Friday, February 28, 2014

Picture Friday - Beach Edition

I figured we could all, except for Roz (if its the crappiest part of the year here right now, then it must be the best/warmest in NZ, right?), use some help in warming up, so here is the Beach Edition of Picture Friday! Happy warming up!

Hot yet?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wood shed to the rescue!

Spring is in the air in my part of the world, the sun is out, plants are starting to change colors again, and the daffodils are blooming already. I love it!  I am so ready to get out of this house more again without freezing my butt off, and I know, I know, we didn't even have winter really, at least not like some of you.

This morning, DH stuck around before heading off to work, and then really surprised me by going to fill up my van. I love this man. I mean, who does that? Its so sweet!

After the kids were on the bus, we sat and had a cup of coffee together, enjoying the sunshine through our large windows.
"After your coffee is all gone, I want you to grab that pillow over there, and bring it in the closet." DH informed me out of nowhere. (Well, maybe not nowhere since I had been making my desire known in very subtle ways.)
"Can we go out to the wood shed instead?" I asked very nicely, just yesterday I reread a post of mine in which I had missed out on a spanking by talking back and then really regretting it. 

He looked at me, then smiled at me with this indulgent smile. "Sure, we can do that." And out we went.

In the woodshed, he had me bent over the desk. My body a little sore in that position, my legs were stretching as was my back, adjusting to this position. He lowered my pants and pink panties, put one hand on my back, pulled me close enough to his body for me to not feel like I was alone and drifting and started spanking me. 
The spanks were hard and he used his entire hand as a paddle. I was immediately struck by how much it hurt, and the position I had put myself in, only this time, I calmed down right away and just accepted this pain, the sting. I enjoyed every moment of it. 
Its kind of like going running, it is always hard first: the first 1.5 miles for me are usually the hardest, after that is when it really starts, and that is how I felt during this spanking, only it didn't take 1.5 miles, but hardly 5 spanks. To me that just means DH and I really needed it.

At the end, he grabbed the big wooden paint stirrer. "I will give you five more with this."

He rubbed my bottom with it for a good twenty seconds before even starting, and then let it swoosh down on my bottom. It stung! "That is one." he said, but I wasn't sure if he had asked me to count or not and therefore took this as a yes he had. 
The next four spanks were counted out loud by me, my bottom felt very warm when he rubbed his big hands over both my bottom cheeks.
"You can get up now." I turned to him and kissed him and he held me. I was really turned on, but not sure if he had the time before heading to work for the day.
"May I?" I asked him with my hands on his belt buckle. 
And again, he looked at me with that indulgent smile I so love and said. "Yes you may."

Monday, February 24, 2014

"Are you okay?"

DH kept asking me this over the last few weeks.

"Yes, I am fine." I was fine. I wasn't good, I wasn't terrible, everything was moving, life was happening, and I am fine.

And still, he kept asking me this question over the course of the last few weeks.

"Are you okay? Work is not too much?" I know I have said this before, but I started working recently, and love it. I love being a contributing member of our family, making a difference in our bank account every week, and simply just having something useful to do. And every time DH asked me if I was okay seemed to be related to work. How am I handling it, is it not too much for get the idea.

Then yesterday after finishing my first 30-hour week, I was feeling proud, accomplished, useful, and done, and DH asks me again, "Are you okay?"

And I snapped back at him. "Yes, stop asking me this. Of course, I am fine. I can handle working, and when I can't, I will just do less hours. Its all good."

"I want you to tell me when you can't handle something, and I will help you, okay?"

"Of course I will. But seriously, work is fine. The only thing that stresses me out is the whole situation with your son."
That is usually a red flag between us. Something to not  be crossed: His child, his responsibility I guess, and as much as SS might stress me out, its not really something I bring up. We have just had that conversation too many times already without ever resolving anything.

But just putting a finger on what was causing me to feel fine was like a rock being lifted off my chest, even if just a lightweight one.

We were sitting in a restaurant for lunch, the kids at a birthday party, all alone, finally, when he had asked me that.

But DH was different. His reaction was different. I think instead of feeling like I was trying to make him chose between his son or I (as he had in the past), he was really listening to me, and heard what I said.

And sitting right there in the restaurant, I saw HIM. He was so calm, sexy, strong, and all mine, he took my breath away. I love that I still feel this way after all these years together, and I know I can trust him to do what is best for our family, to not let feelings of guilt ru(i)n his life anymore, and I started to feel better and calmer. Fine was leaving the station to be replaced with frustration, honesty, communication, and way too much on our plates to handle, in a good way.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

All of me

This is the most beautiful song I have heard in a long while. Enjoy. And happy Saturday!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reality returns to quickly, every time.

Hello Tuesday, I wasn't expecting you for some reason, but oh well. Lol. Seriously, I am having the hardest time aligning that being true with how I feel today. Ever have that happen to you?

DH and I managed to have a lovely weekend together, and I am so grateful for that. I think these little breaks in between can show a couple or just a person really, that even without kids, we would still be okay with just one another for company, you know?

It was so awesome to discover that we really want to have sex all afternoon long when there is no one else around. That was Saturday afternoon. We had a lazy Saturday morning watching Sons of Anarchy, drinking coffee, and being together in bed, enjoying various degrees of kinkiness.
We went out for a movie, The Monuments Men, and enjoyed the entire actor ensemble in that movie, I mean George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, and John Goodman together in one movie sounds like a must see to me!

Sadly, reality, or in this case, my stepson, returned much too quickly. First he had caused us anxiety by not wanting to get out for our weekend, then he did leave, only to come back too early Sunday morning in a non-sober condition. So non-sober that I am thinking that wasn't even just alcohol. Since then, he has apparently been let go at his job because his contract ran out, but really, we think he just stopped going. And so he is here in the house again. All day long.
When I first came to America, this was the 11-year-old I was taking care of as the au-pair, but he has had a problem with his Dad finding somebody new ever since and never really got over it. He has been shuffled from his father to his mother, only to be returned to us because she couldn't handle him anymore. He came to live with us again at 15 after three years of living with his mother. Its weird. He has a weird relationship with his parents, DH and the ex. He hates his mother, doesn't talk to her at all, is a total father's son, but DH and him just don't get along.
Long story really short, stepson constantly tells us he is moving out, but then does absolutely nothing about it. He tells us every week how much he wants to move out and be on his own, but then goes and spends his money on nothing. And its all gone. Every month. After every paycheck. How is that possible? And this month, he hasn't even paid rent yet.

Arg, just rereading that I can feel my libido dropping, lol. Thanks for letting me vent.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Picture Friday - Valentine's Day Weekend Edition

Happy Valentine's Day!

My new work has been keeping me pretty busy over the last few weeks, but I have snuck in and blogged a little here and there as much as I could.
As DH already gave away, we are (most likely) going to be alone this weekend in our own home. What a treat! I am so excited! 

Seeing as today is Valentine's Day and also our weekend, I figured I am going post pictures of anything and everything I want to do this weekend!
I have a feeling I will feel pretty silly for posting this, but oh well!

I am looking forward to privacy. Can you tell?

Happy Friday everybody!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Writing it Down

Hi, DH here!  Thanks for all your nice comments on our anniversary!  We had a really nice evening with the kids, and managed to have sex before falling asleep, which was pretty good for a Wednesday!  But our main event, which we've been looking forward to all year, is "our weekend:"  the kids will go to my Sister's, my son will go Somewhere Else, and Julia and I will be all alone.  Last year, we stayed in Seattle for our anniversary.  We had a nice room, but we both felt that it lacked privacy for what we (ahem) really wanted to do.  We LOVED our time together, but ultimately, we wished, we had been.... home.

I've been working on writing a story.  I've published little snippets here, and here, and I've really enjoyed putting some thought and imagination into a real tale about spanking.   I like imagining real-life situations where spanking could have a place.  And then imagining what that spanking would look like.

Julia and I have been watching the show Buying Alaska, and we are still not sure what those people do in their dry cabins all winter.  Until I watched this show, I did not know what a dry cabin is.  It became a little sad as we watched episodes to see prospective home-buyers ooo and ahh over a fully loaded kitchen, only to find a bucket under the sink.  A deal can hinge on whether or not the outhouse has a piece of styrofoam on the seat, because in many of these homes, the outhouse is the bathroom.  And it's outside.  We talked it over, and Julia and I decided that going without hot showers was a deal-breaker for both of us.

But!  Maybe we're just not "getting it."  Maybe there's a lot to do without internet, with 10 feet of snow literally barricading you inside, and the next "bath" is going to be in the river during the Spring thaw.  Maybe we're just not using our imaginations.  Admittedly, Julia and I are not really the "roughing it" types.  We like (car) camping, and I'm thinking that we might for a hike this year, as long as we don't stray too far from civilization.  Or Starbucks.  However, we've also skated pretty close to losing our house in the Great Recession.  We've talked about what it would be like to have to really survive a disaster.  So maybe a cabin in the woods isn't so far out of the realm What Could Happen.

In the spirit of writing more, I think it would be fun to write a Dry Cabin story, right here on the blog!  I'll kick it off - Julia might contribute too.  Sound fun?  ;)

The Cabin in the Woods (Fiction)

Dave gunned the Arctic Cat as he took the small hill.  The snowmobile fishtailed as the sled he was pulling briefly canted to one side.  He felt Jennifer's hands tighten on his waist as the sled straightened out and they crested the hill.  He was painfully aware of the fading light and he was pushing his equipment to the limit.  He reckoned they had about 3 more miles to cover before they made the safety of his garage.  His 2-story log cabin was on the  Chatanika River outside of Fairbanks, Alaska.  It was only accessible by snow machine this time of year, but his small fishing boat stood ready for summer.  It was capable of making the trip to Fairbanks in a pinch as well.

The temperature was dropping quickly as Dave opened the throttle, speeding the Yamaha through a straightaway.  Last night's snow had only been a few inches, and the powder was easy to push through.  His mind jumped ahead to the tasks of securing the cabin and getting his new bride situated in their home.  His loins stirred as he thought about how he would take her that night.  He got too close to a tree on the right side of the trail, and had to correctly quickly.  He silently cursed himself, banishing all thoughts of fun from his mind in favor of the task at hand.  He slowed the machine as they paralleled the river on their right side, and then his cabin hove into view, dark and silent in the twilight.  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fun Sex is so important!

DH decided to work from home today since there was some snow on the ground this morning and the commute in our area breaks down at the mere mention of snow. 
I have been working during the day these last two weeks, from home, and was very excited at the idea of having him home today. Of course! Kids in school, step son at work, and just the two of us. He came with me to the store to do the dreaded shopping, and then helped me unload everything. Seriously, so helpful!
After I made him a nice breakfast and we worked silently along each other for an hour or two. I am not used to having him here when I am working, so its really kind of hard to concentrate, lol. Around lunch time, DH decided it was my time for a shower and sent me on my way only to return to a made bed, with the paddle hair brush lying on a pillow. 

I don't like the hairbrush. At all.

He had me lay over his lap on the bed after I had dried off, and started rubbing my bottom. I could feel our connection growing just by finally being there, in that position with the intent of spanking, reconnecting, and hot sex. I felt desirable, horny, and in a safe place. 

DH started spanking me, not kidding around either, delivering each smack with precision, and it seemed every single spank was perfect. 


Then he announced ten more. A little sad that it was almost over, I made myself not move an inch for the last ten spanks. He had me get up and lie on my back.

"Lift your legs. Yeah, into the diaper position." He said with a stern and very determined look on his face.

And he spanked me more, ranging from one hip to the other and in between. 

"Mhh, you are such a good girl, holding still like that." I smiled at him, pleased that he noticed how hard I worked at staying still.

He moved a little closer, ready to enter me. The intent look on his eyes turning me on more. I was really horny, when all of a sudden, I became more aware of my surroundings. Kind of clicking out of the 'scene'. You know what I mean? Has that ever happened to you?
He was still on top of me, entering me deeply,  pulling back out, the look of fascination still on his face as he watches his cock go in and out, but I just couldn't get back into the right mindset. It was so frustrating.

He flipped me over, a sure way to get me to cum, touching my bottom, entering me slowly. He was really turned on, and tried to get me there too. He started talking more again, telling me how hot we look, how turned on he is, and how much he wants to cum down my throat. And I burst out laughing, explaining to him that we were not doing it right if he wanted to cum down my throat. We started laughing. It was just so funny in that moment.

Turns out, he was kind of distracted too. The quiet house and being all alone really not having registered all the way. 

I lean down and take his cock in my mouth. He is still big, but not quite as full as he was just a few minutes ago. A few minutes later, DH rolls me over, plunges into me after all, and we both came within less than 30 seconds. 

And we both started laughing.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Under Pressure

Happy Anniversary!

"I can't believe you're sitting there on your bottom right now," I said, somewhat accusingly.  I had just given her a spanking, which had led to the hottest sex we'd had in a while, and she was seemingly calm and composed sitting on one of our kitchen chairs.

"I'm sitting on one side," she said quietly, and I noticed that she had shifted her weight.  Doh, I thought.  We'd been sharing our afterglow in the kitchen with coffee after I'd gotten dressed.  Once a week, I've been staying home after everyone leaves the house so that Julia and I can have some alone time.  Our 11-year anniversary is really soon coming up this Wednesday TODAY! - so I wanted to set a tone.

And a shade.

As we sat at the table, Julia pointed out how our morning felt like we were just waiting for me to leave and drive to work.  I knew how she felt.  Without one bit of self-pity (because we really are living happily ever after), I can say that our lives are a treadmill - an ever-revolving wheel of work, school, dancing, dinner, bedtime, and THEN, whatever time we can sneak in with my adult son stomping around the house as musical accompaniment.

"Hang on," I said.  "That's not entirely true this morning.  We made the most of our morning in every way."  It was true.  I had given her a hard spanking with my left hand until her bottom was very red, and then we'd had awesome sex.  We had started simply - I took her over my lap on the bed after the kids were on the bus, and pulled down her pants.  Her naked bottom lay over my lap.

"Now that we are finally alone, I'm going to give you a proper spanking."  My left hand made contact with her right cheek.  I let if fall flatly, finally not caring how loud it was.   SMACK!  She was quiet as I asserted my dominance, spanking with hard, measured strokes.  I gave her tasks to complete as I spanked her.

"Yes, Daddy," she said, after each assignment.

"Good girl," I said.   I stopped spanking her when she started moaning and twitching her bottom from side to side, and squeezed her cheeks with my hands.  I ran my right hand up and down her back.  She sighed, and I heard a tell-tale sound from between her legs as I played with her buttocks.

"Is your little pussy wet?" I spread her legs.  I could see her sex in the mirror on our headboard.  I ran my thumb down her groove to her wet slot.

"No," she protested, claiming innocence.

"It IS wet!  Such a naughty girl."  I resumed spanking her.  She twitched as I spanked her hard, letting my hand cover her right cheek, and then her left.

Smack!  WHACK!  Smack!  I stopped, and gently smoothed her red skin.  "I'm going to give you ten more swats, and I want you to count each one.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy," she said.  I paused and gathered my strength.  My left hand was stinging with the effort I'd put in already, but I was going for a big finish.

Smack!  "One."

SMACK!  "Two..."

SWAT!!!  "AH!  Three."  I aimed for the rounded curve of her bottom where it met her thighs.

SMACK!!!!  "Four!  Ahhh..."  I waited for her to settle back on my lap, and then continued.  As I spanked her, she got progressively louder as she counted, until I let the last swat land hard.

WHACK!!!  "Oww!  Ten!"

We've had an amazing marriage so far, but like the best stories, it took a turn when we started ttwd a couple of years ago.  I can't say we never looked back, but I can say that it has improved our lives, given us more respect for each other, and made us strong, better people.

I love you Sweety!  Happy Anniversary.  <3

Monday, February 3, 2014

How Football works - Seahawks win the Superbowl!

Generally, DH and I don't care too much about sports. Sure, there are some we like to watch on TV or in person. Like diving, synchronized diving (awesome), figure skating (so amazing), and I will even watch some dressage, however, football usually doesn't make the list. Ever.

Two weeks ago though, right after it was clear that the Seattle Seahawks were going to the Superbowl, DH declared that we are going to be watching the Superbowl!~ 
I just went along with it, sure, cause often times, DH just gets so caught up in other things, and he will have forgotten all about it. 
Not this time. We sat together in the living room with our children, and he explained football to me. Finally! 

Football to me is such an American sport, I have always had a passing interest in it, and learning how it works so I really enjoyed myself.

I am happy to report that I was able to cheer on our team in the right moments, I knew when something good was happening toward the end of the (forever long) game. And now, I can say that I was taught how to play Football watching the Seattle Seahawks win the Superbowl by a landslide! I mean, we even missed how they got the first two points, it was that quick!

One thing I can say about the other team, the Denver Broncos, all everybody ever talked about was Manning, and one man can't lead a whole team, as was clearly noticeable. (From a non-fan-of-the-sport-observational point).