Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello December!

Hi Blogland!

Hopefully everybody survived Thanksgiving weekend without too many incidents? I sure did, lol, I was an angel. Which could have had something to do with having my mom visit. Having her here always makes me so much less sexual, lol, poor DH, but we managed to still remain connected. He didn't withdraw like he sometimes tends to do, and he even managed to spank me a few times. Well at least at the beginning.

I am writing my last paper at the moment. I left myself only today to get the whole thing done. Some of you may think, ok, what is the big deal? Well, when I first started my educational goal of getting my AA, I didn't think I was any good at writing. Yup. And so I would freak out over assignments days before they were actually due. Fast forward to having my AA and finishing my last paper for my BS, I left myself one day to write a huge paper. And I am the author of a blog. And I am working on a story. Me thinks I did some growing up over the last few years....

Anyway, I was just popping in to say hi!


  1. Sounds like you've come a long way! Congrats, and glad you had a good Thanksgiving! :)

  2. Waiting until the last day, eh? Well, some of us just plain work better under pressure! Just please remember to save it many times over. And on a flash drive. Nothing like having to start over after the lights flicker and the computer shuts off! Been there, done that. On a "word processor." Before it was printed. Just hours before it was due.

    Congrats on being so close to your goal now. Are you going to wear anything under your graduation gown when you walk across the stage? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Working on a story? You mean for publication? Do we get a preview?

    1. Ahh, all done already. And uploaded. But I have lost one assignment before and had to start all over. It was amazing how some documents you can find in the weirdest places on your computer, but when you need it, nowhere to be found.

      Under the gown, I don't know yet!
      As to the story, at some point, I am sure I will post something. But at the moment, its just for fun!

  3. hurray. look at how far you've come. and happy December!


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