Friday, January 3, 2014

Over the Knee Spanking (fiction)

A little something I have been working on and now available for purchase HERE...

"All right," he said briskly.  "Let's continue your training."  She swallowed hard.  "Before you receive a spanking, and sometimes just because, you will be required to assume a waiting position."  He paused.  "When I tell you to go wait for me, I expect you to come here to this office, and stand there in that corner." He pointed to the far corner directly across from his desk.  “I also expect,” he continued, “You to bare your bottom and assume a position.”  Her mind seemed to have lagged behind the conversation.  Position?  What did that mean?  He wanted her to stand naked in the corner?

He had been reading her expression.  “A position just shows that you are submitting” – he emphasized the word – “to a spanking.  On purpose.  That’s why I want you to bare your bottom.  If you are wearing pants like today, I want you to pull them down to your thighs, and then clasp your fingers on top of your head.  If you’re wearing a skirt, I want you to pull down your panties and then raise and hold your skirt.”  Her face flushed, and her eyes brightened.  She shifted her weight on her feet.

He nodded toward the corner.  She turned quickly and walked across the office with the air of a girl who had decided to jump into the pool no matter how cold the water was.  She stopped at the wall and pulled down her sweats with both hands at her hips.  She had been wearing white panties that day, which now lay inside out in her sweat pants just above her knees.  Her bottom flashed in the soft light as she stood up, raised her arms and clasped her hands on her head.  She stared at the wall, feeling the cool air on her newly exposed skin.

“Breathe,” he said.  “Take a deep breath in and hold it now.”  His voice reminded her of butterscotch. “And now let it out.”  She exhaled slowly, and felt her shoulders relax a little as her lungs contracted. “Keep breathing in slowly, holding, and then letting the breath out,” he said.  “Control your breathing.  Relax your body.”  She held her breath again, and then slowly blew it out against the wall.  She concentrated just on her breathing, slowly quieting her thumping pulse.  She willed herself to relax into the exercise.  For a brief moment, she forgot where she was and closed her eyes, breathing in slowly, holding her breath, and then exhaling in one long, smooth whoosh of air.  She could still hear his voice lingering in the room, and she thought of the spanking to come.  She breathed in, one long smooth breath, and then held it.  She felt her sex tingling and she knew her pussy was wet.  She let the breath go.

“Come here,” he commanded.  “Keep your hands on your head,” he said, as she started to bring them down.  She put her arms back up, turned, and walked over to his chair.  “Please stand on the right side of the chair.”  She stopped and stood to his right.  She did feel more relaxed after waiting, but now she could feel his presence as she stood next to him. Her adrenaline pulsed through her veins.  “This is my spanking chair, for lack of a better name for it,” he said.  “I will usually give you what’s known as an OTK spanking, which is an acronym for Over The Knee. He held his hand out his left hand, and put his right hand behind her back.  She leaned forward and he supported her weight until she was bent in an awkward inverted “V” across his lap, standing on her toes and fingertips.  His right hand found her bottom and rested across both cheeks right over her bottom hole.  She startled at the touch and flinched, but then forced herself to relax.

“Good girl,” he said.  His hand easily spanned her bottom.  He started massaging it, slowly rubbing up and down over her buttocks.  She stared at her fingers on the carpet as he continued to rub her bottom.  In this position, her skin was stretched taught.  He brought his hand back, and then down sharply on her right cheek.

Crack!  “Ow!”  Slap! “Oooo!”  Crack!  “OWW!”  This spanking seemed harder than her first.  One of her legs kicked up off the floor.  He continued spanking her.

“Keep your feet on the floor.”  WHACK!  His hand caused her bottom to deform as he spanked her hard across the middle of her sit spot.

“Ahhh!”  She was crying.  She wildly threw her right arm back to stop the blows.  He deftly caught it and pinned her hand to her back.  Her weight had now fully transferred to his lap.  He kept spanking her hard, covering her whole bottom, from just above the groove between her buttocks to just below her sit spot.  Time seemed to stop for Hannah as she became lost in the spanking.  She let herself go as he spanked her right cheek, and then her left, alternating the intensity.

Crack!  WHACK!  Crack!  WHACK!

“Ahhhhh!” she cried.  He stopped, and released her hand at her back.  She put her hand back down on the floor.  She hung limply across his legs, sobbing, as he massaged her bottom gently.  She gradually quieted, and he removed his hand.  Her bottom felt hot.

“Please stand up,” he said.  He helped her maneuver off his lap. be continued.


  1. I missed the title and thought this was Julia's training at first! Good story so far! :D

  2. Wow, quite a story! Can't wait for the next part.

    1. I agree, and from what I know I can already tell you, it is nothing like you have read before. :)

  3. Hi Julia,
    I have been lurking on your site for along time now. It is the first blog I started following when my husband and I started TTWD. You and DH have such a hot marriage! Anyway, I wanted to tell you what a great story this is. I can't wait to read the rest of it :)

    1. Hi Diane - thank you for your comment! I guess it goes without saying that I'm still head-over-heels in love with Julia, lol! I'm still working on the story, but I'm sure Julia will post more of it when it's ready! ;)

    2. DH,
      Oh gosh, I should open my eyes. Yes I see now that you wrote the story. Well, everything I said to Julia applies to you too :).

  4. Wow DH, what a great story! Really enjoyed this and so glad it is to be continued. Looking forward to part 2!


    1. Thanks, Roz! I've been working on it quite a bit lately, so it shouldn't be too long! :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Leigh! Yep, there is DEFINITELY going to be a lesson 2. And 3, and 4... ;)

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