Thursday, May 30, 2013

Birthday spanking

Hi, DH here!  Julia and I have been doing very well, but we haven't been blogging as much at the moment: her Mom is here from Germany, so Julia has spent the week completing her schoolwork and preparing the house.  She's been really busy!  And, I've been adjusting to my new job, which seems to be going pretty well so far.  Last weekend, we took advantage of the 3-day break, and went camping at a park.  It rained, but it was  really nice to get away, and we were able to stay dry and toasty the whole time! We're car campers anyway, so "camping" isn't too rigorous for us in the worst conditions, but we hung our tarp perfectly so that we were able to stay dry, even outside the tent.  And, I may have burned through a mountain of firewood.  ;)

I took everyone (Julia, my son, and our 2 girls) out for dinner at the Olive Garden to celebrate her birthday.  It was really nice, and she and I were pretty excited that The Boy had a date: I had a very certain birthday spanking in mind, using our brand new implement!  With a !  (Thanks, rednakedy!)  This post doesn't really count as an implement review, but I will say that I like this paddle! This one doesn't glow in the dark, but it does have a very nice medium stain finish, and it's super-flexible for a very stingy contact.  But the best detail is metal exclamation point on the front face of the paddle, very cool!

I took her over my lap right away, mindful of how my son's dates go sometimes, and started spanking her with my hand.  "Did you like your presents?"  She waggled her hips at me a little too playfully for my taste, and I stepped up the intensity of my swats on her bottom through her white panties.

"Yes!" she cried, after I spanked her hard on her right cheek twice.  She moaned as I caressed her bottom, and then ran my hand down her right thigh to her knee, back up, and then down her left.  She shivered.

"I hope you had a very special day, my love," I said, still rubbing my hand over her thighs and up to her bottom.  I started spanking her again with my hand, using hard, measured strokes.  "I'm so proud of you for everything you've done this year!"  I continued spanking her, alternating between buttocks with every hard slap of my hand.  I pulled her white panties down so that the waistband was at intersection of her thighs and her bottom.  I enjoyed the view of her red skin as I continued spanking her with my hand, until she cried out and swung her hips off my lap.

"Ow!" she kept swinging her hips to the side, so I concentrated a flurry of swats on her right cheek.

"Hold still," I commanded, firmly pulling her into position.  She tried hard to control herself, twitching as the sting crested on her hot bottom.  "Now I'm going to spank you with your new birthday paddle."  I pulled out our new paddle, and ran it over her skin.

She stiffened right away, anticipating the first contact.  I kept moving the paddle over her blazing skin, distracting her by running my other hand lightly down her back.  "I want you to count," I said.  "Out loud.  Do you understand?"

"Yes," she said.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"OK." I raised the paddle, and twisted my wrist to flick it down on her left cheek, hard.

"One," she said bravely.  "Two!  Her voice rose as I spanked her harder on her right buttock.  "Three!" she practically yelled, as I made perfect contact with her sit spot.  I let the paddle wander over her bottom for a brief reprieve, and then continued spanking hard with the paddle.  She counted each swat until finally, the 29th swat landed across both cheeks.

"And now, one to grow on."  WHACK!

"Ow!!  Thirty!" she cried.  I put the paddle down, and started spanking her with my hand again.

"Happy Birthday, Sweety," I said.  I stopped spanking her and caressed her bottom.  It was red and mottled, with what looked suspiciously like exclamation points  (it was pretty dark so I can't be sure. ;) ). I licked my right thumb and wet her bottom hole, gently circling it with my thumb as I got ready to...

And then my son got home.  Yep.  Riiiight then.  The spanking had been delivered (fortunately), but we were done for the night.  At some point, I'd like to write a blog post on how to HoH the whole family.  Something like, How To Be The Head of Your Whole House, or, How to Incorporate TTWD Into Family Life, or, How To Get Your Adult Son To Move Out and Stop Cock-blocking You.

Heh.  Maybe the last one.  


  1. So sorry to hear about your interruption. Although I do love having kids and a busy house, it does put a damper on privacy. I look forward to your next post on being HOH of the whole family.

    1. Hi Kim - thanks! I'm not sure how to write that one, lol, but I'm sure going to give it some thought. Julia and I love having kids and family in the house too, it's all about balance. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hey DH,

    Glad to hear the job is going well and that you have a great weekend away camping and a great birthday celebration and birthday spanking for Julia. Sorry about the interruption - sigh!


    1. Hi Roz - yeah, we had a great time! Now we want to buy a floorless pop-up to keep the picnic table dry, heh. :)

  3. Lol aww, that would be a fun post to read DH! Im glad camping and her birthday dinner went well. The spanking sounds like it was great, but im sorry you got interrupted!

    1. Thanks, Kenzie! It really was a nice weekend.

  4. Sounded like a pretty great birthday spanking. Sorry about the interruption.
    Glad life is good for you.

  5. Awww. Sorry you got interrupted.

  6. Hi rednakedy - yep, us too, lol! But we really liked the new paddle! Thanks!

  7. Hi DH! Your birthday spanking to Julia sounds really quite nice and intimate too ;) I'm glad she had a fun birthday and that you did manage to get some time to yourselves even if just briefly. Also congratulations on the new job -- glad it's working out well!

  8. I feel like all we ever do is get interrupted by the kids. The spanking and the trip sounded fun though. Glad the job is going well.

    1. I know, right? Seems to be a pattern that either it occurs constantly or it takes a long break only to start back up again..Thanks Zoe!

  9. Hi. I'm Jacy. New here. I found this post a little by accident. But it's perfect timing. My DH and I were just getting hot and heavy in to play when our older sons voice was heard saying 'mom, are you ok!? It sounds like you're crying'. Sigh. We were done for the night. Thanks son. Sigh.

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