Friday, February 14, 2014

Picture Friday - Valentine's Day Weekend Edition

Happy Valentine's Day!

My new work has been keeping me pretty busy over the last few weeks, but I have snuck in and blogged a little here and there as much as I could.
As DH already gave away, we are (most likely) going to be alone this weekend in our own home. What a treat! I am so excited! 

Seeing as today is Valentine's Day and also our weekend, I figured I am going post pictures of anything and everything I want to do this weekend!
I have a feeling I will feel pretty silly for posting this, but oh well!

I am looking forward to privacy. Can you tell?

Happy Friday everybody!


  1. Valentine's Day is an excellent time to give your naughty wife or girl friend a good spanking. Be it with the hand, paddle, hairbrush, birch rod, cane, whip, upon her bare bottom.

  2. That's almost exactly what I am hoping for this Valentines. Hope all your thoughts come true and more. Happy Valentines Day

    1. I wish you the same Blondie! Happy weekend!

  3. Hope it all happens for you...that saying about when a spanking really starts is Master's favorite...but not so much for me.
    hugs abby

  4. Love these, especially that really red bottom! And I had to smile and sneer a little last night when my fortune cookie said "One look is worth 10,000 words." Yup. Hope you both have a great weekend!


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