Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkins and Reconnections

The weekend was busy and full once again. Our children finally convinced us that it is time to buy pumpkins and so we did just that! We bought, hauled, carved, and staged those pumpkins and they look very good. After that, I decided to go to Hot Yoga in the evening for the first time. I felt like my body would benefit
from some more stretching because my back was hurting. 5.30 in the evening is not usually a good time for me to not be available, there is dinner, showers for children, house that looks like a bomb went off in it, but DH encouraged me to go, he would take care of everything!

I didn't need to be told twice, and enjoyed a hot and tiring class. Upon my return, children were sparkling, dinner smelling good on the stove, and DH even roasted the pumpkin seeds! But man, I was tired. Dinner turned out very yummy, children went to bed happily and quietly, and DH and I retreated to our bedroom. 
My body was exhausted, and DH must have been able to tell with his super HoH-tingling senses, and took care for the rest of the evening, eventually putting me into bed and then leaving again.

The next thing I remember is him joining me in bed, finally, roaming my body with his warm, strong hands. I was lying on my tummy. He was rubbing my back, shoulders, stroking my hair, and grabbing my bottom cheeks. "Mhhhhh" is all I could think and say. I was not awake. But DH took this as my obvious consent, and just continued. He stroked me, and then after a little bit, encouraged me to roll over. He spread my legs, just stroking my entire body. 
"Mhhhh" is seriously all I could think.
"Is my little girl enjoying herself?" he asked, I could hear a smile in his voice. But I didn't open my eyes, just staying in that sleep-induced state. "Mhhhh Daddy, mhh".
He dipped his finger slowly into my already slopping wet pussy. "My little girl likes this, don't you? Your pussy is so tight"
And he kept playing with me, slowly, to his heart's content. I could tell he was just happy doing this. After a few moments, I turned my head and sought his cock. I wanted to suck his cock so bad, wanted him in my mouth, taste him, lick him, make him even harder. And so I did. I found his hard manhood and took him as deep as I could, which wasn't a lot because he was already so hard. 
We ended up in the 69 position, both happy. He has just shaved his entire pubic area, and I don't know about you, but I love the feel of his smooth balls on my face, the feeling of his smooth cock, and knowing there is no hair is just a big turn on. 
"Oh baby, you like my cock in your mouth, don't you?" He loves asking me questions when my mouth is full of his big cock, so I nodded, making an agreeing sound. I took him deep, letting him move in and out of my mouth. 
"Mhh, such a good cocksucker." 
After another few minutes though, he reached for my hair, and pulled my face away from his cock. He told me to lay back down and just stroked all over my body again, ending up at my pussy. "Please spank my pussy." I whisper, but I honestly don't know if he heard me because he didn't do it or show any sign of having understood me. Then, he did it. Lightly. Around my inner thighs, closer to my pussy, on my clit. I was slopping wet by now. 
"My little girl likes having her beautiful pussy spanked, doesn't she? How about your clit?" as he spanks my clit again. I am on fire. He took my nipple into his mouth, and dipped his finger into my pussy.
"Turn over". 
I lie straight on the bed on my belly. He straddles my thighs, and enters me. This position I just love. And we didn't make it into another position.

But I can't wait to try something else tonight. I feel like we are moving in the right direction again.

Happy Monday!!


  1. That's some good work.


  2. Holy Geez Julia....that was damn hot!!!!!

    Subrina <3

  3. oh mercy. this was good. why don't you write a book? :) i'm hoping we get back to this place soon, too. crossing fingers on that.
    glad you two are doing well!

    1. You know, growing up, I always heard from my mother, "Oh, you suck at writing like I do" and so that is how I grew up. Now I am discovering I actually enjoy writing...and I am working on a little something something.....

  4. I'm new to your blog, thanks to Subrina, and thank goodness I did... this is hot! :)

    1. Hi Misty! Thanks for checking out my blog!

  5. mmmm very hot!! Love the .gif at the end!

    1. Yeah I love it too, keep staring at it, lol.

  6. Very nice Julia, and hot!



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