Friday, May 24, 2013

Picture Friday, Birthday Edition

Hey there, it's Riley here. Julia asked me last week if I'd want to do a guest Picture Friday. Of course I said yes, as it sounded like fun! Also, it just so happens to be Julia's birthday!! Please join me in wishing Julia a lovely and very happy birthday.
Wasn't sure if you prefer cake...
Ice cream...

Or all three!

On to the less vanilla part of the post...PIX.

My photo-choosing method is usually that of choosing who I'd like to be. In this case, I'd love to be in that cute little dress, in that precariously delicious position. She's not red, so it looks like maybe this one's just for fun ;)

I like this one because there's something really dangerously free about it but also kind of sexy too. She knows who she is and she's not afraid to just do what she wants.

I look at this picture and can't help but feel a little sorry for her. It seems like that waiting position which seems to pass way too slowly, yet end way too quickly.

Seriously, there's nothing more menacing than a paddle that can cover your entire backside. Right?
I just really like the pattern and the look here. Maybe she's having a nice morning coffee with her guy ;)

These little reprieves always feel so nice and they make you feel so loved, too.

I don't know about you all but a little designer kink has always been appealing to me!

Finally...try not get yourself into any trouble this weekend ;)

But, do plenty of this!!

Happy Weekend everyone. And again, a VERY happy birthday to our dear friend, Julia :) 


  1. Awesome pics Riley! Happy birthdays to Julia!!!

  2. Thanks Riley for the great pictures.

    Happy Birthday Julia, hope you get your birthday spanking.

  3. Great pictorial! Have a great birthday weekend, Julia! hugs abby

  4. Fantastic pics Riley, love them all!

    Happy Birthday Julia Have a wonderful day.


  5. Happy Birthday Julia!!

    That lock & key bracelet is SO cute!!

  6. Great post Riley! I am so glad I didn't peek at the pics!
    That paddle does look very menacing..our leather one is the only one that spans almost that far....
    And thank you for my lovely birthday wishes! I am a cake girl~!

  7. Aww Happy birthday Julia!! Hope it's a fantastic one!

    Good pictures, Riley! I loved that first one too, with the little summer dress. Bossman would love that...

  8. Happy birthday, Julia! Hope you have a great day!

  9. This may be one of my favorite guest posts ever. :)

    Happy happy Julia!

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday Julia! I hope you have what you want and need for the next year to come!

    It's so nice of you to post a Birthday post for Julia, Riley! :D

  11. Sorry I am so late to the party. Hope your birthday was fantastic Julia and nice post Riley. Very Fun!

  12. Riley this was a great guest post! And im sorry im so late, but happpyyyyy birthday Julia!

  13. Riley, this was a great guest post!

    When are Julia and DH expected back? I'm starting to worry they were whisked away by giant mosquitoes......

    1. We are back! No giant mosquitoes, lots of rain, but we had a great time! Thanks rednakedy!

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