Friday, January 17, 2014

Picture Friday - Secretary Edition

Hello Friday! I have missed you and what better way to start a Friday than with hot hot pictures, right?
I was going to call this the recently employed edition (since I somewhat started my working from home job this week), but my research kept drifting toward the secretary. Oh well! Enjoy!

Mh, this looks really hot. I always wonder what it would look like from behind DH..

Mh, I know this is more schoolgirl style, but I still love this. I love the intimacy of this position, and of course her skirt and DH is going to love those panties being pulled down.

I included this one first of all cause it is pretty. The colors in this are amazing, I love how the entire background is just black. And secondly, DH has been showing an interest in 'getting in position' and positions of submission, and thought this was a beautiful example.


  1. Hi Julia, great pics! Really like the last one too :) Have a wonderful weekend


  2. I love the secretarial photo's. Especially when I see a naughty one being spanked on her bare bottom wearing garter-belt and stockings, which accent her naked derriere.

  3. Great pics Julia! I do love the last one.

    1. I am glad, I wasn't sure if it would stand out like a sore thumb or something...:) Happy Friday Kim!

  4. Great pictures! So hot. Makes me think of Mad Men.

  5. Yum! Love these pictures, great finds. Thanks for sharing. :)

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