Sunday, December 15, 2013

A hard Session

The weather had been really cold, and the Incorrect Weather Forecasters were calling for snow.  We're not prepared for snow.  I cop out because it doesn't snow every year in our part of the world- usually you can get by with a good set of rain tires.  Every other year we have a good snow fall or two, but I just try to have us all stay home while there's snow on the ground.  In our district, schools will close if someone coughs into their arm and yells "snow" at the same time.

So, last Monday, I worked from home.

Julia and I had a very nice morning, drinking coffee and working on our computers.  Sometime in the early afternoon, I put down my laptop.

"It would really be a shame to not use our time together today with no one else here," I said.
"I agree," Julia said, smiling.  I stood up and led her to the bed.

"I want you lie across my lap on the bed."  I sat down so that she could lie across my lap.  

"Which way?"  

"Put your head on the pillow," I said.  This put her bottom across my lap for a right-handed spanking, which was usually how I spank Julia.  I'm left-handed, so I don't usually use my dominant hand unless Julia's in Serious Trouble.  ;)

I started spanking her lightly over her sweats and panties.  My cock was already starting to get hard, as I looked at her beautiful legs.  I stopped spanking her and pulled down her sweatpants and the purple panties she was wearing underneath.  I left her panties between her legs where I could see the crotch that had just been pressed against her little pussy.  I started spanking her bare skin with my full hand, swinging with moderate force so that my hand made light red imprints on her skin.  

"Oo, ow!"  I continued spanking her bottom, evenly alternating between cheeks.  I stopped and massaged her reddening skin with my hand.

"Mmm, Daddy wants to give you a good spanking today," 

"Why?"  She was tempting me, goading me into giving her a harder spanking.  I resumed spanking her with my hand, and picked up the tempo.

"I want my little girl to have a good spanking," I said.  "Daddy is going to make your bottom nice and red."  I spanked her right cheek three times, high, middle and low right  on her sit spot, and then repeated the sequence on her left cheek.

"Smack, smack, CRACK!"  "OWWW!"  She twisted her hips suddenly away from me.  Her pulled her back with my left hand, and continued spanking her, but changed to the whipping, lighter technique.  Her legs came up, and she kicked as her bottom turned bright red.  My cock was like a steel pipe under her, and I had to finish the spanking. 

"SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-CRACK!" A flurry of swats finished the spanking as she bucked on my lap.  I gently smoothed my hand over her bottom, and put my left hand on her neck.  "Good girl," I said, as her hips continued to gyrate across my lap.  It was driving me crazy.  I kept massaging her bottom and her neck, as her breathing slowed.  I let my hand wander into the crevice between her cheeks, and then down across her wet pussy lips.  

"Mmm," I said.  "Daddy needs you to get off his lap now."  It was almost urgent.  She swung her legs back over the side of the bed.  I got up and held her hips and she bent over the bed.  I entered her immediately and we both groaned.  I had to have her right there and then.  Her panties were still pulled down and I could see the blue crotch panel as I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and then thrust it back in, hard.  I started fucking her hard as she moaned and her hips bucked against the bed as she was already cuming hard.

"Daddy loves slapping his balls against your little clit!"  I was fucking her harder than ever, just barely aware of the fact that I wasn't bottoming out in her pussy, which was now pulsing and contracting with her orgasm. "Ahhhh….!"  I came hard in her pussy, draining myself into her, and then half-fell across her on the bed.

A lovely day home indeed.


  1. Best way to spend a day at home.

  2. Very nice DH ... hot! Seems you definitely made the most of your alone time :)


    1. Hi Roz, yeah we had a really nice day. ;-)

  3. Wow...nice time management!! Glad you enjoyed the day together.

    1. Yeah we really like getting together during the day, when no one is around! :) Thanks!

  4. Sounds like the *perfect* day home! Very nice. :)

    1. Hi Kenzie - thank you! It really was absolutely perfect, and I have much better appreciation for how SHORT Julia's day is before the kids come home!


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