Friday, September 27, 2013

And I am back home.

Hello Blogland! I feel like I have been gone forever, and I have missed you!

But quite honestly, I had a great time with my friends. Leaving alone the way I did, I was a bit intimated, I mean I hadn't done that in a long while, but as soon as I was actually on my own, of course, I was fine.

It was fun seeing my friends. These two are the best friends I have ever had, and it was so nice to spend time with them away from normal life.
San Francisco is of course beautiful. We were very lucky with the weather and only had sunshine. My friends being from Europe also meant that we didn't do any of the bus tours, but instead opted to walk. A lot. I brought my running shoes, and I am glad that I did. We walked all over the city for two days straight. And had a blast. It was hard work, but when you are with people you love, the time just goes by. However, I do have to admit that I am glad I have been running. I never got tired. In high school, I was the one out of shape that would break down and need a break. But not this time.

After our days in SF my friends asked me if it would be ok with us if they came home with me. They had wanted to come anyway, just a week later. I didn't tell them of course right away, because I really wanted to ask DH, but he only laughed, having been amazed at their traveling itinerary anyway. And now they are here. My two worlds have collided. I love it. I love having them here. I love talking to them for hours just like we used to.

And yesterday, we went to the thrift store, cause we loved the thrift store, and without looking for myself, I found myself a little black dress. New. For $6. That I FIT INTO!   Happy Julia!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I have missed you guys and look forward to coming back to blogland soon!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Picture Friday ~ San Francisco Edition

I have forgotten to tell you guys something! I don't know how I could have forgotten, lol. But I am going to San Francisco this weekend. I am going to meet two of my best friends from growing up in Germany there for a long weekend!
This is what my weekend is going to look like!~

Its kind of weird to be going by myself. The last time I had to pack for only myself was before I had kids. I am looking forward to grown-up time. To being young again, lol. Have fun, and not worry about whether there is a potty close by for my children, or this or that.

DH is being very strong, has been encouraging me to go despite our tight finances, and has been my rock. I am not looking forward to not sleeping in his arms and I am already looking forward to coming back again. But in the meantime, I hope everyone is going to have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Out of the mouths of babes...........

You know how we as spankos and parents often wonder and hope that hopefully the children didn't hear anything?

A few days ago:

We were sitting at the dinner table, when our oldest, under ten, told us about this weird sound she has heard a few times. "It sounds like clapping."
Her younger sister chiming in. " Yeah I have heard it too, its super weird and creepy."

I was smiling, we changed the topic and all was fine.

The next night at dinner, DH made a comment about clapping, and I seriously didn't get the reference, and kept thinking about it, until I blushed, remembered, and shook my head at him.
"I remember now what the clapping reference was to..." I told him, in front of our children.

"Yeah Dad, it sounds really weird. Its like you are giving Mama a spanking on her butt or something..."

Can I just say Holy SHIT! I was so mortified. Step son was sitting there too, but didn't say a single word. Which to me just means he knows too.

And now I feel like we have no privacy. We already try to wait until everybody is asleep, or not here, but that doesn't always work out. Seems wrong that we can't have our type of fun in our own house.

I mean, I think she could be old enough for me to have a little birds and bee talk with her, but this really wouldn't cover it. And I don't want to bring up the 'clapping' sound again either. Jeez!

And coincidentally, this is my 200 post!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Should have been too early to count!

It all started with DH getting up at 2 am. Lately when he wakes up, he can't go back to sleep and therefore he gets up and does I have no idea what because it takes a lot to wake me.
DH was cranky this morning, no wonder, and we started getting into it. I mean, I hadn't even had coffee yet, and today is picture day for the children. I have pictures from previous years to prove that I may have forgotten Picture day in the past. But not today! I really wanted to make sure they would feel good about themselves for their pictures and therefore I kind of abandoned DH to his own devices.

But of course, first we managed to fight over nothing. Well it was something of course. But DH nipped it in the butt pretty quickly and asked me to not talk to him that way. I had a bit of 'what the fuck just happened?' feel about me, but went off and left him alone to do my job of taking care of the children.

We managed to put them on the bus and sat down for another moment.

"I don't want you getting too comfortable. So get up, grab the pillow and go into the closet to wait for me. We have something to discuss."

I was embarrassed. Hurt. I didn't want to. My eyes had the strongest urge to roll, but somehow I resisted. I grabbed my big body pillow and didn't stomp off like I wanted to.

"Lie down on it, pull down your pants and wait for me."

And I did. Holding my face in my hands, closing my eyes, still really mad that he gets to do this and I have to do as he says. (Pss. don't remind me that I brought up this lifestyle.....) I am lying there in the dark. I didn't want to turn on the light when I entered, and I was hiding my face.

He came in, pulled down my panties as well and started smacking my bottom very hard. Fuck the warm-up, I was in for it. He lectured about my tone, about his attitude, but otherwise he just spanked. After not that long, I had to cover my ears to be able to bear the pain. And while I was lying there it occurred to me that he was right. Darn man. He had stopped talking, giving the spanking his full attention.

When he finally slowed down, he started caressing my bottom, going higher, my shoulders, and just leaning on me. We stayed like that for a moment of very intimate nonverbal communication when I feel him shifting on top of me. He is straddling my upper thighs. I hear his belt buckle, the button, and the zipper. A breath escaped him as he freed his cock.
And he entered me. I was wet, hot, and ready.

Connection restored. Argument over nothing over. The only thing we need to work on now is aftercare. I felt a little abandoned as he got up, but otherwise, he is right. I should not speak to him like that and I am sorry.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

That's why they call them Ties

Julia couldn't help herself and added her comments in italic...

During our weekend mini-bootcamp, I'd promised Julia three spankings.

The second had been a "medium" spanking, which had left her poor bottom pretty red.  Bedtime was now upon us, and our final session was due.  I felt like trying something a little different. OMG, I was a bit intimidated I have to admit. I mean here I am, wanting him to try a bit "more", and here he is, being all boss-like, very determined, and about to do something totally new and different...

"Take off your clothes and lie on your back in the middle of the bed."  She immediately complied, and I guessed she was thinking of her earlier spanking.  I went to my side of the closet and returned with four of my ties, and my leather belt.  Her eyes widened a little, but mostly out of amusement I thought.  I'd have to make this real. Yes, I was a bit amused, but mostly realizing that this was getting REAL, lol. But when I saw the belt, I was honestly just looking forward to the delicious sting of it!

I grabbed her left ankle and looped my tie around it, and then tied it to our wrought-iron foot board and did the same on the right, making sure her legs were spread wide.  I paused to enjoy the view for a moment, and then moved to the head of the bed.

"Give me your hand," I said.  She smiled as she put her hand in mine, but I could see that her amusement had been replaced with nervous excitement.  I lashed her wrist to the headboard, and did the same with her other arm.  I slowly moved my hands lightly over her whole body, checking to make sure my improvised restraints were not actually pinching her skin.  Satisfied, I picked up my belt.

"I promised you three spankings today. Your third spanking is going to be on your bare pussy."  She gasped in spite of herself. You bet I did! Holy crap, he was going to spank my pussy for the first time ever really, and he was gone start with the freaking belt? I was anxious and feeling the fact that hey, guess what? When you are tied up, you can't move anything. Like an arm to cover your most private and vulnerable spots in times of anxiety.

"With my belt."  Gulp.

I folded the belt in thirds, held it high, and then let it fall on her pussy, where it landed with a soft, but very audible SLAP against her pussy.  Her whole body flinched and she moaned out load.  I angled the belt toward her inner thigh and swung harder, hitting her leg right next to her pussy.  

Slap, slap, CRACK!  I switched to her other thigh, and then alternated between them.  Julia started to buck against her soft restraints, as I let the belt fall on her pussy, more slowly, but still keeping most of the intensity.  I made sure the belt made square contact with her mound, which had become sopping wet.

 Slap. Slap. Slap!  Her legs strained against her bonds, but my ties held her in place. 

"You like having your pussy spanked, don't you?" I let the belt fall a little harder.  

"Ow!  No!"  SLAP!  I punished her thighs again.  Crack!  Crack!  

 "Your pussy is so wet, though," I said mildly.  "I think you DO like it.  Such a naughty girl."  I aimed three more measured swats that hit the full length of her vulva.

"Ahhhh," she said, somewhere between a yell and a sigh.  I put down the belt, and cupped her pussy with my hand.  Mh, yup!

"I want you stay here, and wait for me to come back," I said.  She rolled her eyes at me, and then waved her hand at me from where it was tied against the bed..  Guys, don't give away the fact that lots of you gals have a rule against eye rolling....

"Really?  As if I could go anywhere..."

Oops.  I guess that's why they call them ties.... :-D

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Make it so, Number One!

First things first: I love my beautiful wife.

Julia and I are certified Trekkies.  Well, to be honest I'm pretty sure our certifications have lapsed.  William Shatner was in town recently, and I didn't even NOTICE.  However, one of the things we love about each other is that we both watched Star Trek TNG long before we met.  We've loved watching the new movies too, and I'm personally really happy with how Mr. Abrams is running the show.

Last night, after I read Julia's post, I went looking for TNG clips on YouTube that featured Riker backing down Picard.  I know I've seen one episode in particular, where Picard is giving increasingly unreasonable commands (he turns out to be an alien, or controlled by one, I can't quite remember) and Riker finally say's, "No!"  This theme occurs more than once throughout, but the basic idea is that the 1st Officer has the right and responsibility to challenge commands if and when required, and the Captain has the responsiblity to delegate and TRUST his mate.

Our financial situation isn't pretty at the moment.  When I was growing up, my Dad taught us that if we worked hard every day, we would be successful in life.  He was right!  I enjoyed many happy years working for a large company, and had a good income, 401K, great benefiets, etc.  We really had everything we wanted.  When the economy collapsed, however, we lost it all.  I got angry!  I didn't understand what had happened.  How could working hard not be enough?  Why couldn't I get a job?  It slowly dawned on me that the system my Dad had supported and believed in was broken. The 1% had pooped in the pool so much there wasn't any water for the rest of us.

Fast-forward to this year.  I'd been working for an even LARGER corporation for a year, and had single-handedly made the company more than $30 million in a very lucrative contract.  The company took the work I did, and the money, and then just... fired me.  I got a 1 month "severance package" (so they didn't really "fire" me, but they wanted me to be quiet), and that was it.  I was free to find a new job.  And even though I did within 3 weeks, it wasn't enough to keep us from living out of our savings account.  That's the job market right now.  You can do a fantastic job, make a TON 'O CASH for the Man, and then sent packing at a whim.  People just don't matter in today's economy.

I was mad yesterday.  Not at Julia, but at being robbed by these fuckers who have everything and DON'T SHARE.  I know they can't really help it at this point - they've been hopelessly corrupted by the money and power they've helped themselves to, all safe and secure in 740 Park Avenue.  But that's no excuse to try to hijack Julia's excellent management of our finances, which is a job I delegated to her, and have trusted her with without exception.

I'm sorry, my love.  You really are the best wife in the world.  I love you.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Submissive Doesn't Equal Doormat

One topic of conversation that has come up more lately between DH and I is whether I am behaving submissively enough. This has come up twice now in heated conversations, and I think it deserves its own post.
I see submission as something I give him willingly, but not something that I can give if I don't agree with it. Lol. How submissive is that?
But seriously.
After DH was laid off in 2008, making a lot of money, he was so angry, he wouldn't even try to look for work, saying the economy was so bad anyway. Needless to say, that was a low point in our relationship. I wasn't running our finances, he was. And he kept things from me, to protect me I think, but ultimately, this cost us a lot of money. DH is very American and just put things on one credit card. And then another, and another.
We have been working our way out from underneath this pile, slowly, and it certainly has stalled over the last 6 months.
I took over our finances when he went back to work in 2011, and I have been doing a great job at it. I
have always had a knack for saving money, and so this is my area of expertise.
This month is a bit tight. And by a bit, I mean, don't spend any cause we don't have any. We have a little left in savings now, but I am a person who would rather keep it in savings until we really need it and not get it out just because we have it.

This morning, our conversation was about money. How can he be the HoH if he is not in charge of the money? I think this is a pretty good question since he got really pissy about it. And its kind of true, isn't it? How can he be the leader of our family if I am the one telling him he can or cannot spend that money on that thing now?
In our relationship, we build a fail-safe into it, lol. No seriously. I have the right to call him out, and sometimes that takes me being bossy to get his attention. Maybe you think I could do that less asshole-like? Well, I have tried, and no that doesn't work. When he gets into it, only Mrs Bossypants will reach him, get him back down, and let  him lead again.

We figured it out for now, but the question keeps coming back, how can he be the HoH when I am not being submissive?

Well. I think I am being submissive, but I am not letting it cloud our finances. I know what is right for it, and I have a really good track record. I think this is something every couple has to figure out for themselves, isn't it? I could speak more submissively I guess, but honestly I know him and that wouldn't work on him.
One of the first things he said after I brought up ttwd is that he didn't want to be married to a doormat.

Well, You are not!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day of Love

I looked up from my laptop, and she stood before me naked, her skin glistening after her shower.  Julia loves to care for her skin, and she was positively glowing and she slowly turned from side to side, letting me look at the top of her shaved little pussy peaking out at the top of thighs.  She saw me looking and moved her feet apart to give me the whole show.

"Wow."  That's all I could get out, as she smiled at me.  I cleared my throat, finding my voice I told her:  "Now that you're all clean, I want you to go into the closet and get down on your hands and knees with your bottom in the air."


"Yes.  Now.  I'll be there in a minute."  She walked to the closet and opened the door, as I quick-stepped out to the living room to see that everyone was quietly amusing themselves, and then headed back to our room, and then back to our walk-in closet.  I opened the door to the sight of Julia's beautiful bottom high in the air.  I got down on my knees beside her on the carpet, and gently starting rubbing my hand over her back.

"Today is going to be a mini-bootcamp day," I said.  I kept massaging her bottom, slowly working my way down to cup her wet pussy with my palm.  She moaned quietly.  "I'm going to spank you whenever I feel like it today.  When I ask you to go to the closet, I want you get in this position, do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," she said.

"Good."  I silently cursed myself: she hates it when I spank her in this position, as her bottom is so much smaller now it feels like I'm "spanking her bones."  I made a mental note to remember to put the big pillow in here and have her lie on it for our next spanking session.  I started spanking her carefully with my right hand, aiming sharp quick swats on both cheeks.

She looked up slightly, and I paused, instantly alert.  "Footsteps," she whispered.  We both froze, waiting.   I got to my feet.

"You can stand up now," I said in her ear.  I helped her to her feet, held her until she was steady, and then sighed.  "I guess this will have to be a warm-up."   I carefully opened the door, and there was  the source of the footsteps standing there with a big goofy grin on his big goofy dog face.

And THAT is how the "DD" lifestyle goes on in our house.  Life, kids, dogs, the country music blaring next door, you name it!  It all seems to conspire against us.  But I've decided that I'm going to make it work, no matter what, and if we get interrupted, I'm taking it as an invitation to try again, harder.  :)

I've just put the pillow in the closet, and I'm thinking I'll give her a spanking in about an hour or so.  A harder spanking, with an implement, I think.  It is Labor Day, after all...  ;)