Monday, July 29, 2013

When Life is out to get YOU!

Thanks for our lovely wishes for our vacation. We had a great time, even though it was very short. Once we got home, and DH went back to work however, he came home  again a few hours later, carrying all his belongings. We all know what that means, right? So here we are again. No job.

To be honest, I haven't felt like blogging lately. Well, hang on, I am sure you couldn't tell, lol.
It's just so weird at the moment in our lives. DH and I have noticed that we are doing great. The two of us are just awesome. We are very happy, we fight, we get along, we agree, we have great sex. Everything is going great within our little family. Its just all these little outside forces.

First it was him getting fired from his last job, then this "friend" exploded on me, making me consider whether I am even good at being friends. Also, some of the things she said made us question ourselves,, and even our values.
Then my step son drove DH's car into the ditch, it is still driveable, but still. Now once again, DH doesn't have work. We don't have health insurance. Meanwhile, another "friend" (who was also friends with that other friend) complained about my friendship skills. Really? DH and I have our own lives. And if what I can give as a friend isn't enough for a person, then I am just thinking don't be friends with me.

So, I don't know what is going on. Here DH and I are just trying to move out from a mountain of debt. We have been doing very well on that, and we are happy. When people see us together, we are always that couple that, still, after eleven years together, touches one another. A lot. Do people really not like people who are actually happy with their lives? Is that a red flag to some people? I think it may be. Both of those 'friends' are not happy, and I think they needed to let it out on somebody. Me.

No words of wisdom from me today. Sorry guys. But I could sure use some words of wisdom from other people....

DH has two interviews this week already. Fingers crossed please!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Picture Friday - Road Trip Edition

No kinky pics today, I figured I would post some pictures of the area we are going to be driving through and going toward!


As a little disclaimer, I took out all names of the town and such on purpose, so please, if you do recognize it, don't write it down. :)

See you guys next week!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Getting Ready

We are gearing up to take our family to our annual family gathering in another close by state....We are looking forward to some much needed, and I would even say deserved, time together. No work. No stress. Just sun, pool, lake, fun, and family.
This year will be the first time I was waxed before wearing a swim suit. Like ever! So yesterday, in preparation for my waxing appointment, I went swim suit shopping! I should add that I have lost some weight, and my old swim suit was starting to hang off me. (Let alone my skirt for my outfit

As I was standing in the store, looking at all these choices, I noticed that I never even considered a white bottom before because I just don't find a white swim suit of any kind attractive if there is pubic hair peeking out. And since I had never waxed before this year, that was always my problem. White means clean and perfect to me.
Then I thought of how much DH likes me in just white panties, so I figured why not?

Why shouldn't I be the one to wear a white bathing suit bottom?

I bought it, in a teen size. Running sure gives definition to one's bottom.  :)

This morning lying in DH's arm for the first time in weeks because he has been getting up very early, we were just talking, and enjoying the silence of the house. We talked about the upcoming trip, what needs to be done, and how to get ready. We talked about what we are looking forward to the most, and I have to admit, I miss swimming and am really looking forward to it now that my kids can swim and are not clinging to me every second anymore.
"I have a surprise for you." I told him.
"I know..." he was referring to the smoothness he hadn't inspected yet because I was just too sore and sensitive last night to enjoy showing him.
"Another one, but you can't get out of bed." And off I went, to the dresser. I saw him watching me. I smiled. "Okay, close your eyes." Big grins on both our faces.
And for the first time, I tried on the bottom piece and it fit perfectly. I felt great!
"Open." I said.
And he did.
He didn't say anything, but his eyes were glued to my bottom half.
I love being married to this man. We have been together for a really long time now, at least to me, and it is amazing to me that he can still make my heart skip a beat. And apparently I can still induce the gaping mouth and speechlessness.

I hope everybody is having a great summer! (Or Winter?) Well we are finally enjoying some nice warm sunshine on our side of the planet!

And btw, here is a link to a nice blogpost regarding Brazilian waxing.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Picture Friday

Teaching BDSM
 I love this one, the panties, her hands tied up, him really grabbing on to what is his. Lovely!

Found here

DH has been talking about maybe tying me to something  sometime,  and I like this position.
I love his obvious strength and her looking straight into the camera...


These two just looked tempting, don't you think?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Just another Weekend

I have to admit, I was hoping I would be able to blog about some hot outdoor sex DH and I had, but, I don't, and its okay. I am just going to patiently wait for an opportunity to come knocking and I will not turn it (DH) down!

Blogland seems a different place lately. Bas is no longer with us. To many bloggers he was very special, and I am very sorry for your loss, and of course his family too.

I have read that Emily went back into ICU, but the latest update is that they are cautiously optimistic. So Happy to hear/read that! Which is one of the reasons I went missing in blogland - I have been spending more actual time doing fun things with my children. After all, who knows what the future holds? By next year, I may be working, or my children may go to my sister's for a few weeks. Who knows?!!

DH and I are doing well as a couple as well as awesome parents, not to toot my own horn or anything. :)

Three days ago, DH and I were enjoying family in the backyard time. We had a fire going, the kids were on the slip and slide, and everybody was just happy. We put up a screened canopy because we have mosquitoes that will bite through anything. But the best part of that day was: DH had a plan! I love my man with a plan. And he wouldn't even tell me, but I could guess.
We did a late bedtime, ensuring the kids were knocked out as soon as they hit their pillows, and went back outside to sit by the fire. We used bug spray to make sure we could sit there, and then DH wanted to go in the screened tent. I liked where this was going, until the mosquitoes decided they didn't care about the stinky bugspray and decided to go for it anyway and bit me through the chair right into my bottom. So rude!
Change of plans, because we were both fed up, and went inside.
DH and I took a shower together. He washed me. He did my hair, and when we got out, he didn't even have to ask for his favorite panties, I was right on it. White full cut. How boring to me (every time I think that) until I look at him, and see his excitement. So worth it.
He had me get over his lap, and he spanked me. After a few minutes, he rolled down my white panties to sit just below my cheeks and continued. Slowly but firm. He talked, spanked, rubbed, fondled, spanked, rubbed, spanked, talked. You get the idea.
"Mhhh, your bottom looks nice and red now. Get up, and face my feet, I want you to present yourself."
I love when he says this. I was happy and turned around. That position is just so intimate. I can't imagine doing this with anyone else in my life, ever.
He played with my bottom, my pussy, he talked to me, but I could tell he was just happy to play with his pussy and bottom. Then all of a sudden, "Sit up" - guiding my pussy to his very hard cock. I was tight. The angle, first time in a few days....and I heard his gasp as I was feeling him fill me.
"Mh, good girl. Yeah and now ride my cock", which I did. Happily. I have never been very good at being on top, but if I can get lost in the moment, yeah, it was hot!
I moved my hips, he put both hands on my hips (love that feeling), and we fucked. Lovely. He grabbed my breasts from behind and held them firm, and I came. Just like that.
When I slowed a little, he told me to get up again, and get on all fours. Yes please. 
"I think my little girl wants me in her bottom, don't you?" He says as he is starting to finger my bottom hole. I nod, realizing he might not see me, remembering something Conina made me realize, he gets turned on by me, therefore I need to try and make sure he realizes how much he is turning me on.
"Yes Daddy. Please!" as I wiggle my hips a little.
He is really good at anal sex, very gently, but not timid at all. He is very in tune with my body, he knows when it feels good, and when it is painful, and when it is actually painful.
He grabbed some lube, and entered my bottom slowly, giving me time to adjust. He kept a hand on my back, holding me in place, and talked the whole time.
He  pulled back out, only to enter again, this time going further. I have to pay attention during anal sex, otherwise, I cum too early for him, and then my bottom tightens up so much that he gets hurt.
DH was beyond talking though, holding on to me, pulling me closer, as I was grinding back on his cock.
"Cum for me, now!" And I put my hand on my clit, felt him getting closer himself, and we came together.
I love anal sex!