Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Spanking Problem

The weekend has been going well. I love weekends that just flow like this one. Kind of like a well oiled machine.
DH and I were able to start our weekend early yesterday by him working from home again, this time however, the children were in school and I had all day alone with him. Sounds good, right?

Well, as it turns out, we were both awkward about it. I mean here he was, home and working. Here I am, home, and doing homework. (My last class!!!!) We knew this would be the time for the big 68 spanking from LOL day, and slowly prepared. I did some yoga (half naked), lol, and took a shower.

While in the shower, DH came in.

"I want you to wear your entire outfit today. If it still fits that is..." The last part seemed to be more of a thinking question, and I didn't know.

"Okay." I got out, lotioned myself up, brushed out my tangles and managed to get my hair into a braid before walking into our closet to retrieve 'the box'.

Our box is one of those rubbermaid tubs, only a smaller version, and contains all our implements, some sexy underwear, an extra belt, lube, a few dildos, and a few anal plugs. Sounds like any 'box' should in my opinion, lol. Some people, I bet, would also have nipple clamps in there, but we haven't really gone much further in the nipple stimulation department.

After putting on my outfit, and finding out that the skirt still fits, although very loosely, I came out and presented myself to DH. But something weird was going on, he seemed overwhelmed maybe? He seemed to have a plan, however, in hindsight, I think it was the spanking without a purpose (you know, no punishment or reconnection, but a bet - kind of) really got to both of us.

"Lie on your stomach on the bed, I am going to go through a variety of implements today, and I want you to count every spank out loud for me. Do you understand?" he asked.

I nod in agreement, lie down, and he starts warming me up with his hand. After some not too long but long enough time, he stopped. I hear his belt buckle.

"This will start the spanking." And he starts. The belt hisses, and slaps on my skin, causing such an intense sting. He moves around, covering both sides, although I can tell he had a preference as I am sitting here. My left cheek is much more sensitive today.

And I count. He changes implements, but doesn't say much.

"31." I mumble into the pillow, taking in a big breath.

"I am going to switch to my hand for a little bit, these are going to be hard." And he wasn't kidding. They were so hard in fact, that I cried foul right then and there.
I started crying, not covering my bottom with my hands, but they were  hovering.

"I can't believe you would hit me this hard." Really crying. I feel stupid for even typing this. No nonspanker could get this, but this was not a spanking, and felt more like a thrashing. You know?

You see, DH has been working out more. I guess my success of going running regularly is rubbing off on him. He is strong. Couple that with us not having been able to do spankings in a while, and me (literally) running my
butt off, has resulted in us having to be more careful about spanking positions.  I call that a spanking problem! lol, Reminded me of a post of Riley's over at Vanilla Extract from a while back.

So, where are we at?

In a really good spot actually. We didn't reach 68, yet. We used our time alone very wisely even though getting started was harder than expected, but apparently exactly what we needed.

And the best part? The weekend isn't over yet!!!

Happy Weekend everybody!!!


  1. Hi Julia, Glad you hear you were able to have some alone time and that you are in such a good place.

    DH is stronger and your butt is smaller ... interesting spanking problem LoL. I can understand the spanking being a little awkward without a purpose to it, be it role affirmation or discipline. Also, if you haven't been able to spank for a while. Happy to hear things worked out well in the end though and that you are in such a good place.


    1. You know, usually DH finds a purpose, like reconnection, and then goes with it, not sure what happened, well I do know, but it was a lot of other stuff too.
      Thanks for stopping by Roz. :)

  2. Running your butt off...that is so cute. :) Too bad that your spanking hurt more than you'd planned for, but I'm glad you got a break to take care of more fun things.

    You could always work in a little play mischief to earn the rest of the spanking. ;)

    1. I don't know, I mean, I feel wrong for complaining about my spanking hurting, I mean, really? But at the same time, that was too much. I am excited to discover if DH plans on finishing today....:) Thanks Ana

  3. My husband used to have such a plump round bum and he literally walked it off! I kind of miss it. (I don't spank him, it was just cute) LOL

    68 wow, that is a lot. Ouchie!

  4. Definitely been there before. In fact, I called a safeword just yesterday. I think that's the second time I've ever called one. We had a new implement and it hurt like hell.

    Would a warm-up help? I find with a good warm up I can take sooo much more! When he goes straight to the spanking I practically die!!

    I saw the difference with the warm up when we got our paddle. At first the first dozen or so swats I was dying and squirming and trying to get away. He almost stopped (But I wasn't ready for him to). So then after I was warmed up good, he started swatting even harder but I could take way more. It did make a huge difference with me.

    Good luck! And awesome job on the running!!


    1. Hey Jason's girl, thanks for the thought, but no, this was way beyond it, lol. It was the position I think.
      But he finished the spanking this morning with his hand and we both did much better....

  5. Aww Julia! That sounds pretty painful and definitely like it belongs on the #ttwdgirlproblems list. Congrats on so much running, that's great. Although yeah I could imagine things would, uhm, hurt a little more? Hopefully you'll adjust soon. And sorry about all those LOL swats...I'm a guilty contributor to that. Hugs!

    1. Yeah it really was, lol. Thanks though Riley, I am very proud of my running and can't wait to feel ready for that big one again. :)

  6. Sorry you guys had problems getting started but sounds like you got through it. Great job on the running......that's awesome.

    1. Yeah that was a weird start for sure. Thanks Subrina. :D

  7. Ok. In going to need to read some other comments because I thought this post was disjointed. We're you upset that he was spanking you harder than usual or what? I read in your next post that you used a safe word, yet you wish everyone a happy weekend. Have I missed something? Are you upset about the spanking or not? I'm confused J. lol anyway I'm glad things are good with you two.
    Hugs - m.

  8. I totally understand! LOL Glad you guys were able to finish where you left off and all ended well! :)

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