Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reality returns to quickly, every time.

Hello Tuesday, I wasn't expecting you for some reason, but oh well. Lol. Seriously, I am having the hardest time aligning that being true with how I feel today. Ever have that happen to you?

DH and I managed to have a lovely weekend together, and I am so grateful for that. I think these little breaks in between can show a couple or just a person really, that even without kids, we would still be okay with just one another for company, you know?

It was so awesome to discover that we really want to have sex all afternoon long when there is no one else around. That was Saturday afternoon. We had a lazy Saturday morning watching Sons of Anarchy, drinking coffee, and being together in bed, enjoying various degrees of kinkiness.
We went out for a movie, The Monuments Men, and enjoyed the entire actor ensemble in that movie, I mean George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, and John Goodman together in one movie sounds like a must see to me!

Sadly, reality, or in this case, my stepson, returned much too quickly. First he had caused us anxiety by not wanting to get out for our weekend, then he did leave, only to come back too early Sunday morning in a non-sober condition. So non-sober that I am thinking that wasn't even just alcohol. Since then, he has apparently been let go at his job because his contract ran out, but really, we think he just stopped going. And so he is here in the house again. All day long.
When I first came to America, this was the 11-year-old I was taking care of as the au-pair, but he has had a problem with his Dad finding somebody new ever since and never really got over it. He has been shuffled from his father to his mother, only to be returned to us because she couldn't handle him anymore. He came to live with us again at 15 after three years of living with his mother. Its weird. He has a weird relationship with his parents, DH and the ex. He hates his mother, doesn't talk to her at all, is a total father's son, but DH and him just don't get along.
Long story really short, stepson constantly tells us he is moving out, but then does absolutely nothing about it. He tells us every week how much he wants to move out and be on his own, but then goes and spends his money on nothing. And its all gone. Every month. After every paycheck. How is that possible? And this month, he hasn't even paid rent yet.

Arg, just rereading that I can feel my libido dropping, lol. Thanks for letting me vent.


  1. Hi Julia, I'm glad you and DH had such a great time together and am sorry your alone time was interrupted prematurely by your stepson. Sorry to hear about him losing his job too and hope something turns up for him soon!


  2. Yikes. Glad you had part of a great weekend anyway. I was sure hoping that the idea of becoming a father himself would help your stepson to *man up* and act more responsibly (and show more respect for his own parental units) than he has sometimes in the past. Are you two grandparents yet?

  3. Hi Julia, well, at least you had some alone time together! Having kids in the house really can lower that libido :(. I'm sorry you guys are having such a difficult time with your step son, especially if he is going to come home in that type of condition. I know how hard this can be on a family and my thoughts are with you. Please feel free to vent anytime, we are always here to listen.

  4. Glad you had some wonderful alone time with DH, very sorry for what your step son is going through, I have recently found your blog so I do not know how old he is. You both might need to put your foot down and set some boundaries and guidelines, if he doesn't adhere to them, he might need to move out and that might "sober" him up.

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