Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Slightly overwhelming LOL Day

First of all, a big thank you to Bonnie for starting this lovely tradition of Love Our Lurkers Day. Thank you so much! What a fun way to not only meet some lurkers you don't know but also the ones that you do know, you just didn't know this person always reads. Thank you guys so much for reading my blog, it really means a lot to me that you commented yesterday and in general.

DH says thank you for all his lovely wishes and said he would work on the post 68 over the weekend. I can't believe it 68. Just to be sure, I turned off comments, lol, didn't want to get into more trouble, I am already in for it, and DH said he would pick the implements we would use. Implements. Plural. Yeah. Not sure if happy or anxious about that one either.

One more thing I want to thank Bonnie and this community for: Because of LOL Day I updated my blogroll yesterday and I am very excited to have some new blogs to check out!


  1. Ugh! I got so side-tracked talking on the phone yesterday with a dd friend, that I forgot to come back to comment! Dang it! 😩 Anyway, it seems like your backside is going to be warm enough without it! 😳 Happy birthday to DH and keep us posted on how he does with the aftercare! Hugs to you friend, m.

  2. Hi Julia, I'm glad you had a great LOL Day. I know I had a blast, It's so great meeting new friends. Many thanks to Bonnie for organising the day.

    Eeek .. 68! Good luck? and yes, I hope you do get the aftercare.


  3. Oh come on now. 68? You just GOTTA make that into 69. Seriously.

    And by the way, have you seen this yet?

    1. No I hadn't, but I believe it. Very nice bottoms in that line up!

  4. Ouch! It sounds like you'll be having a very fun weekend. Or maybe "fun" weekend. :)


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