Thursday, December 5, 2013

Very cold December morning

After my mom left this past weekend, it seemed we had a little trouble getting back into the groove. I mean, everything else around us seemed to balance itself once again, and it felt right, but the connection between DH and I seemed to be too far apart. It seemed that he thought I was pulling away from him and didn't want him sexually, while I was just waiting for him to come back to me.

Usually in the evenings, once DH comes home, I will follow him into our room and take off his shoes and pants so he can get into something more comfortable. When my mom was here, this was difficult for various reasons, but since she left I made sure to do this and other little things like that without even being asked. To
me, that is my way of submitting to him, showing him I am here and want him.

Maybe I should  be more obvious, taking his cock in my mouth or something, but seriously, when our connection feels that far apart, all I can do it seems, is to offer myself to him, but it seems I just can't take the lead. In those times, I really need him to take the lead.

(It seems, I have blogged about this a time or two before....however, it seems to be a recurring situation. But I honestly think this time didn't last as long, and didn't end in the wheat field.)

To see if I could get his attention tonight, I took particular care getting ready for him to come home last night. I took a shower, braided my hair in two pigtails, just like he had said that morning would look cute on me. I shaved my pussy and put on his very favorite pair of white panties. I sat at his feet a little, and once we were in bed, and he had warmed up my feet, he finally discovered my bald little pussy, as he likes to call it. And we had a very intense encounter that DH wants to blog about in the coming days....

To sum it all up: We are in a pretty good spot I think, and I even got a little fun spanking last night.  :)

Latest Music discovery:

It is super cold in my area of the world, but I think I just found my motivation to get going on my running. I am up to 3 miles now!


  1. There you go. Glad you got back on track so quickly!

    And here I thought I was the only one with "lizard-cold feet." This used to be our screensaver for a while:

    How DO you get shaved without razor bumps being an issue afterwards? I've read and followed every bit of advice on this online and still wind up every time going crazy with painful itchy bumps by the next day!

    1. Haha, to that true!

      But to the razor bumps, I honestly think it just depends on the person, plus the razor needs to be super sharp. Nothing compared to getting waxed. I love being that smooth for days without any of the stupid stubble. :)

  2. glad you got your groove back. it's sometimes so HARD to open our mouths and just tell them we want to be there for them and re-connect isn't it?

    1. Well for some reason, in those times, I can't say it, I need him to know that. Ahhh, we women are wonderful creatures! And so mysterious!

  3. I would say that it looked pretty obvious what you were wanting, but that's called female intuition lol. But all's well that ends well :)

    Dee x

    1. Yeah, I thought so too, but you are probably right, female intuition. Although it could also be the two of us, you and I, just really get one another it seems too. :)

  4. Oh wow Julia! Three miles! That's awesome! I'm glad things are going great for you two. Talk to you soon! Hugs, m.


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