Friday, November 22, 2013

Picture Friday

Personally, I think this one is going to be DH's favorite....

Mhh, I love these two even though she isn't wearing white. Or anything. But I love everything about it. Tied up, eyes blindfolded, and she is listening to something else. Love!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Morning

As I get older, I know I know, not that old yet, but hey, I am approaching the big three zero next May! Anyway, as I get older, getting up in the morning is getting easier. Seriously. Just five years ago, no matter how much sleep I had the night before, I never wanted to get up, always calculating out the last minute until I absolutely had to get up.
I don't do that anymore. Often times, I wake up  before six, and just lie there, listening to the silence of the house, or lately, the stomping of stepson as he makes his way out the house. But then, silence.

This morning, DH and I both got up before seven, he went out into his woodshed to work out and do what he does, and I started the week, cleaned the kitchen, laundry, children up, breakfast, make lunch, get dressed, and ready to go.
DH came back inside just as the kids were ready to head out, and he took them for me so I wouldn't get soaking wet.
When he came back inside, I had made him another cup of coffee, took his glasses to clean them, and walked back into the kitchen.

"Actually, we have something to finish." DH said as he grabbed my hand and led me to our bedroom. I smiled, liking where this was going, and the confidence it was delivered with.

He sat on the bed, and pointed at his lap.

"We are going to finish that spanking. Monday morning still counts." He smiled at me, looking confident.

I have to admit, I had felt pretty bad about me saying the safeword basically with our last spanking. I felt bad for him, feeling like I was sending mixed signals. But now, a few days later, I can see for what it is, I called the safeword because it was needed.

I climbed happily onto his lap, thinking this shouldn't be too bad, being in my thick sweats and all.

"Those pants have got to go" and he pulled them down to see my white panties. I love these. Shiny and silky.

And he started spanking me as a warm up. I could tell he was putting effort into it, it was stingy, but not painful, at least not safeword-inducing painful, iykwim....

He kept spanking me with light but stingy swats all over, creating a nice red glow all over as he told me after.

"And now, I want you to count these out loud."

And he started with hard, deliberate, and precise spankings to my cheeks. My bottom was on fire from the first swat. Usually when DH makes me count out loud, he will do it slowly, making me anticipate it more, but today, he was all to the point, and we reached the number quickly compared to other times.

Then I lay on his lap, him rubbing my cheeks. I felt good. You know, sometimes you wish the spanking wasn't over yet? Or worse, you couldn't wait for it to be over? This one was neither. I felt good.

"Thank you Daddy." I said. I have been trying to get more used to calling him that. The term Daddy has grown a lot on me lately, such a simple thing to say, and the meaning it carries.....

"You are welcome . You did a good job with this spanking, staying nice and still for me. I am glad you trusted me, even after the Friday fiasco." He had moved his hand on to my head, stroking my hair.

"You love being my little girl, don't you?" he sounded like he just realized this again, and I climbed off his lap only to have him turn me around, lean me over the bed, and enter me with one hard, long, and powerful thrust.

He was late for his Monday morning meeting. On the bright sight, we got to connect, and he ended up having a positive and personal email exchange with his boss.

A Happy Monday morning indeed.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Spanking Problem

The weekend has been going well. I love weekends that just flow like this one. Kind of like a well oiled machine.
DH and I were able to start our weekend early yesterday by him working from home again, this time however, the children were in school and I had all day alone with him. Sounds good, right?

Well, as it turns out, we were both awkward about it. I mean here he was, home and working. Here I am, home, and doing homework. (My last class!!!!) We knew this would be the time for the big 68 spanking from LOL day, and slowly prepared. I did some yoga (half naked), lol, and took a shower.

While in the shower, DH came in.

"I want you to wear your entire outfit today. If it still fits that is..." The last part seemed to be more of a thinking question, and I didn't know.

"Okay." I got out, lotioned myself up, brushed out my tangles and managed to get my hair into a braid before walking into our closet to retrieve 'the box'.

Our box is one of those rubbermaid tubs, only a smaller version, and contains all our implements, some sexy underwear, an extra belt, lube, a few dildos, and a few anal plugs. Sounds like any 'box' should in my opinion, lol. Some people, I bet, would also have nipple clamps in there, but we haven't really gone much further in the nipple stimulation department.

After putting on my outfit, and finding out that the skirt still fits, although very loosely, I came out and presented myself to DH. But something weird was going on, he seemed overwhelmed maybe? He seemed to have a plan, however, in hindsight, I think it was the spanking without a purpose (you know, no punishment or reconnection, but a bet - kind of) really got to both of us.

"Lie on your stomach on the bed, I am going to go through a variety of implements today, and I want you to count every spank out loud for me. Do you understand?" he asked.

I nod in agreement, lie down, and he starts warming me up with his hand. After some not too long but long enough time, he stopped. I hear his belt buckle.

"This will start the spanking." And he starts. The belt hisses, and slaps on my skin, causing such an intense sting. He moves around, covering both sides, although I can tell he had a preference as I am sitting here. My left cheek is much more sensitive today.

And I count. He changes implements, but doesn't say much.

"31." I mumble into the pillow, taking in a big breath.

"I am going to switch to my hand for a little bit, these are going to be hard." And he wasn't kidding. They were so hard in fact, that I cried foul right then and there.
I started crying, not covering my bottom with my hands, but they were  hovering.

"I can't believe you would hit me this hard." Really crying. I feel stupid for even typing this. No nonspanker could get this, but this was not a spanking, and felt more like a thrashing. You know?

You see, DH has been working out more. I guess my success of going running regularly is rubbing off on him. He is strong. Couple that with us not having been able to do spankings in a while, and me (literally) running my
butt off, has resulted in us having to be more careful about spanking positions.  I call that a spanking problem! lol, Reminded me of a post of Riley's over at Vanilla Extract from a while back.

So, where are we at?

In a really good spot actually. We didn't reach 68, yet. We used our time alone very wisely even though getting started was harder than expected, but apparently exactly what we needed.

And the best part? The weekend isn't over yet!!!

Happy Weekend everybody!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Slightly overwhelming LOL Day

First of all, a big thank you to Bonnie for starting this lovely tradition of Love Our Lurkers Day. Thank you so much! What a fun way to not only meet some lurkers you don't know but also the ones that you do know, you just didn't know this person always reads. Thank you guys so much for reading my blog, it really means a lot to me that you commented yesterday and in general.

DH says thank you for all his lovely wishes and said he would work on the post 68 over the weekend. I can't believe it 68. Just to be sure, I turned off comments, lol, didn't want to get into more trouble, I am already in for it, and DH said he would pick the implements we would use. Implements. Plural. Yeah. Not sure if happy or anxious about that one either.

One more thing I want to thank Bonnie and this community for: Because of LOL Day I updated my blogroll yesterday and I am very excited to have some new blogs to check out!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Love our Lurkers and DH's Birthday!

Good Morning my lovely readers!
Today is Love our Lurkers day! Yeah. I am excited, lol. Maybe meet a new person or two?

Last year, it did not fall on DH's birthday, but I had told you guys, we would do one spanking per comment received in 24 hours I believe. My readers were also encouraged to pick an implement from my implement reviews.
We ended up with 42 comments, a long spanking with way more implements than we usually use, and DH spanking me until I cried for the first time, and him being totally overwhelmed and offering no aftercare. LOL. But otherwise, it was fun!

Today also being DH's birthday means that we have decided to just do the same we did last year! So please comment, say hi, just wave, or put a smiley in to wish DH a Happy Birthday!

Happy LOL and Birthday Day!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pleasing my Colonel!

I don't mean to brag, I really don't, but at the same time, I think that if I use my blog to complain about life, I also get to use my blog to just write how awesome things are going, right?

Last Friday, DH worked from home and the children were home as well since they both had conferences. I like to do something special on days they are not in school. This time: Swimming! My entire family loves to swim, and that is what both children wanted. A unanimous vote (I love that word: Unanimous), and we had picked our activity. Our excitement must have gotten to DH, because he soon decided that he didn't actually need to work  over lunch and he joined us!
Later, we went to Costco (who doesn't love Costco?) and then had our pizza night/movie night with the children too. After, stepson asked if DH could drive him somewhere, and there was our opportunity.
Of course he drove him!
When DH got back, we hung out for a bit, making sure children were actually sleeping, and then decided to go snuggle in bed. We were cold, plus we had finally bought new flannel sheets for our bed, and the sheets were calling out to us. When we got into bed, DH grabbed my kindle, and suggested we read something. Together. From my kindle. You know, my personal kindle that has all kind of smut adult content on it. DH perused it for a little bit, and decided on one of Renee Rose's book: Pleasing the Colonel.

We snuggled up, DH put on his glasses looking very sexy, and he read to me. The story is about a young woman who starts working as a governess for the Colonel. We are almost half way through, and are really enjoying it. Plus, of course, if one considers our beginnings as Host Dad and the Au-Pair.....

DH is a great reader, always making sure every character has his or her own voice, and we both really enjoyed the story. As a little backstory, I used to read a lot of romance novels, like three or four a week, and when one story was particularly good, I would recommend it to DH and he would read it on the train during his commute. I started in the middle ages genre, then moving up slowly to regency. Therefore, reading Pleasing the Colonel has been a really fun experience for both of us. Plus, the heroine has a great sense of humor, I love it!

However, after reading the first pretty severe spanking, we got sidetracked....Well, it started with me being able to tell that DH thought this spanking was really super harsh, and I was a little surprised at this. I mean, its a book, the hero comes from a military background in a country in which the rod is not spared during childhood and adolescence. But I could tell he was uncomfortable. And really turned on.

He put the book down after we talked about the spanking a little. And I was right, he was a bit set back by how harsh this seemed.

However, it didn't turn him off.
At all.
"I think Daddy is going to take a break and let you please him for a while." I had been stroking him the entire time, and his cock was already hard and very eager. I lowered my head and took him in as far as he would go, getting used to the feeling, and taking more. His body went from rigid to relaxed and leaning back once again, and he was happy watching me please him. He stroked my hair, my neck. The hero in the novel held the heroine in the neck I think toward the end of the spanking, and I think I really like it too.  He held my head in place when he wanted me to take him deeper, to then stroke my hair again, while murmuring endearments for his little girl who loves to suck his cock.

I am honestly trying to remember what happened after, but can't, lol. But for a reason. The only thing that keeps going through my mind is what DH said that night before we both came.... You love being Daddy's little slut, don't you?  He was behind me, doggy style, holding on to both my hips, driving into me hard. I had already cum once, and hearing that, (he has never ever called me anything degrading like that before), just put me and him over the edge. Instantly, and together. What really stuck with me was for 1. of course the mind-blowing orgasm that followed and let me finally sleep a whole nights sleep, and 2. how okay I was and still am with this development. I think a year ago, it would have scared me to have have my husband call me a slut, but at this point him calling me a slut is an indication with him being okay with moving further into that direction. The D/s direction, I guess?

And tomorrow is DH's birthday and LOL day! I am excited so see everybody come out and say hi. Last year was  a lot of fun, and I am really excited to do it again tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Search Terms

I haven't done one of these in a while even though I still find some of these search terms just fascinating!

Here is a few:

how to get your husband to spank you    You are going to have to open your mouth and just say it, he can't read your mind....

can i spank my wife             Yes, please do!

pics of spanking positions  This one, I am honestly glad that my Picture Friday post is being looked at. I liked that post!

best spanking method  I think this is one of those that you have to try out for yourself and can't find online

how to spank your husband Well I don't want to, at least most of the time, so its kind of weird to see this one...
husband spanking wife pictures  I always like that too.

my personal home orgasms  Well, I like having orgasms in my personal home the most too...:) Seriously though, DH and I are both not very voyeuristic I guess...

sex outdoor image blog      Mh, yeah I love looking at outdoor sexy pics too. 

spank spot       Ouch.

50shades of grey otk   That one makes sense!

upskirt spanking DH's upskirt spanking post, makes sense.

my wife doesn't like spankings  That just seems weird to me. Why wouldn't she? Are you doing it right? JK, but don't know how these search terms landed somebody on my blog.

spanking implement care  Keep them clean and stored away from curious little fingers?

where to give a spanking I would seriously consider only doing it where you feel comfortable, and where she feels comfortable. Nothing worse than thinking somebody is coming in at any second.

What do you guys think? Not too surprising, right? 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Perfect Morning

The day started pretty early for me today: I woke up at 2.30 and was wide awake. I don't know why I go through these cycles of sleeping well and other nights not at all. Sometimes the full moon will affect me and keep me up, but that was not it.
I kept tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable spot. DH loves to spoon me in his sleep, and we usually have our legs kind of intertwined. Very romantic and all, but it easily overwhelms me and I have to be alone to cool down.
After another three hours of this, I heard my stepson get up and get ready for work, which woke DH. I have been trying to respect his need for sleep more therefore I really tried not to wake him. But as the front door shut with a bang announcing stepsons departure, DH was finally awake too. I had meanwhile already been up, brushed teeth and hair to look presentable. Climbing back into bed, we snuggled close, this time enjoying the heat our bodies produce and snuggle closer. DH stroked my thighs and hips and breasts, finally tucking me over to roll onto my stomach.
And he spanked me.

Now, hours later, I can still feel that slight warmness on my bottom, reminding me of the importance this connection can bring. I have to admit, it has been a while since I have enjoyed a spanking, but this morning was definitely perfect. 
I have a little one at home today, who of course hasn't been feeling sick since the bus left this morning and she got to stay home. But, I keep thinking, sometimes, you just need a day off and enjoy yourself by yourself too. Happy Tuesday everybody! 

MusicI found this morning and been listening to since. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

LOL Day Approaching!

I was just on Bonnie's blog and saw that it is once again almost time for LOL day!

LOL day you wonder? Well it stands for Love our Lurkers, yes, you, the reader who is always here reading, but hardly ever leaves a comment. Or, gasp, never has left a comment before? Well that day is just for you!

From Bonnie's blog:
What is LOL Day?

LOL Day is an annual celebration of our unseen readers. Most bloggers are aware that only a small fraction of their readers ever leave comments or otherwise make their presence known. Visitors, whether silent or verbose, are welcome all year round. But on this one day, we invite our shy friends to peek out and say hello.

This year's event will occur on Tuesday, November 12. On that day, more than one hundred like-minded bloggers will post a message on their blogs inviting their silent readership to come forward, typically by posting a comment.

Some lurkers provide a complete introduction. Others can muster only a "Hi." These 
responses are both welcome, as is any response in between.

Last year was my first time participating, and I was very excited and offered to get one spanking for each comment I receive. I am thinking we should do that again.

Even though DH and I haven't done spankings in a while, it is   on both our minds, I can tell. The other night, stepson out, DH announced to give me a spanking, but I wasn't in the mood and he didn't push it really. I know as the submissive wife I should consent, but I wasn't feeling very submissive that night. In fact, I was feeling quite the opposite, pushing back a little, and I knew DH was tired, and so he let it slip. He let me slip and was okay with it.
After, we talked again. About ttwd. Him insisting that we can't not do it, me insisting that in fact, that is kind of what we have done and he seemed fine with it. But I wasn't accusing him, I was just trying to make him see that. And he did. And then he said he knew it was his fault too for not doing it because I had been really good, but he wasn't focused on it, and he would do better, not try but do. And he has, and he is taking his time, not overwhelming me with demands, but easing back I guess.

Last year, I received 42 comments on LOL day, therefore DH gave me 42 spankings. Well after a warm-up that lasted all too long all by itself. The last ten he delivered with an evil implement, the wooden paddle I had received for my birthday when he first started spanking me.
This year, LOL day is falling on DH's birthday, so I am thinking my butt might seriously be in trouble...:)