Friday, January 31, 2014

Picture Friday - Sucking Cock Edition

I love when I have a flash of inspiration for my Picture Friday posts, and this idea came from a serious of pictures and the text underneath it that I found on tumblr and have been stuck inside my head for days now. (Could also have something to do with the fact that I am still coughing like crazy, and my throat hurts, and there is no way I can do any worshiping at the moment.) 

This is a nice example of safe, sane, and consensual. It’s also a tiny example of seduction by a Dominate.
His focus is completely on her. He’s aware of her needs. His job is to protect her - even from himself and his needs - and he reminds her that he’s taking his role seriously by checking on her. That brings her comfort to know he’s under control.
THEN - he doesn’t say, “Then choke on my cock, bitch.” (not Dom - JERK) and he doesn’t say, “Is it ok for me to continue” (not Dom - Sub). He asks, “Do you want more?”
Seduction through Domination is sometimes about getting us to admit to what we want. Especially naughty things.
While it is pretty graphic, the text underneath it really is what spoke to me. I love how caring he is. And they are right, if he asks, is it okay to do more, it is just such a big turnoff.

Interesting angle/shot. Took me a moment to figure it out.

Monday, January 27, 2014

I don't like being sick, but who does?

Thank you guys for all my well wishes. I am feeling better, but this cough is holding on way too long. I always forget just how miserable I feel when I am sick. I think it may have something to do with how being sick was when I was little. My mom was too busy to dote on us when we were sick, and I don't remember every being spoiled because I was sick. And that is exactly what DH does. This weekend, I took two naps and he made sure to help with anything I wanted help with. Which is amazing all by itself because for some reason I woke up on Friday and picked a fight with him.

Backing up.

Okay, Friday morning, kids are out of the house, and for some reason (I am going to have to blame it on being sick and starting work in the same week), I was not happy with him. DH is always busy, he works long hours, has a long commute each way every day, and does not always have time to follow up on things. Well, for some reason (I really don't know why) the fact that he hadn't followed up on one thing really had gotten to me, and I picked a fight Friday morning. Kids were gone, stepson out, we were alone, and yelling at each other. He was not trying to see my point of view, and I was certainly not looking at his. He got so angry with me and my attitude, he walked toward the bed, ready to straighten it out so I could lie on it.

Well that was not going to happen. He was mad. We still had not actually communicated effectively. (Mostly because I had no idea where it was all coming from, even though I started it). And I told him No. I was not going to lie over his lap and get a spanking for this. He was mad, we had not resolved anything, and it would have been just a venting spanking in which my bottom would have paid the price. And feeling and coughing the way I did, I didn't think it was fair either.

DH couldn't believe it. "That is not very submissive of you." He later told me he felt like I had taken back consent, and told me he wouldn't spank me again.

A few minutes later, we finally got to a better place, without the spanking, and he left for work. And I started to feel bad. Seriously guilty. I had done all that. I had created all that drama. All day, I thought about the morning, tried to think of what set me off. I prepared his favorite dinner, cleaned the house, worked as many hours as I could trying to please him.

When he finally got home late, cause he had left late, I had put out his clothes and had his pizza coming out of the oven. We talked. I think he noticed that I really wasn't feeling like myself, and he cut me some slack. I sat by his feet. We talked more.
And this morning, at 6 am I got the spanking I deserved. But even though we had to wait a while, we managed to have a good weekend, and both felt ready to return to the week.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hot and Cold

Hi, DH here.  Julia has been sick for the last few days, poor Sweety!  She caught the junk going around, and she has NOT been feeling well.  But even sick, she's been working hard and getting everything done.  It's amazing.  I've tried to be supportive, and she's made it so easy.  Last night, I cut my workout short in the woodshed so I could come in and cuddle her before she fell asleep.  She was cold and hot at the same time, although she didn't seem to have a fever.  She says she's feeling better today, so I'm hoping she's on the mend!

This morning, we chatted with one of the other parents at the bus stop.  She complained about her "friend" that blamed her for sick kids after a play date with her kids.  She went on and on about how it wasn't her fault, and this woman was making her feel bad for something that happened to everyone.  I realized as I drove in to work this morning that I am so happy that I don't have to deal with these behaviors as the Head of My Household: I would spank Julia hard for complaining like that about ANYTHING in public, and I would paddle her with our heavy wooden paddle if she ever bullied another person into feeling badly about children.

Not that I would ever need to.

January is flying by so quickly, it's hard to believe.  We're having nice, mild weather over here on our side of the country - heartfelt warm wishes to those who are cold in the latest Arctic Blast.  Here's hoping you can find a way to get hot, even though it's so cold.  ;)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Little Black Dress

When I was 14 years old, I was standing in a store with my then boyfriend. He was my first love, my first kiss and we had our first time together. The store was a little one in a little town in Germany, therefore the sizes were, of course, mostly S to L, and the styles available were also very limited. We went into the store after school together. We had been holding hands during every break in school, kissing during lunch, and then decided to skip the last class of the day and went into town together.

"I want you to wear a dress, I want to see you in a dress." He pointed to really long ones on the wall.

"I don't look good in a dress, I am too fat, and these are not even my size, and even if it should fit, I don't have any money to spend on a dress." I told him, meaning every word.

"I have money, I will buy it for you." He insisted. And I kept going saying no.

That was one of our first fights. One of the things I still remember to this day is him telling me, some months later after the dress incident, that I would be his dream girl, if I just lost a little weight.

Anyway, I did not try on a dress that day.

In fact, it took me ten years to even consider that I may not look that terrible in a dress after all and at least give it a try. It took me another five to even buy one, and then two more years of the dress hanging in my closet for me to actually put it on and go out in it.

Not feeling comfortable wearing a dress kept me from joining all the other teenagers in attending dance school, well, that and the fact that I was taller than every guy in the class and couldn't even consider having to look down into a dance partners face. Shudder.
Then I left Germany at 18, and therefore missed all my friends weddings and occasions to dress up and party and dance.

This last September, I finally found a LBD. I had lost some weight, felt pretty good in it, and bought it. I have even worn it a time or two.

Last week, DH announced that his company is finally having their holiday party this Friday at a local club, and after thinking about logistics, we actually made an effort to go and attend. I was kind of excited - you know, spend adult time with my husband, go out together, maybe dance, maybe a drink or two (for me).

I spend all week worrying about my outfit, went and found perfect ballet flats for not too much money, bought stockings, did my hair, my make-up, my nails, and we dropped off the children at the babysitters.

We drove to our favorite restaurant in Seattle first and had a lovely meal together, just enjoying each others company. After, we set the GPS for the club and went only to arrive and find  the place looking dead. We got out and looked around. Sure enough, closed for renovations. And of course no new address.

Maybe Seattle has two such clubs? Probably even more, but at least two with identical names, and we ended up not going to the party. We couldn't find it. Back in the car, tears running down my face, trying to hide this from DH, I knew he would lose it if I did. But every look at my fingernails brought new tears running down my cheek, and honestly still does typing this. Every time I looked at my new sparkling shoes, that I had bought with dancing in mind, made my tears start falling faster. My legs were freezing, reminding me of my new (fucking cold) stockings, and the fact that everything I had imagined that evening to be was not going to happen, was too much for me to just swallow.

We ended up sitting in a parking lot instead, kind of talking, waiting for time to pass so we could pick up the kids from the babysitter. After all, we didn't want them to have a bad night too.

I tried. I really tried to get over it. We had been having a great evening. But after that disappointment, I felt like DH didn't care enough to take care of the details. I felt like he didn't care if we danced or not, or went or not really, and that LBD was feeling less and less attractive on me.
After a few minutes of silence in the car he stopped looking at me, stopped trying to converse, and just shut down.

We shuffled the children into their beds and went straight into ours too. We talked, we snuggled, we slept.

I am not blaming him, shit happens, but that doesn't change the fact that I am hurt and really disappointed.

But one thing I have learned since we started doing ttwd is that not talking doesn't help. I tried to write this post to explain to him exactly why I am so disappointed, but not to make him feel bad, just to make myself feel a little better.
Another thing I have learned over the last two years is to be more active, to rely on exercise, because I feel better every single time I go running. So I am grabbing my oldest, putting her on her bike and we are going running in the sunshine because after three days of 50-yard visibility due to fog, I am ready for some Vitamin D and fresh air!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Picture Friday - Secretary Edition

Hello Friday! I have missed you and what better way to start a Friday than with hot hot pictures, right?
I was going to call this the recently employed edition (since I somewhat started my working from home job this week), but my research kept drifting toward the secretary. Oh well! Enjoy!

Mh, this looks really hot. I always wonder what it would look like from behind DH..

Mh, I know this is more schoolgirl style, but I still love this. I love the intimacy of this position, and of course her skirt and DH is going to love those panties being pulled down.

I included this one first of all cause it is pretty. The colors in this are amazing, I love how the entire background is just black. And secondly, DH has been showing an interest in 'getting in position' and positions of submission, and thought this was a beautiful example.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Why She Wants a Spanking

Hi, DH here!  This post is intended for guys.  Especially any guy who has been approached by his wife for a spanking, and is now asking that age-old (or age-new?) question: why does she want a spanking?

Why DOES she want a spanking?

When Julia approached me a couple years ago, it took me by surprise.  I've always had a passing interest in "erotic" spanking, but only as a porn category.  Until we started ttwd in our marriage, I had never given a spanking.  Ever.  It seemed to good to be true: Here was my beautiful wife, who already turned me on more than any other woman in the world, now asking me to explore a personal fantasy with her.  In fact, it was HER idea.

As a man with a pulse, my reaction was as natural as it was predictable:  "OK!"

But, I didn't understand what she wanted.  I didn't spank her hard enough.  Or long enough.  Or OFTEN enough.  I was giving spanking a place as a part of our sex life, but not as a means of asserting my dominance over Julia, and/or correcting her behavior and attitudes.  In short, I was the one who needed to mature as a "top" before we truly started our journey in This Thing We Do.  I learned from Julia and the
posts she had me read over at ttwd that she wanted me to be In Charge in our relationship.  The Head of the Household.  The MAN.  She wanted me to lead our family by creating rules for her to follow, and then holding her accountable if she broke them.  She wanted to feel my firm hand on her bottom if she strayed from the course I set out for her.

She wants a spanking to be held accountable

Julia and I have "fun" rules, and "serious" rules (cell phone when she drives). When she breaks one of the fun rules, I've given Julia a spanking, but a hand spanking only.  I lecture her during one of these spankings to remind her, and I expect her to respond to me has my hand is connecting with her bottom across my lap.  A "serious" breach of our rules, however, requires a much more severe spanking.  I've paddled Julia with our
wooden paddle, which is the most severe implement we have.  This is the implement reserved for "severe" spankings at our house.  She doesn't like our big paddle, and I don't relish having to use it, either.  The difference between the man I was 2 years ago, and the man I am today, is that I will.

She wants a spanking to build trust

I've never trusted anyone like I've trusted Julia.  I've never been able to DEPEND on anyone like her, and I've also never been able to meet someone's expectations as well as I've been able to meet hers.  When I spank her, she's submitting to me as her man; she trusts me not to hurt her, embarrass or demean her (I can't even imagine that), and to CARE for her before, during, and after.  I've suddenly become more interested in everything about her.  I really keep track of how she's doing, and help whenever I can.  She trusts me to really be there for her.

She wants a spanking to keep our connection alive

Our connection has deepened in ways I can't even begin to describe as a result of practicing discipline in our marriage.  I would say that the core of our love is honesty, and spanking helps both of us be absolutely honest with each other.  Not in a brutal, honesty-is-more-important-than-feelings kind of way, but in a constructive, caring way that lets us express our feelings and expectations.

Like this morning:

ME: Hey baby!  Seeing as you just graduated and are now starting your new job on Monday, is there anything you want this weekend?

HER (all groggy with sleep still): Mhh, a butt plug, a dildo, and sex and a spanking. Mhhh.

Heh, that was NOT what I was expecting, but now that's what we're doing today!  Hmm, I guess another blog post is on the way.

She wants a spanking because it turns her on

Julia gets really turned on every time she has a spanking.  So do I.  In fact, almost every time I've spanked Julia, we've had incredible sex afterward.  Incredible.  Sex.  She loves worshipping my cock, and sometimes I can't get her off my lap fast enough to have her slide my cock down her throat after a spanking.  She wants aftercare too, so there's a balance there somewhere.   ;)  We had good sex before starting ttwd in our marriage, but I would say it's infinitely better now.  When I spank Julia, I assert my dominance over her, and usually caress and stroke her bottom and her back while I'm doing it.  She submits to my total dominance over her, and that really turns her on.

Well, those are some of the reasons I can think of, anyway.  I'm sure I'm missing something!  What do you think?  Why does she want a spanking?  Gals, help us poor guys out and tell us right here: why do YOU want a spanking?

Friday, January 10, 2014

Picture Friday - Polar Vortex Edition

My friend rednakedy  (who sells awesome paddles right here, and I have reviewed here) gave me the idea for this post: Pictures sure to help keep my readers on the East coast warm.

I love that you don't actually see anything, but you can feel it. :)

I love this picture too. Her outfit looks gorgeous and he is all dressed up. Mhh.

I skipped through this one first, then something caught my eye and I clicked back again. I do like her figure, but that isn't it. Its the way he is looking at her. The smile on his face, he looks like he knows he is the luckiest guy in the world and cherishes her.

And here my treat for the weekend. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Her Second Lesson (fiction)

First part can be found here.

"Today, we'll continue with your second lesson."  He chuckled as her face fell.  "Don't worry, this will be an easy lesson," he assured her.  "More for future reference."  He stood up and came around the desk to stand at her left side.  "Sometimes, I'll have you bend over my desk here to give you a spanking.  I'll freshen up the one I gave you earlier, and then we'll go in the other room.  He put his hand on her back. 

"Bend over and put your hands on the desk," he said.  She bent over as his hand gently pushed her down until her hands were on the cool smooth surface of his wooden desk. .  "Spread your feet," he said.  She moved her feet apart so that they were a little wider than her shoulders.  He reached down behind her and flipped her skirt up so that her backside was exposed in her white nylon panties.  Her bottom was still pink from her earlier spanking, easily visible through the transparent fabric.  With his left hand still on her back, he pulled back his right and spanked her lightly through her panties.  Her small globes danced as he used a sweeping motion up and down her bottom, quickly returning the shade of red she had sported earlier.  

"Ah, ah, ooh," she cooed, in time with the swats falling on her round cheeks.  

"When I'm spanking you like this," he lectured, "You must keep your hands firmly on the desk."  He paused, and then spanked her a little harder on the left side and then the right, for emphasis.  "Do you understand me?"

"Ow, yes, Daddy!" This spanking was not nearly as hard as the one earlier when she had been suspended over his lap on her fingers and toes, but it was quickly become just as painful on her sensitized skin.  She stared at his desk between her hands as each contact pushed her head forward a couple of inches, and then she naturally pushed back until she was in a rocking motion, back and forth at the desk.   He turned his hand so that it covered her left buttock from the top to just above her left thigh, and spanked her with his hand cupped so that fit the curve just perfectly.  

"I'm keeping my hand on your back to remind you this time," he said.  He swung his cupped hand hard against her bottom and the swat made a deeper sound then the "crack" of his palm squarely on her seat.


"Aiyyy, oooo!"  She was dimly aware that each time he spanked her, his thumb or his little finger occupied the groove between her buttocks, and laid right over the little pink flower of her bottom through the translucent nylon.  He stopped and she danced a little, and swaying her hips back and forth.

"That's a good girl," he said.  He rubbed her back a little longer and then released her.  "OK to stand up now," he said.  She slowly righted herself and steadied herself on his offered arm.  "That's it," he said.  "Your bottom is nice and red again.  Let's go next door and continue your training."  He held the door for her and then followed her into the warehouse.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Over the Knee Spanking (fiction)

A little something I have been working on and now available for purchase HERE...

"All right," he said briskly.  "Let's continue your training."  She swallowed hard.  "Before you receive a spanking, and sometimes just because, you will be required to assume a waiting position."  He paused.  "When I tell you to go wait for me, I expect you to come here to this office, and stand there in that corner." He pointed to the far corner directly across from his desk.  “I also expect,” he continued, “You to bare your bottom and assume a position.”  Her mind seemed to have lagged behind the conversation.  Position?  What did that mean?  He wanted her to stand naked in the corner?

He had been reading her expression.  “A position just shows that you are submitting” – he emphasized the word – “to a spanking.  On purpose.  That’s why I want you to bare your bottom.  If you are wearing pants like today, I want you to pull them down to your thighs, and then clasp your fingers on top of your head.  If you’re wearing a skirt, I want you to pull down your panties and then raise and hold your skirt.”  Her face flushed, and her eyes brightened.  She shifted her weight on her feet.

He nodded toward the corner.  She turned quickly and walked across the office with the air of a girl who had decided to jump into the pool no matter how cold the water was.  She stopped at the wall and pulled down her sweats with both hands at her hips.  She had been wearing white panties that day, which now lay inside out in her sweat pants just above her knees.  Her bottom flashed in the soft light as she stood up, raised her arms and clasped her hands on her head.  She stared at the wall, feeling the cool air on her newly exposed skin.

“Breathe,” he said.  “Take a deep breath in and hold it now.”  His voice reminded her of butterscotch. “And now let it out.”  She exhaled slowly, and felt her shoulders relax a little as her lungs contracted. “Keep breathing in slowly, holding, and then letting the breath out,” he said.  “Control your breathing.  Relax your body.”  She held her breath again, and then slowly blew it out against the wall.  She concentrated just on her breathing, slowly quieting her thumping pulse.  She willed herself to relax into the exercise.  For a brief moment, she forgot where she was and closed her eyes, breathing in slowly, holding her breath, and then exhaling in one long, smooth whoosh of air.  She could still hear his voice lingering in the room, and she thought of the spanking to come.  She breathed in, one long smooth breath, and then held it.  She felt her sex tingling and she knew her pussy was wet.  She let the breath go.

“Come here,” he commanded.  “Keep your hands on your head,” he said, as she started to bring them down.  She put her arms back up, turned, and walked over to his chair.  “Please stand on the right side of the chair.”  She stopped and stood to his right.  She did feel more relaxed after waiting, but now she could feel his presence as she stood next to him. Her adrenaline pulsed through her veins.  “This is my spanking chair, for lack of a better name for it,” he said.  “I will usually give you what’s known as an OTK spanking, which is an acronym for Over The Knee. He held his hand out his left hand, and put his right hand behind her back.  She leaned forward and he supported her weight until she was bent in an awkward inverted “V” across his lap, standing on her toes and fingertips.  His right hand found her bottom and rested across both cheeks right over her bottom hole.  She startled at the touch and flinched, but then forced herself to relax.

“Good girl,” he said.  His hand easily spanned her bottom.  He started massaging it, slowly rubbing up and down over her buttocks.  She stared at her fingers on the carpet as he continued to rub her bottom.  In this position, her skin was stretched taught.  He brought his hand back, and then down sharply on her right cheek.

Crack!  “Ow!”  Slap! “Oooo!”  Crack!  “OWW!”  This spanking seemed harder than her first.  One of her legs kicked up off the floor.  He continued spanking her.

“Keep your feet on the floor.”  WHACK!  His hand caused her bottom to deform as he spanked her hard across the middle of her sit spot.

“Ahhh!”  She was crying.  She wildly threw her right arm back to stop the blows.  He deftly caught it and pinned her hand to her back.  Her weight had now fully transferred to his lap.  He kept spanking her hard, covering her whole bottom, from just above the groove between her buttocks to just below her sit spot.  Time seemed to stop for Hannah as she became lost in the spanking.  She let herself go as he spanked her right cheek, and then her left, alternating the intensity.

Crack!  WHACK!  Crack!  WHACK!

“Ahhhhh!” she cried.  He stopped, and released her hand at her back.  She put her hand back down on the floor.  She hung limply across his legs, sobbing, as he massaged her bottom gently.  She gradually quieted, and he removed his hand.  Her bottom felt hot.

“Please stand up,” he said.  He helped her maneuver off his lap. be continued.