Friday, May 3, 2013

Picture Friday

I love the softness in this picture. I like how she feels so protected by him, I can almost feel it myself, and want to snuggle into his arm. And his covering of her private parts is very sexy, telling me not to look at her - She is mine

I love this picture. Not quite sure exactly what it is I love so much: I like her outfit, and pose. I love the feeling of this pose. I really like his hand holding her chin. DH does this too from time to time. Makes me feel loved, cherished, and taken care of. An of course, I like the bulge in his pants. So manly, and reminds me of DH in his slacks...

One of my favorite ways to tease DH into wanting to come to bed......


I really like this one from a photographer's perspective. I have developed more of an eye of what would look good in pictures, lights, shades, so on, and this one really appeals to me: The col or, the background that looks old-fashioned, and the girls in corsets like that. Lovely!

And as a bonus, DH picked one:


He says he likes this because: Classic OTK and classic white panties.....

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Very nice Julia. Have a great weekend :)


    1. We should Roz! The weather is supposed to be epic-ly beautiful and the kids have a sleepover!

  2. Love the images. I hope that you both have a great weekend.

  3. Great pics. Thanks for sharing. Hope your weekend is everything you expect and more.

  4. Great pictures! Hope you had a great weekend!


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