Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To a Happy New Year!

Happy New Years my fellow bloggers and lurkers out there!
I am not sure I mentioned this last year, but New Year's resolutions are not really my thing. Therefore, I will not be making any, simply because I just don't believe that this new day in the new year can make you do things you don't want to really do.
For example, dieting, sure the first few days of January might go well, but after that, you are still responsible for watching out for yourself. Just like any other day of the year.
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I just went running. My 5k route since I figured I should end the year on a high note.
Actually I am having a hard time thinking that the beginning of 2013 was just this year, crazy. We started the year in Germany. We went through our ups and downs doing this thing we do. DH lost his job. We made it out stronger as a couple. I lost two (what I thought were good) friends, making me re-evaluate just who I want in my life. DH lost another job. We clung to each other and our strength. Financial hardship. I graduated with my BS with honors, GPA 3.93. We fought. We loved with all that we have.

I can't quite say 2013 was a bad year because it really wasn't, at least not in a personal sense. Reading Kim's post the other day, reminded me of this post of mine from August. I was at that point she describes, giving up expectations simply because they weren't met anyway and I would have rather had a good relationship with my husband than being pissed at him constantly for not stepping up enough.

Well, for anyone who knows that stage I am sure you know this too: Giving up expectations was the best thing I could do because it finally gave DH the opportunity to do it his way or not at all, and we have been doing fairly well since. Mostly.

Sorry for this all over post, I am still breathing a little hard, but while I was running, I was thinking of all the things I wanted to blog about. Like yesterday. The kids turned out to have two playdates: One in the morning, leading to some awesome hanging out and watching Sons of Anarchy followed by a spanking on our red couch. DH had me lie on his lap, and he used his left hand to spank me. Ouchie but so intense and personal too.
The other one in the afternoon, which led to a very hot quickie on our bed. All in all, a very nice day for the end of the year and clearly a great indication of great things to cum!

Happy New Year everybody!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sweet Little Spanking

(Hot Post Advisory) 
Its almost Christmas! I usually like the Christmas season, even though I am not with my mother and sisters this year. We wanted to make sure we enjoy this American Christmas this year, never know what the next year will bring and have been enjoying each other as a family. We have been watching Christmas movies together, baked cookies, and played games. DH even suggested we watch one of my favorite movies The Holiday. (Anyone who doesn't know it,  go watch it!!!)
 DH and I sat curled up together on the couch, watching this movie. A perfect moment in time.

For what came next, DH and I teamed up and wrote it together! After the movie was over, I took off my clothes, revealing a black thong and black bra. I felt very sexy, and as we all know, how we feel always makes a difference when naked....DH seemed pretty interested, but ran out of the room one more time.

I crawled into bed with Julia around 10 last night.  All of my chores were done: kids were safe tucked into their beds, dogs were in their beds too, doors were locked, and the lights were out.  Julia had a really bad headache the previous night, so I made sure the window was cracked open so she got some fresh air.

"I want you over my lap," I said.  He motioned for me to come over and I wasn't sure. The children had been up late, what if they were still awake? What about the stepson that is awake at all odd hours? But I caught myself and decided to trust my man. I know he wouldn't want to risk exposure either and I would be safe as long as he had his ears up and I could just be on his lap and let go.

"Ohh, really??"  She didn't want to - and then I saw her catch herself and change her mind.  Yep, spot one.
"Are you going to be quiet?" She asked as she crawled across the bed and lowered herself over my naked lap, where my cock was already hardening.

"Yes, I will be quiet," I said, smiling.  Well, sort of quiet, I thought.  I ran my right hand over her bottom.  I had turned on the red lava lamp on my bedside table, and I was fascinated by her bottom in the soft light.  As always.  I started swatting her cheeks with my hand, whipping it down at medium velocity so that it was quiet, but also hard enough for her to feel it.  It took him a few smacks to deliver something stingy, but I didn't mind, thinking it a good warmup.

Slap, slap, slap-SLAP!  He didn't spank me very long, we were both too turned on I think. No infractions were mentioned, so I figured this was a pure erotic spanking and let myself just go. I enjoyed his stinging hands, not worrying about anyone hearing us, and his hand so close to where I really wanted him to touch me.

I massaged her bottom after a round of sound spankings.  She instantly bucked her hips, a natural reaction in her. She started moaning softly, trying to get my hand in contact with her sex. Mhh, and I managed it too! I was dripping wet and so ready when he motioned for me to get up again and to lie down on my back. He kneed next to my face, touching his dripping cock to my lips as we fondled my breasts. 

And then my cock was in her mouth.  I held the back of her head with my right hand, and pushed my cock in as deeply as I dared, forcing my cock down her throat as I thrust my fingers deep into her pussy.  I reached up for her G-spot, and started slow, hard, circular motions against the top of her wet canal.  She sucked an moaned with her mouth full.  I worked my fourth finger into her bottom, and pulled out my cock.

"Keep your mouth open," I said.  I pushed my cock back into her mouth, and then pulled it out fast.  My finger went in to the second knuckle.

"Ooooo!" she gasped.  "It's so big!"

"Mmm, you like Daddy's finger in your bottom, don't you?"

"Uhh huh," she moaned.  "Gug, glug, oooof, slurp!"  She took my cock into her throat again, and then strained as she started coming with my fingers in her pussy and bottom.

"You like being Daddy's little SLUT, don't you?"

"Mmmm!  Ahhhh!"  She came hard against my hand as I sucked her nipple. Mhh, that was good. Often times after I cum, I am mostly done and don't like being touched like that anymore, but DH figured out that if he just keeps going, I do too. He tried to enter my pussy with his cock, but it was too tight, he winced, and kept trying to enter me. My pussy was still spasm-ing hard and he came as soon as he had entered me fully.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Snow Day Spanking

Hi, DH here.  We are all SNOWED IN today!

I logged into work and caught up with the morning's events.  People were trading snow pictures over Skype, and very few of my colleagues were planning on making it into the office.  I closed my laptop and stood up.

"Let's go in the closet," I said quietly, holding out my hand to Julia where she sat at her computer.

"Oh, my coffee will get cold!"  She looked down into her cup, and then back at me helplessly.  Coffee is a sacred drink at our house.  Julia's taste for coffee has changed over the years; when I'm home on the weekend, I usually make it for her and try (mostly successfully) to get it right.  I could totally see her point.
"OK, when you're done." I finished a task at work, and then she went to the closet.  I closed and locked the doors to our room, and then followed her in.  I held her in the dark as we stood there.  "We're going to have a GREAT day," I said.  She purred in my arms, enjoying our moment together.  I released her, and sat down on the floor with my legs spanning the width of our closet.

"Lie down across Daddy's lap," I said.  She bent down and carefully got on her hands and knees across my lap, and then lowered herself so that her pelvis was perfectly positioned.  I pulled down her black sweats and her panties.  I started spanking her with my new hand whipping technique, hard.  "I want us to be on the same page today, and really enjoy our snow day," I said.  The small sounds from my swats seemed to be absorbed into our closet as I kept whipping her bottom, switching between the cheeks of her reddening bottom.

"Oooh," she sighed.

"Are you going to be a good girl for Daddy today?"  I spanked her harder with my left hand, whipping it down so that it made full contact as I was bringing my arm back up.  Even in the darkness of the closet, I could see my red fingerprints across her cheek.

"Ow!  Yes, Daddy!"

"Good girl," I said.  Three more whipping swats landed fully across both cheeks of her bottom, and the spanking was over.  I helped her pull up her panties, and then her sweats.  She raised her hips up off my lap, and we stood up together in the dark.

The snow is melting now, and the roads are somewhat drive-able, but we're still staying indoors for our snow day.  :D  I hope everyone has a very nice weekend!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Buying Alaska

DH and I are very specific when it comes to watching TV. We have had a DVR for at least ten years now, and I couldn't image living without it. I honestly don't think I would watch any of my shows the way the ad people intend you to, you know?

We have found a new show we are both interested in watching. Finally!!! It is called Buying Alaska and plays on the destination America channel. Anyone else watch this show?

It is a house buying reality TV show showing people who are interested in buying a home in Alaska. All the people on the show want to move to Alaska because they want to move away from the crowds and be alone out in the woods doing whatever it is they want to. And this really is what fascinates me.

There are
many couple, young and old, on this show who want to buy a cabin out in the middle of nowhere, no running water, bears all around you, no electricity, and no neighbors. Whenever I watch it thought, I think about sex.

I mean am I really that kinky thinking  only of the many possibilities for privacy in such a remote setting to do just whatever it is you want to do? I would want that privacy to run around naked in our cabin and always sit at DH's feet while he works, or something. I keep thinking of all the outdoor sex possibilities out there, in rivers, in the show, cabin, everywhere.

I really must have sex on my mind.
So I have an idea, would you guys please find the show on your TV or up on that first link I created and watch an episode of a couple seeking a remote cabin and tell me what you think!!!!!! Tell me you didn't image yourself and your partner like that couple in the picture with no care in the world because you know you really are alone.

And btw, I now have a tumblr account!! Tada! I haven't quite figured out yet how everything works, but I am sure I will get more used to it. Link me!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A hard Session

The weather had been really cold, and the Incorrect Weather Forecasters were calling for snow.  We're not prepared for snow.  I cop out because it doesn't snow every year in our part of the world- usually you can get by with a good set of rain tires.  Every other year we have a good snow fall or two, but I just try to have us all stay home while there's snow on the ground.  In our district, schools will close if someone coughs into their arm and yells "snow" at the same time.

So, last Monday, I worked from home.

Julia and I had a very nice morning, drinking coffee and working on our computers.  Sometime in the early afternoon, I put down my laptop.

"It would really be a shame to not use our time together today with no one else here," I said.
"I agree," Julia said, smiling.  I stood up and led her to the bed.

"I want you lie across my lap on the bed."  I sat down so that she could lie across my lap.  

"Which way?"  

"Put your head on the pillow," I said.  This put her bottom across my lap for a right-handed spanking, which was usually how I spank Julia.  I'm left-handed, so I don't usually use my dominant hand unless Julia's in Serious Trouble.  ;)

I started spanking her lightly over her sweats and panties.  My cock was already starting to get hard, as I looked at her beautiful legs.  I stopped spanking her and pulled down her sweatpants and the purple panties she was wearing underneath.  I left her panties between her legs where I could see the crotch that had just been pressed against her little pussy.  I started spanking her bare skin with my full hand, swinging with moderate force so that my hand made light red imprints on her skin.  

"Oo, ow!"  I continued spanking her bottom, evenly alternating between cheeks.  I stopped and massaged her reddening skin with my hand.

"Mmm, Daddy wants to give you a good spanking today," 

"Why?"  She was tempting me, goading me into giving her a harder spanking.  I resumed spanking her with my hand, and picked up the tempo.

"I want my little girl to have a good spanking," I said.  "Daddy is going to make your bottom nice and red."  I spanked her right cheek three times, high, middle and low right  on her sit spot, and then repeated the sequence on her left cheek.

"Smack, smack, CRACK!"  "OWWW!"  She twisted her hips suddenly away from me.  Her pulled her back with my left hand, and continued spanking her, but changed to the whipping, lighter technique.  Her legs came up, and she kicked as her bottom turned bright red.  My cock was like a steel pipe under her, and I had to finish the spanking. 

"SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-CRACK!" A flurry of swats finished the spanking as she bucked on my lap.  I gently smoothed my hand over her bottom, and put my left hand on her neck.  "Good girl," I said, as her hips continued to gyrate across my lap.  It was driving me crazy.  I kept massaging her bottom and her neck, as her breathing slowed.  I let my hand wander into the crevice between her cheeks, and then down across her wet pussy lips.  

"Mmm," I said.  "Daddy needs you to get off his lap now."  It was almost urgent.  She swung her legs back over the side of the bed.  I got up and held her hips and she bent over the bed.  I entered her immediately and we both groaned.  I had to have her right there and then.  Her panties were still pulled down and I could see the blue crotch panel as I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and then thrust it back in, hard.  I started fucking her hard as she moaned and her hips bucked against the bed as she was already cuming hard.

"Daddy loves slapping his balls against your little clit!"  I was fucking her harder than ever, just barely aware of the fact that I wasn't bottoming out in her pussy, which was now pulsing and contracting with her orgasm. "Ahhhh….!"  I came hard in her pussy, draining myself into her, and then half-fell across her on the bed.

A lovely day home indeed.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Growing pains

What a lovely morning we have had in our part of the world. So lovely in fact, that I ran outside into the cold with my camera this morning wearing only boots and a robe to take pictures of our beautiful sunrise. So I wanted to share.

When I was little, my mother would always tell us that whenever the sky was red at sunset or sunrise during the month of December, that was because the angels were already busy baking cookies for Christmas. I still think that was a lovely sentiment, and one I am happy to let my children grow up with too.

And hard not to on a morning like this morning.
Can you see the mountain peeking through the trees? Click to enlarge

DH and I are in a good spot at the moment, even though we had a huge blowup yesterday that started with me graduating finally and looking at my student debt, therefore feeling very down and beat. Instead of putting his big arms around me and telling me we will be okay, he started freaking out too about our finances, and we helped each other spiral down together, ending with a mad spanking with the glow paddle. I was so mad at him, I started crying in frustration, leaving him to feel overwhelmed once again, and walking away from me. I got even madder, walked into our bathroom and mumbled something about aftercare and how awesomely he did with that. Again. "Great job buddy, I feel wonderful," while still having tears streaming down my face.
I was in fact so mad at him, I told him that maybe he needed an attitude adjustment, and he was welcome to bend over the bed. I know, right? I did. I really did say that. But you know what happened next?

He put his big arms around me. "I am sorry Sweety. I am sorry I got overwhelmed by this." He smiled looking right into my eyes. "Of course we are going to be okay, seriously. And no to the offer."
I must have shocked him out of it. Seriously. So much for going Rogue!!! (Btw, where is Rogue?)

I asked him for permission to write about this, thinking that it doesn't portray him as very strong, however, after thinking about it, it portrays him as a person just like everybody else, and I think it also shows how much he has changed and become stronger. At least to me.

Lastly, I wanted to write about one more thing. DH had this awesome idea for a story, a spanking story that is, and I have persuaded him to post something here as a little holiday gift to our readers. I have already read a little of it and think it is a very cute and funny idea...stay tuned!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Warming her Bottom

I got out of the shower and toweled off, and was instantly cold.  The temperature outside was already in the low 20s, and it was chilly in our room.  Julia was already snuggled under out mountain of blankets on our bed as I climbed in.

"Already asleep?"  

"No," she said, not moving her head on her pillow.  

"Good girl," I said.  I sat up a little.  "Daddy wants to make sure your bottom stays nice and warm tonight."

"Hmm mm!"  She wriggled her hips in protest.

"I'll keep you entirely covered, except for your little bottom," I promised.  She didn't move.  I put my hand on her shoulder on the blanket, and gently caressed her warm skin.

"Now," I said.

She half-groaned, half-sighed, and then let me pull her over my lap.  My cock took some arranging under her tummy, as it was already getting hard at the sight of her perfect white panties.   I made sure every part of her was covered with one little exception.

"Daddy's going to warm your bottom now," I said.  I started spanking her with my hand, whipping it so that my hand snapped against her bottom.  She lay still across my lap as I continued spanking her bottom with my hand.  I stopped, and caressed her bottom through her white panties.  

"Thank you for wearing the panties I requested like a good girl,"  I said.  

"Yes, Daddy," she said.

"Did you rub your little pussy through your panties like I asked?" (I had asked her to put on those panties a few hours earlier, and specifically requested her to touch herself)

"A little," she said in a small voice.

"Ahhh," I smiled.   I continued spanking her, harder now.  "Do you like touching yourself like a little slut for Daddy?"  

"Oooh," she moaned.  "Yes Daddy!"

"Oh, you like being Daddy's little slut, don't you?"  I stopped and pulled her panties down below her bottom cheeks.  I let my finger touch the damp fabric tight across her mound.  "You ARE wet."  I gathered both sides of her underwear in my left fist, and pulled them tight so that the fabric disappeared into the valley of her bottom like a thong.

"Ahhh!" Slap!  Slap!  Slap!  WHACK!  She started squirming on my lap as my hand spanked her bare bottom harder.  I pulled her panties still tighter and spanked her right at the diamond-shaped opening at the top of her thighs.  She moaned as I repeatedly spanked her right cheek, and then her left.  I relaxed my grip on her panties, and then pulled them down with one quick motion.  She turned and gave me her bottom, with her head and back under the blanket at my feet.  I entered her with my thumb, and almost instantly she came in one long, groaning orgasm, her red bottom glowing in the dim light.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Under the covers

Hi, DH here!  I'm following up with the post I promised Julia after last night.  We had a very nice re-connection as Julia described, and I also got to use a recently-learned spanking technique on her bottom.

I came in from the woodshed early, determined to spend some time with Julia before bed.  She had been seductive all evening, and I was REALLY in the mood to be with her.  I was also determined to give her a spanking - every opportunity we've had has been too short, or too public.

The weather has been COLD where we live!  This weekend, low teens are forecast for our area.  Last night, Julia had been watching TV without anything on her feet.  As we crawled into bed, I asked her how she was feeling.

"My feet are cold," she said, smiling.

"Ahh, poor little girl," I teased her.  I reached down below the blanket, and grabbed her foot.  It was like wrapping my fingers around a block of ice.  "Wow!  You weren't kidding.  I'll have to fix that."

I dove Sheldon-style* under the covers, and inverted myself so that her feet were at my chest, in kind of a sideways 69.   I reached out into the dark and took her ankles in my hands, and then guided her feet slowly onto my chest.

"Ahhh," she sighed.  She moved her feet up and down my torso.  I held the tops of her feet to warm them, and then ran my hands up her legs to the tops of her thighs.  Her legs were cold too, so I held my hands against them, and slowly slid them upwards.

"You just wanted to get to my bottom under there," she said.  Her feet felt SLIGHTLY less glacial.  And that's when inspiration hit me, right there under the covers.  Even though I couldn't see a thing, I had her in my hands, and a new technique for minimizing the sound of a spanking, shielding us from my still-awake son in the next room.

I rubbed her bottom with my right hand, and then lifted the covers with my left as I lay on my side.  I pulled my hand back, and then whipped my fingers forward to make contact with her right cheek.  The first attempt was light, so I pulled back a little further, and swung faster.

"Snap!"  She flinched a little as I aimed low across both cheeks and whipped my hand as quickly as I could.

Julia has been running every week, and recently hit 3 miles as a regular run!  Her bottom has reduced in size as a result, and spanking her has become difficult due to her lack of any padding on her bottom.  I've altered my technique when I'm spanking her with my hand to use more of a whipping motion, so that it's really the top part of my hand and my fingers that make contact.  This also greatly reduces the sound of the spanking, but still gets her bottom nice and red.

I continued spanking her under the covers, whipping each side of her bottom and finishing with a number of hard slaps across her sit spot.  She moaned as I caressed her bottom in the dark, resting with her feet finally warm on my chest.  "Good girl, I said," as I finally pulled myself out.

I stayed home this morning and we stole half an hour to just have coffee and talk.



Thursday, December 5, 2013

Very cold December morning

After my mom left this past weekend, it seemed we had a little trouble getting back into the groove. I mean, everything else around us seemed to balance itself once again, and it felt right, but the connection between DH and I seemed to be too far apart. It seemed that he thought I was pulling away from him and didn't want him sexually, while I was just waiting for him to come back to me.

Usually in the evenings, once DH comes home, I will follow him into our room and take off his shoes and pants so he can get into something more comfortable. When my mom was here, this was difficult for various reasons, but since she left I made sure to do this and other little things like that without even being asked. To
me, that is my way of submitting to him, showing him I am here and want him.

Maybe I should  be more obvious, taking his cock in my mouth or something, but seriously, when our connection feels that far apart, all I can do it seems, is to offer myself to him, but it seems I just can't take the lead. In those times, I really need him to take the lead.

(It seems, I have blogged about this a time or two before....however, it seems to be a recurring situation. But I honestly think this time didn't last as long, and didn't end in the wheat field.)

To see if I could get his attention tonight, I took particular care getting ready for him to come home last night. I took a shower, braided my hair in two pigtails, just like he had said that morning would look cute on me. I shaved my pussy and put on his very favorite pair of white panties. I sat at his feet a little, and once we were in bed, and he had warmed up my feet, he finally discovered my bald little pussy, as he likes to call it. And we had a very intense encounter that DH wants to blog about in the coming days....

To sum it all up: We are in a pretty good spot I think, and I even got a little fun spanking last night.  :)

Latest Music discovery:

It is super cold in my area of the world, but I think I just found my motivation to get going on my running. I am up to 3 miles now!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Music to my ears

Mhh, anyone know this song? I just discovered this song, and can't help but listen to it over and over.
What do you guys think?

I think I am horny and need to get laid, lol!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello December!

Hi Blogland!

Hopefully everybody survived Thanksgiving weekend without too many incidents? I sure did, lol, I was an angel. Which could have had something to do with having my mom visit. Having her here always makes me so much less sexual, lol, poor DH, but we managed to still remain connected. He didn't withdraw like he sometimes tends to do, and he even managed to spank me a few times. Well at least at the beginning.

I am writing my last paper at the moment. I left myself only today to get the whole thing done. Some of you may think, ok, what is the big deal? Well, when I first started my educational goal of getting my AA, I didn't think I was any good at writing. Yup. And so I would freak out over assignments days before they were actually due. Fast forward to having my AA and finishing my last paper for my BS, I left myself one day to write a huge paper. And I am the author of a blog. And I am working on a story. Me thinks I did some growing up over the last few years....

Anyway, I was just popping in to say hi!