Friday, February 7, 2014

Fun Sex is so important!

DH decided to work from home today since there was some snow on the ground this morning and the commute in our area breaks down at the mere mention of snow. 
I have been working during the day these last two weeks, from home, and was very excited at the idea of having him home today. Of course! Kids in school, step son at work, and just the two of us. He came with me to the store to do the dreaded shopping, and then helped me unload everything. Seriously, so helpful!
After I made him a nice breakfast and we worked silently along each other for an hour or two. I am not used to having him here when I am working, so its really kind of hard to concentrate, lol. Around lunch time, DH decided it was my time for a shower and sent me on my way only to return to a made bed, with the paddle hair brush lying on a pillow. 

I don't like the hairbrush. At all.

He had me lay over his lap on the bed after I had dried off, and started rubbing my bottom. I could feel our connection growing just by finally being there, in that position with the intent of spanking, reconnecting, and hot sex. I felt desirable, horny, and in a safe place. 

DH started spanking me, not kidding around either, delivering each smack with precision, and it seemed every single spank was perfect. 


Then he announced ten more. A little sad that it was almost over, I made myself not move an inch for the last ten spanks. He had me get up and lie on my back.

"Lift your legs. Yeah, into the diaper position." He said with a stern and very determined look on his face.

And he spanked me more, ranging from one hip to the other and in between. 

"Mhh, you are such a good girl, holding still like that." I smiled at him, pleased that he noticed how hard I worked at staying still.

He moved a little closer, ready to enter me. The intent look on his eyes turning me on more. I was really horny, when all of a sudden, I became more aware of my surroundings. Kind of clicking out of the 'scene'. You know what I mean? Has that ever happened to you?
He was still on top of me, entering me deeply,  pulling back out, the look of fascination still on his face as he watches his cock go in and out, but I just couldn't get back into the right mindset. It was so frustrating.

He flipped me over, a sure way to get me to cum, touching my bottom, entering me slowly. He was really turned on, and tried to get me there too. He started talking more again, telling me how hot we look, how turned on he is, and how much he wants to cum down my throat. And I burst out laughing, explaining to him that we were not doing it right if he wanted to cum down my throat. We started laughing. It was just so funny in that moment.

Turns out, he was kind of distracted too. The quiet house and being all alone really not having registered all the way. 

I lean down and take his cock in my mouth. He is still big, but not quite as full as he was just a few minutes ago. A few minutes later, DH rolls me over, plunges into me after all, and we both came within less than 30 seconds. 

And we both started laughing.

Happy Friday!


  1. Completely agree!

  2. Sorry I am so late to this Julia. Glad you were able to get back into the zone :) Sounds wonderful and I totally agree ... fun sex is important.


    1. Lol, no worries, although, well I guess I was a little worried if I had blogged something bad. :D Its okay. I think some posts just don't get as many comments. I am just spoiled by my readers.

  3. Sounds like you had a great snow day. And yes, fun sex is very important. Hope you are getting as much as you want and need.


    1. Yeah we did, although the snow came a day later...:)

  4. Fun sex is VERY important - sounds like you had a very good time, and lots of fun. ;)

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