Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! I hope you are all having a wonderful day today, lots of candy, and tons of giggles!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkins and Reconnections

The weekend was busy and full once again. Our children finally convinced us that it is time to buy pumpkins and so we did just that! We bought, hauled, carved, and staged those pumpkins and they look very good. After that, I decided to go to Hot Yoga in the evening for the first time. I felt like my body would benefit
from some more stretching because my back was hurting. 5.30 in the evening is not usually a good time for me to not be available, there is dinner, showers for children, house that looks like a bomb went off in it, but DH encouraged me to go, he would take care of everything!

I didn't need to be told twice, and enjoyed a hot and tiring class. Upon my return, children were sparkling, dinner smelling good on the stove, and DH even roasted the pumpkin seeds! But man, I was tired. Dinner turned out very yummy, children went to bed happily and quietly, and DH and I retreated to our bedroom. 
My body was exhausted, and DH must have been able to tell with his super HoH-tingling senses, and took care for the rest of the evening, eventually putting me into bed and then leaving again.

The next thing I remember is him joining me in bed, finally, roaming my body with his warm, strong hands. I was lying on my tummy. He was rubbing my back, shoulders, stroking my hair, and grabbing my bottom cheeks. "Mhhhhh" is all I could think and say. I was not awake. But DH took this as my obvious consent, and just continued. He stroked me, and then after a little bit, encouraged me to roll over. He spread my legs, just stroking my entire body. 
"Mhhhh" is seriously all I could think.
"Is my little girl enjoying herself?" he asked, I could hear a smile in his voice. But I didn't open my eyes, just staying in that sleep-induced state. "Mhhhh Daddy, mhh".
He dipped his finger slowly into my already slopping wet pussy. "My little girl likes this, don't you? Your pussy is so tight"
And he kept playing with me, slowly, to his heart's content. I could tell he was just happy doing this. After a few moments, I turned my head and sought his cock. I wanted to suck his cock so bad, wanted him in my mouth, taste him, lick him, make him even harder. And so I did. I found his hard manhood and took him as deep as I could, which wasn't a lot because he was already so hard. 
We ended up in the 69 position, both happy. He has just shaved his entire pubic area, and I don't know about you, but I love the feel of his smooth balls on my face, the feeling of his smooth cock, and knowing there is no hair is just a big turn on. 
"Oh baby, you like my cock in your mouth, don't you?" He loves asking me questions when my mouth is full of his big cock, so I nodded, making an agreeing sound. I took him deep, letting him move in and out of my mouth. 
"Mhh, such a good cocksucker." 
After another few minutes though, he reached for my hair, and pulled my face away from his cock. He told me to lay back down and just stroked all over my body again, ending up at my pussy. "Please spank my pussy." I whisper, but I honestly don't know if he heard me because he didn't do it or show any sign of having understood me. Then, he did it. Lightly. Around my inner thighs, closer to my pussy, on my clit. I was slopping wet by now. 
"My little girl likes having her beautiful pussy spanked, doesn't she? How about your clit?" as he spanks my clit again. I am on fire. He took my nipple into his mouth, and dipped his finger into my pussy.
"Turn over". 
I lie straight on the bed on my belly. He straddles my thighs, and enters me. This position I just love. And we didn't make it into another position.

But I can't wait to try something else tonight. I feel like we are moving in the right direction again.

Happy Monday!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Picture Friday - Yoga Edition

I have recently given yoga  a try, and figured I could do a yoga edition! So here are some of the yoga poses I have been doing.

BTW, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. It is a great way to excercise. Just one time helped me feel better. My back didn't hurt as much, and I feel more flexible, straighter, and stronger.
In fact, I am going this very morning for a 90 minute session.

But, just as a disclaimer (and sorry to burst any bubbles) I don't do my yoga naked. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I can't for the life of me, come up with a good title!

Yesterday our stepson started a new job. Finally. And he works at night and the evening, so we actually will have some time in the evening again where we won't have to worry too much about noise levels after it has been verified that the little ones are actually sleeping.
Its been a little weird, I have to admit. Spankings have basically been off the table for a while now, not because of us really, more the circumstances surrounding us. TTWD however, at least from my perspective, hasn't stopped at all. At the beginning I would have thought that to be impossible: Keep ttwd going without spankings. But as long as both parties are still committed to it and each other, and the other person knows this to be true about the other too, it can work.
We have had situations that would have definitely led to spankings over the last few months, and still, we managed. Once, DH send me to the closet, to think about the tone of what I was yelling saying, and I have discovered that when one wants to be in the right headspace, a simple act such as being send to the corner or our closet, will get me to calm down right away.

But I have been missing the spankings. Although not like I would have a year ago. A year ago, I was craving it, the act of it, his being in charge, making me get over his knees, and then spank me longer than I would want. Assert his dominance. But for now, I haven't been craving it as much. And I think that is because we have found other little things to do to help us remain in the where we want to be with one another. Maybe its because I have been letting him assert his dominance, and he has felt comfortable asserting it?

In other news, I don't remember if you guys remember my trouble with so called "friends", but I hadn't given up on one of them yet. I had needed space, and had told her so, because I wasn't able to figure out what exactly it was that had made me need space like that in the first place.
Going to San Francisco, getting out of the everyday life, and just be with people who understand you, has helped me figure out what it was. What had made me pull away from her, and I felt like I owed her an apology and an explanation. So I did that yesterday. DH warned me "Don't expect much back my love". I didn't believe him, but he was right. She wrote me back. And the reply was so self-centered in absolutely everything she said, without one word to how I really told her everything, that I have decided that even long friendships may just need a break, or longer. For now though, I am just done worrying about her, that relationship. Some things are not meant to continue, and that 'friendship' just slipped into that category.

Tonight, my stepson will be gone again. I am going to try and tire out my children so they will fall asleep faster (that almost never works), but at least there are possibilities. And honestly, just writing about spankings, and how I used to crave them, has made me realize how much I would really like to resume that part of US.

And I want to ask blogland for a favor! I am in the mood for a new Picture Friday, but I need ideas for a theme!

Song I was listening to while writing my post:
Lindsey Stirling - Shadows

Monday, October 21, 2013

"Please proceed Governor"

Another week has passed, the weekend passed in a blur of driving children, shopping, homework, and trying to make time for one another. Which is not always easy. Lately, I have been getting up pretty early. I was never an early bird, and quite honestly couldn't care less whether the early bird caught anything or not. However, over the last year that has changed, I get up early, and I am tired early. And for those of you who have read my blog for a while, you know, I like sex in the morning more too anyway.

Sex in the evening can be hard. Lol. But we managed to have our first session in weeks last night! Didn't involve spanking, but (might be TMI for the guys, so skip it) we did finally have sex again.
About two weeks ago, DH and I were having sex, and I guess I could have been more into it, because all of a sudden it started hurting very bad. This happens when I need extra, or any, lube. Giving birth to my first child, she came out with her arm stretched out, superman style, and I tore pretty badly. And when I am very unlucky, and unprepared, that scar still hurts like I just gave birth to her...

So I am finally all healed up.

Our sex life is resumed.

Thank god.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Really? I guess he would have been too perfect!

I can't believe Charlie Hunnam decided against doing the 50 Shades of Grey movie. Well, no wait, I guess I can, since I wouldn't want to be the one receiving all that media attention. I mean just thinking about the Twilight craze, really, I can't blame him for not wanting to do the movie anymore.

Since writing this post, I have actually started watching the Sons of Anarchy and just love it! What a fantastic show, seriously. I don't remember the last show that has made me cry and laugh out loud within just a few minutes of each other. And I really like Charlie as Jax, therefore I had been wondering how he would like receiving Edward-like attention from the paparazzi. I guess now I know why he decided against it.

So at this point, this seems like such a money maker: It already has a release date, yet it is missing the most important part still, Mr. Grey!

So, once again, who do you think should be Christian Grey?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Positive attitudes

Can you believe it is already the middle of October? It seems that the years seem to go by faster as I get older. And honestly, I don't even think I am that old yet. But I can already see what my great-grandmother always talked about when I was little. I remember having to go on a three-hour car ride to reach my grandmother's house, and her mom lived close by. Back then, those three hours seemed endless, like literally I remember the time just not passing, but as I get older, time is the only thing you can really rely on. It always passes no matter what, and it is up to me to make the time count.

I think I have always kind of thought that way, but as time seems to go by faster, I try to give it even more effort to really make sure I am happy with my life, the day, the opportunities, chores, everything. I guess this is what one could call a positive attitude?

And I have been doing that about ttwd too. Since our little "weird clapping sounds" incident, there hasn't been much spanking. At least not to the extend both DH and I would like. But at the same time, we have other things going on. I have been focusing more on my children again when they come home from school, the stepson is still here, but doing pretty well, and DH and I are doing well too. We are just not having any kinky sex at the moment. But for whatever reason, that is okay with me at the moment simply because it has to be, and I know opportunities will present themselves, and as long as I know that DH feels the same way I do about this and will use the opportunity, I can wait. Positive attitude. I like it!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Keep Calm and....

Very fitting for us, I have to admit.

That is what DH decided needed to happen. I honestly wasn't in the mood after all that but figured why not do what I don't feel like and see if that helps us reconnect.
So he send me to the closet. I went. Could have done that more gracefully I am sure, but he followed me right away, and asked me to pull down his pants as he stood in front of me. Men are different. That physical connection is just so important. I need it too, but it is not as essential I think.

And so I did it. And I am glad I did it..Sometimes, the right thing to do is what doesn't feel right at first to get past something.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Joe Pesci back for yet another visit

Finally. I am alone at home again. I have to admit, it has been a while, but honestly it was all good. I had a great time with my friends. It is so nice to just hang with people who know you so well, even after all these years. We have kept in contact just a bit, sometimes going years without writing, but that never meant they were far from my mind, and as it turned out, it was the same for them. The three of us were very amazed how we could just pick up where we had left off and have so much fun together. Here is to friendship!!!!

But as usual, DH didn't handle it all too well, lol. And I know this by now that when I have visitors from my homeland (as he calls it), he starts to distance himself from me and us, our relationship. And he did it again this time. But knowing he does this and handling it better, really is hard.
Usually when I have visitors, I spend more time with that person (since they flew all the way here to see me and my family, including DH of course), instead of being available to DH at work. And in the evening, call me silly, but I actually like sitting with these people and talking or just watching a movie. To me, this is fun (plus, its just a short time anyway that that person is here). To DH, it means I don't want to spend time with him. Arg. (As a disclaimer, I know he knows that is not true but feels that way nevertheless) And that is exhausting, and I also think, not quite fair.

So I get pissed with him, and his attitude. Cause I can only take that for so long. Because, I am here, I am available, just not as much as usual. I think, honestly, DH is just spoiled because I don't have any family close by, and I never just spend an afternoon with my family. If I see them, it is because we are there, or somebody is here, and that is usually for at least a week. And in that week, DH pulls away. He wonders how can he keep our connection going through this, and I am left wondering, wtf? Really? How about not disconnecting? How about letting me enjoy the presence of these people without having to worry about having to make sure he feels like he got enough attention? How about being happy for me? How about not working so hard that he falls over after nine pm every night and just passes out? How about eating something before you turn into Joe Pesci right before coming home after working way longer that you do at any other time?
 Ahh, this commercial does it every time. I am smiling again. And this is just a rant. We have already talked about this, and he sounds like he caught himself before things got worse.
Now I would just like to have sex and cum without having to listen to him complain about that too. lol. No really....
Happy Monday everyone!