Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Out of the mouths of babes...........

You know how we as spankos and parents often wonder and hope that hopefully the children didn't hear anything?

A few days ago:

We were sitting at the dinner table, when our oldest, under ten, told us about this weird sound she has heard a few times. "It sounds like clapping."
Her younger sister chiming in. " Yeah I have heard it too, its super weird and creepy."

I was smiling, we changed the topic and all was fine.

The next night at dinner, DH made a comment about clapping, and I seriously didn't get the reference, and kept thinking about it, until I blushed, remembered, and shook my head at him.
"I remember now what the clapping reference was to..." I told him, in front of our children.

"Yeah Dad, it sounds really weird. Its like you are giving Mama a spanking on her butt or something..."

Can I just say Holy SHIT! I was so mortified. Step son was sitting there too, but didn't say a single word. Which to me just means he knows too.

And now I feel like we have no privacy. We already try to wait until everybody is asleep, or not here, but that doesn't always work out. Seems wrong that we can't have our type of fun in our own house.

I mean, I think she could be old enough for me to have a little birds and bee talk with her, but this really wouldn't cover it. And I don't want to bring up the 'clapping' sound again either. Jeez!

And coincidentally, this is my 200 post!


  1. Yeah, I have to say that was super-awkward. No way we're going to explain things to the kids! But at the same time, how do we continue the dd lifestyle and also have some privacy? Sigh...

    1. I think it just means we will have to be more careful. :D

  2. Considering most adults may not get it or be respectful, I doubt your kids would get it.

    One thing to remember, kids will grow up thinking their situation/upbringing is the norm.

    So if they do know, like know for sure, then they likely assume all parents do that, consciously or sub-consciously.

    At some point, and they don't need specifics, it might pay to discuss with them what two consenting adults do in the bedroom is diverse. Different people like different things... blah blah and that Mom and Dad don't attach judgement on what others do, and either should they. Or however you want to word it.

    Cause if they do know for sure, you don't want your son spanking his first girlfriend, unless she's into it... ;)

    1. Forgot to sign off my comment so you knew who I was...


    2. Hey PB,

      Of course I don't want to tell my children about this, but I just read over my post again, and I guess I didn't clarify that a lot.
      My step son is passed his teens, so any screwups are on his own, lol.

      But you are right, and I guess that is where I was going with my post, I do want to teach my kids about sex, and not grow up all repressed like I did, but its a fine line, and I don't think they are old enough yet anyway.

      Thanks Ponyboy.

  3. Oh my gossshhh! I would have been BRIGHT red at that comment, lol. And the clapping references? Yikes!

    I'm sorry it's a bit hard right now, and I wish I had some great advice, but I know you two will find a way. :)

    1. Yeah I don't know how red I was, but I felt like my face was on fire, and I tried so hard to not show this to be a big thing, you know?

  4. YIKES! Our nest is empty but I wonder sometimes what our neighbors hear when they are walking their dog late at night when the neighborhood is otherwise quiet. We tend to turn on the window ACs in the summer and put the downstairs TV on one channel and the upstairs one on another so they can never really be sure... Of course none of that would help the noise factor within the house!

    I've wondered sometimes how much faith it must take to believe the little ones will always sleep through things like that. You gotta be able to hear THEM if something happens and they call out for you, so it's not like a sound-proof area is even an option. ALTHOUGH....I guess you could soundproof the closet and rely on a baby monitor placed somewhere that you could hear them----hallway, maybe? Good luck working this one out!

    1. Yeah, I am sure they can hear something if a window is open, but otherwise, I also think, do they really care? At least for us, the neighbors around here really keep to themselves and show no interest in each other, you know?

      A soundproof closet would work very well....

  5. Julia

    WOW, I would have been mortified too. I have ALWAYS told hubby that we couldn't do ANYTHING until the kids are asleep. In 19 years we have never had them walk in on us until about 3 weeks ago!!!! UGH We were just getting started and the room was dark but still.....it was hard to get back in the grove of things!!! lol

    Oh and CONGRATS on your 200th post!!!!

    Subrina <3

    1. Yeah it is hard to get back into the groove, we have been waking up way early and have sex then, lol. At least nobody is awake that early, ever. Thanks!

  6. Oh my! I have two kids of my own and so afraid of this same thing. I think that's why the cane is used on me, very quiet implement.

    1. The cane. Well, we have never thought about using one even.

    2. Cane, eh? Hmmm..... ;)

  7. Oh goodness, I would have been mortified too! We don't have others in the house to worry about, but I do worry about the neighbours sometimes when everything is otherwise quiet.

    Congratulations on your 200th post. That is some milestone!


    1. I don't even care so much about the neighbors lol, although we do close our window since I know I can be a little loud. :)

  8. Ok, I just had to giggle - it's really kind of cute but when they spelled it out - OMG I would have turned bright red. Maybe a radio to muffle the noise??? Although it's kind of loud and specific.

    Congrats on the 200th post. I've only just found you so I'm about 198 behind...

    1. Haha, well I hardly ever go back on other people's blogs actually. I guess I like current events more, or something. :) Although it is interesting to read the very first few ones....
      Yeah, I thought the kid situation was kind of cute too, until she did get way to specific, I was so mortified. And then my stepson sitting right there, no word or joke, or nothing. Man...

  9. Argggg and hahahahaha! Oh Gosh! that would humiliate me! How awful.

    You need a woodshed! so do I for that matter!

    How old is your stepson who didn't say anything! Oh dear!

    We used to live next door to friends of ours with paper thin walls and I'm pretty sure they heard everything, we used to hear their alarm going off, arguments, laughing to the TV, even maritals! I have always wanted to tell her, or ask her if she knows. Once when she was upstairs in our house my husband shouted at me that he would put me across his knee if I didn't buck up my ideas! I recon she knows but isn't letting on!

    You commented on my blog a few years ago so I followed you here.

    Hi I'm charlie.



  10. omg. while i totally understand the cramped living or having little privacy, i have to tell you i would have been mortified! absolutely mortified. lol but i'm sorry, it's still funny. i laughed out loud reading this and it was a nice start to my day, so thanks julia! :)

    what about turning on some music in the hallway to buffer the noise?



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