Friday, December 6, 2013

Under the covers

Hi, DH here!  I'm following up with the post I promised Julia after last night.  We had a very nice re-connection as Julia described, and I also got to use a recently-learned spanking technique on her bottom.

I came in from the woodshed early, determined to spend some time with Julia before bed.  She had been seductive all evening, and I was REALLY in the mood to be with her.  I was also determined to give her a spanking - every opportunity we've had has been too short, or too public.

The weather has been COLD where we live!  This weekend, low teens are forecast for our area.  Last night, Julia had been watching TV without anything on her feet.  As we crawled into bed, I asked her how she was feeling.

"My feet are cold," she said, smiling.

"Ahh, poor little girl," I teased her.  I reached down below the blanket, and grabbed her foot.  It was like wrapping my fingers around a block of ice.  "Wow!  You weren't kidding.  I'll have to fix that."

I dove Sheldon-style* under the covers, and inverted myself so that her feet were at my chest, in kind of a sideways 69.   I reached out into the dark and took her ankles in my hands, and then guided her feet slowly onto my chest.

"Ahhh," she sighed.  She moved her feet up and down my torso.  I held the tops of her feet to warm them, and then ran my hands up her legs to the tops of her thighs.  Her legs were cold too, so I held my hands against them, and slowly slid them upwards.

"You just wanted to get to my bottom under there," she said.  Her feet felt SLIGHTLY less glacial.  And that's when inspiration hit me, right there under the covers.  Even though I couldn't see a thing, I had her in my hands, and a new technique for minimizing the sound of a spanking, shielding us from my still-awake son in the next room.

I rubbed her bottom with my right hand, and then lifted the covers with my left as I lay on my side.  I pulled my hand back, and then whipped my fingers forward to make contact with her right cheek.  The first attempt was light, so I pulled back a little further, and swung faster.

"Snap!"  She flinched a little as I aimed low across both cheeks and whipped my hand as quickly as I could.

Julia has been running every week, and recently hit 3 miles as a regular run!  Her bottom has reduced in size as a result, and spanking her has become difficult due to her lack of any padding on her bottom.  I've altered my technique when I'm spanking her with my hand to use more of a whipping motion, so that it's really the top part of my hand and my fingers that make contact.  This also greatly reduces the sound of the spanking, but still gets her bottom nice and red.

I continued spanking her under the covers, whipping each side of her bottom and finishing with a number of hard slaps across her sit spot.  She moaned as I caressed her bottom in the dark, resting with her feet finally warm on my chest.  "Good girl, I said," as I finally pulled myself out.

I stayed home this morning and we stole half an hour to just have coffee and talk.




  1. Always nice to hear from you DH! Sounds like you two had some very lovely reconnecting time. :)

    1. Hi Kenzie - thanks! Yeah, we really made the most of a brief moment. :)

  2. oh i KNOW the finger whippy smacks. BIKSS uses that sometimes. It hurts like mad. good to know you had a blankie for soundproofing. heh.

    1. Yep, you totally got it! The blanket covered the sound enough to keep it quiet, very cool. :)

  3. Well I am going back to bed I have to try this new method out, a new way to spank Bobbie.
    I am suddenly not sleepy any more lol


  4. This was sweet. Tell Julia that I'm sorry I've been MIA. It's the crazy holiday season. You guys enjoy yourselves...from reading this post, I'm sure you will. :) -m.

    1. You are so sweet maryanne! And no worries, I know the holiday season keeps many people from visiting blogland, me included...:)

    2. Hi maryanne - yep, we are also crazy busy, I've wanted to post for Julia forEVER, and never seem to have time, heh.

  5. It's nice to hear from you DH. I always like hearing the man's side of things. Sounds like you found a way to get what you both needed and still be discreet about it. Glad you both got to reconnect!

    Subrina <3

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