Friday, November 1, 2013

LOL Day Approaching!

I was just on Bonnie's blog and saw that it is once again almost time for LOL day!

LOL day you wonder? Well it stands for Love our Lurkers, yes, you, the reader who is always here reading, but hardly ever leaves a comment. Or, gasp, never has left a comment before? Well that day is just for you!

From Bonnie's blog:
What is LOL Day?

LOL Day is an annual celebration of our unseen readers. Most bloggers are aware that only a small fraction of their readers ever leave comments or otherwise make their presence known. Visitors, whether silent or verbose, are welcome all year round. But on this one day, we invite our shy friends to peek out and say hello.

This year's event will occur on Tuesday, November 12. On that day, more than one hundred like-minded bloggers will post a message on their blogs inviting their silent readership to come forward, typically by posting a comment.

Some lurkers provide a complete introduction. Others can muster only a "Hi." These 
responses are both welcome, as is any response in between.

Last year was my first time participating, and I was very excited and offered to get one spanking for each comment I receive. I am thinking we should do that again.

Even though DH and I haven't done spankings in a while, it is   on both our minds, I can tell. The other night, stepson out, DH announced to give me a spanking, but I wasn't in the mood and he didn't push it really. I know as the submissive wife I should consent, but I wasn't feeling very submissive that night. In fact, I was feeling quite the opposite, pushing back a little, and I knew DH was tired, and so he let it slip. He let me slip and was okay with it.
After, we talked again. About ttwd. Him insisting that we can't not do it, me insisting that in fact, that is kind of what we have done and he seemed fine with it. But I wasn't accusing him, I was just trying to make him see that. And he did. And then he said he knew it was his fault too for not doing it because I had been really good, but he wasn't focused on it, and he would do better, not try but do. And he has, and he is taking his time, not overwhelming me with demands, but easing back I guess.

Last year, I received 42 comments on LOL day, therefore DH gave me 42 spankings. Well after a warm-up that lasted all too long all by itself. The last ten he delivered with an evil implement, the wooden paddle I had received for my birthday when he first started spanking me.
This year, LOL day is falling on DH's birthday, so I am thinking my butt might seriously be in trouble...:)


  1. Hi Julia,

    Last year was my first time participating in LoL day too. Really looking forward to this year.

    I'm glad you two were able to talk things through and are starting to get back on track.


    1. Hi Roz,
      glad to see I am not the only one excited for LOL day!

  2. Glad you guys are starting to get back on track! however I don't know if I am brave enough to sign up for a spanking for a comment lol.

    ~ Tasha

    1. Lol, oh last year was fun, mostly, well expect for the crying part, but otherwise it was a lot of fun!

  3. Lol I remember last years lol day, as a lurker I wasn't brave enough to comment and took me a good month after that to start. I remember reading you post and thinking how brave you were :)
    I'm glad things are picking up with you guys :)

    Hugs x

    P.s I might come on lol day here and comment haha

    1. Oh you are so funny Mj, not brave enough, :) well look at you just a year later!!!!

  4. WOW Roz you are a brave woman! I don't think I could do a spank for a comment. We are just starting the spanking thing. I'm definitely not brave enough....hopefully nobody would comment!! LOL

    I wasn't around this time last year so I am excited to participate in LOL Day. I love reading the comments on my blog. But it amazes me everyday that anyone has any interest in my silly life! LOL But I truly do appreciate them, you included!

    Subrina <3

    1. Lol, at this point, I will be happy to get any spanking, so I am not too worried (yet).
      LOL is great fun!, And I am always amazed at that too, and appreciate every single comment.


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