he found his wife
Still curled up in the bed
In her pajamas, reading a novel. She looked up
At him, smiled, and asked how his day went.
He looked at her bewildered and asked, "What
Happened here today?"

She again smiled and answered, "You know every
Day when you come home
From work and you ask me what in the world I do all

"Yes," was his incredulous reply.

She answered, "Well, today I didn't do it."

Have a great day!

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Rule Changed

Instead of my usual Picture Friday posts, I figured I would give you all a teaser! I asked Riley to guest post a Picture Friday post for me, and she agreed! So stay tuned, hopefully next week. (No pressure Riley!)

Thank you guys for the very thoughtful responses I received for my last post, Changing the Rules? When I wrote it, I had just realized that that is what I wanted to do, that I didn't need his guiding hand for that anymore. I had just realized that instead of getting angry with him, or annoyed, or even going behind his back, I should just bring this up.
This is what I love about this dynamic! It changes, adapts, it is not meant to be more restrictive than one needs, it doesn't need to smother you, lol. I was starting to feel that way about the rule, and I started to get annoyed with DH, thinking about going behind his back, but I didn't.

When he got home that evening, I arranged people in the family so, that I would have a few minutes alone with him, no interruptions.
And then I just sat with him, let him tell me about his day.
"But how was your day, Sweety?" he asked me after telling me all about the new job that seems to be working well for him so far.
"I am good, but I realized something today, and I want to talk to you about it. Nothing scary" I said smiling, but not mischievously, like I often do.
"Okay, how about now?"
Now? I wasn't ready. Lol. I had figured I would announce now, and then we would talk later. Um. Big breath, and I started saying things why I think I have been doing well on my own, but before I could even go further, he said

"I actually know what you want to ask me. I have noticed your thinking about this." Huh. I guess I had thought about it unconsciously for longer than I even realized. Interesting...but! What came next just made me speechless, left me shaking my head with a smile on my face.
He dropped the rule. Just like that. He knew before I could tell him what I was going to say and agreed with me. Lol. How funny right? And by funny, I might actually be talking about how amazed I am at how in-tune DH and I are with one another.

Later, over his lap, he spanked me for having breached a safety rule half way. So it was more of a reminder not to do that. Then, the spanking turned into addressing the rule change. Kind of like this was his last time he had authority to spank me over it. But at the same time, he told me he would keep track of it, and if I wasn't handling it well enough, he would reinstate it. Which honestly, seems fair to me.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday everybody!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Changing the rules?

As we have become more comfortable with ttwd, our rules have also become more established for both of us.
Generally, I have no problem whatsoever to follow all our rules, simply because we came up with them together, or  it was just something that had always been done that way anyway, we just made a rule of it. And if I don't follow the rule, I get a spanking. Which doesn't happen often. Not the spanking, but the spanking for a broken rule part.
Yesterday I broke one rule, not on purpose, it just happened. I got a warning, and I think he is planning on 'reminding' me tonight why that rule is important and all that. And trust me, I already know why that rule is important. A safety rule if you will. I already feel  bad for having (unwillingly) broken that rule. But I am going to submit. That is what we decided on for our relationship.

But what if one of the partners in a ttwd relationship wants to change a rule, or even drop it?

We haven't done that yet. New territory. How will I bring it up?

Furthermore, I should think about why I want to change that rule, and how I will approach my DH about this change. I need to do research I guess.
But while I have been thinking about how to approach him, I have been smirking to myself. I mean come on, a year ago, I would have done anything for DH to be more consistent and punish (spank) me for rule breaking.
I guess that thought makes me feel a little guilty. But then I think of the fact that I am just a person after all. Every person changes. Constantly.
So I think I am going to approach DH about a change in a rule. Well after I hit publish, I will definitely have to....

Any experience with this?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Whispers in the Shower

We were standing in the shower together, DH was whispering things in my ear. I love when he whispers in my ear. I love the tingling of it, the closeness of it, I love how I am the only one this close to him at that point.

Found at
"You are going to get a spanking today." What? On Mother's Day? I looked at him, frowning a little, but at the same time, flashing my most charming smile. Oh yeah, I am good at that.

"Are you sure? I mean it is Mother's Day and all. Don't you think today of all days I should get a 'get-out-of-a-spanking-free-card?" Smile, snuggling closer to him under the water stream. We had arranged
ourselves so that we were both getting wet, when he leaned back to my ear.

"Yeah, I agree. But I know for a fact that you my love, love getting spanked. You love when I am your man, take you in hand, and don't let you talk your way out of spankings. So not today. You are getting a spanking later.."

I could feel myself blushing, in the shower, listening to his words. His words that were meant just for me.

"Now, lets get out, and enjoy the rest of my vacation!"

He went back to work today. Started the new job. The house looks like a bomb or five went off in it, I have a lot of laundry waiting for me, but I am happy. I got to spend a lot of time with my husband, and I am very grateful for that.
And btw, he did spank me last night. My bottom is still sore, yet I am sitting here smiling.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A lovely vacation at home.

Things have been going well at our house, although having DH home is always an adjustment: I tend to do less housework because we just want to hang out. My homework gets done in the evening instead of the morning, because in the morning the kids are at school for a few hours. Alone time. And what have we done with it? Not much in the sex department I am afraid. I don't even know why. Well I mean the amazing sex at night could be why, or the step son down at the other side of the house. But I am not complaining, it is nice to have more time together, and not having to make every day he is home count, like we have to when he is at work. I can't even imagine how this is in households where both partners work full-time. How do you still find time for each other?

I am incredibly grateful to everyone for the well wishes! I knew when I picked him up that afternoon that his attitude is good, and that there were politics in play that had nothing to do with his being laid off. And we were right. He had a friend who knew about a position, and so it started. Funnily, this friend was the one I wrote to first after DH called me about his unemployment.

This vacation we were able to have has been good. Weather has been fantastic, and we have managed a few dates here and there. I feel  a little like I am waiting for something, but I think it is just because he hasn't actually started working yet and doesn't know how much he will like that new place.
I hope there is no stress like this friend has told us, no politics that cause stress to leak into relationships. That leads to disconnecting, doubting, and all that bad stuff. I am so grateful to say we are in a good spot at the moment. I really do. I wish we had less step son time in the evening, but even that changed over the last few days, so who knows? DH has been able to spank me a few times over the last week, and I have been so grateful I took everything he gave me without complaining (mostly), just so grateful, even during...does that make sense, lol?

DH has been consistent, so loving, positive, firm, and leading me, we have communicated well, were clear on boundaries, and expectations - it has been a wonderful vacation, and I really hope we can adopt this to the new working schedule. We are about to go out on another date, stepson babysitting. Ahh life is good. I hope wherever you are, my dear reader, that you are doing well, thinking positive thoughts, and even that is not the case (yet), you at least know what needs to be done to get there....

Happy Friday Everyone! And it is going to be Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New job spanking

"OK, ten more hard ones with the paddle, and I want you to count them out loud."

I raised the leather paddle high over her bottom, and swung it down hard enough to make it hiss through the air until it cracked across her right cheek leaving a bright red welt.

"Ahh!"  She shifted her hips wildly as the sting intensified.  "One," she whispered.  I pulled her hips back in line, and slapped her sharply on her hip as a reminder to stay in place.

"Stay on my lap," I said firmly.  I ran the paddle over her red bottom, and then pulled back and aimed for the hollow between her cheeks at the tops of her thighs.

WHACK!! "Two!" she cried out, as she lurched forward, and then back across my lap.  "Three!  "FOUR!!" A sob caught in her throat as I alternated between her left and right cheek, spanking her quickly.  Five, six, and seven landed across her bottom in the same place.  I heard her breathe "5", and a weak "6," but no "7": Her legs had gone straight out and her head was down, and I knew she was going deep within herself to handle the pain.
Found at

"What number are we at?" I asked her, caressing her with the cool leather of the paddle.


"Correct," I said, as I patted her bottom with the paddle.  I drew back, and gave her three more hard swats.

"Ten!" she cried at the last one.  I put the paddle aside, and squeezed her left cheek with my hand.

"Good girl. Now I'm going to spank you with my hand."  I spanked her hard down the left side of her bottom to her thigh, and then repeated the same treatment on the right side.  As she started shifting from side to side, I pulled her close by her hips and spanked her alternating between left and right.

"Ow! Ahhh!"  Whack, whack, whack, WHACK!!  At the peak of the crescendo, she cried out, and then I started smoothing her bottom with my hand, rubbing her back, and thinking about what had led us to this incredible moment...

A little over two weeks ago, I was laid off.  Last Friday, I got a new job that is closer to where we live, and pays more money.  Every day of the last two weeks, I've worked hard to find a new job.  More importantly, I've maintained an excellent attitude about my situation, and also required the same from Julia.  I believe that ttwd has been the single largest factor in my success: I've translated my confidence with Julia as the head of our household into confidence to believe in myself and my skills and get a new, better job.

The spanking I gave Julia last Friday was after we had received the news that I'd been hired.  We were so relieved and happy, and at the same time, I felt an incredibly strong urge to assert my dominance over her.  As I pulled her over my lap in bed, it felt right to be disciplining my beautiful wife.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and encouragement!  Julia and I feel incredibly fortunate to have found such an awesome community.  I've really appreciated your supportive comments, too.  :-)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Picture Friday

I love the softness in this picture. I like how she feels so protected by him, I can almost feel it myself, and want to snuggle into his arm. And his covering of her private parts is very sexy, telling me not to look at her - She is mine

I love this picture. Not quite sure exactly what it is I love so much: I like her outfit, and pose. I love the feeling of this pose. I really like his hand holding her chin. DH does this too from time to time. Makes me feel loved, cherished, and taken care of. An of course, I like the bulge in his pants. So manly, and reminds me of DH in his slacks...

One of my favorite ways to tease DH into wanting to come to bed......


I really like this one from a photographer's perspective. I have developed more of an eye of what would look good in pictures, lights, shades, so on, and this one really appeals to me: The col or, the background that looks old-fashioned, and the girls in corsets like that. Lovely!

And as a bonus, DH picked one:


He says he likes this because: Classic OTK and classic white panties.....

Happy Friday everyone!