Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Search Terms

I haven't done one of these in a while even though I still find some of these search terms just fascinating!

Here is a few:

how to get your husband to spank you    You are going to have to open your mouth and just say it, he can't read your mind....

can i spank my wife             Yes, please do!

pics of spanking positions  This one, I am honestly glad that my Picture Friday post is being looked at. I liked that post!

best spanking method  I think this is one of those that you have to try out for yourself and can't find online

how to spank your husband Well I don't want to, at least most of the time, so its kind of weird to see this one...
husband spanking wife pictures  I always like that too.

my personal home orgasms  Well, I like having orgasms in my personal home the most too...:) Seriously though, DH and I are both not very voyeuristic I guess...

sex outdoor image blog      Mh, yeah I love looking at outdoor sexy pics too. 

spank spot       Ouch.

50shades of grey otk   That one makes sense!

upskirt spanking DH's upskirt spanking post, makes sense.

my wife doesn't like spankings  That just seems weird to me. Why wouldn't she? Are you doing it right? JK, but don't know how these search terms landed somebody on my blog.

spanking implement care  Keep them clean and stored away from curious little fingers?

where to give a spanking I would seriously consider only doing it where you feel comfortable, and where she feels comfortable. Nothing worse than thinking somebody is coming in at any second.

What do you guys think? Not too surprising, right? 


  1. Lol, Julia I love these search terms! It got me interested in mine, mind if I copy ya a bit with this post? Of course i'll mention I got the idea here. ;)

  2. LoL Julia, fun post. It's always funny checking the search terms that have brought people to your blog. How did "my wife doesn't like spanking" bring up your blog? Wondering too LoL


  3. LOL. I don't think I have anything interesting like that .I'll have to go look

    1. Just click through the different time spans to get the different and less popular search terms. Those are the good one. :)

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