Sunday, March 30, 2014

Not just a cock-tease after all!

We kissed.
We kissed like teenagers hiding behind the school, only we were in our own bedroom, and were likely to not have any interruptions. Sounds heavenly, right?

He moved us slowly toward the bed all the while still kissing me. He had his hands on my bottom, roaming, exploring the thong. Once we got to the bed, the turn me around, and I was left looking at the bed.

"Bend over" and I did. The thong had done the trick and it was already paying the price by coming off withing two minutes of being exposed. I was left to stand there in my white knee-high stockings as I heard a leather belt unbuckle (shivers), his jeans button being undone, and pants being lowered. I looked over my shoulder at him, smiling, wishing he wouldn't take this long, but before I could finish the thought, his cock was at my pussy, feeling my excitement for him and his cock.

"Do you want Daddy's cock inside you?"  She moaned and wriggled her hips, and then pushed back against me, trying to get me into her tight pussy.  I let the the thick head of my shaft part her lips, and then pulled back again, teasing her wet slit.  I let my cock ride up over her bottom, and pushed it back and forth over where I know she likes it most.  She groaned as I get her bottom slick with my pre-cum.

"Mhh, you are so wet and ready.  Is my little girl horny?" He teased me, not quite entering me as I so desperately wanted and needed.
And of course he pulled away at that moment. He started spanking me. That position, bend over the bed really makes for a sharp spanking, it was very stingy and his big warm hand covered most of a cheek at a time. 

Julia's bottom looked so perfect in the daylight.  I was aware of my son in the next room, so I didn't spend much time spanking her tight little cheeks; they had hardly turned pink before I stopped and stood up behind her again, and positioned my cock at her wet entrance.

I put my hands on her hips to steady her, and then pushed my cock into her tight pussy.  She gasped as I stopped at the half-way point, and then pulled out again.  She was still too tight to accommodate my fully erect cock on the first try.  I slowly drove in and out, penetrating her a little more each time I thrust my cock into her wet pussy.

"Ohh," I groaned, "Daddy wants to slap his balls on your little clit."  I started thrusting hard, holding onto her hips and burying my full length inside her.  I could see my cock entering her pussy, which prolapsed a little around my pole each time I pulled it out.  Seeing that drove me crazy.  I increased my pace until I was slapping my balls against her pelvis, and put my thumb against her bottom hole which was wet and slippery.

The position, and the way he was holding on to my hips really turned me on more with each thrust, and I backed up more and more to get more cock into me. This position is the latest one I have been able to cum in. And I came. Twice before he finally pulled out, ordered me on all fours on the bed, and finished within two strokes. 

As we lay on the bed, intertwined in the middle of the day, I finally felt that closeness again that has been so elusive lately, and we spent a good half hour cuddling in our afterglow.

Friday, March 28, 2014

It must have been the stockings!

DH and I have been moving along in our lives lately it seems. The kids, work, and SS all seem to have fallen in a pretty healthy pattern, however, this pattern hasn't included much sex. Well, its been on my mind constantly, but DH has been pretty distracted with getting ready to leave for our trip next week. Making sure everything at work is good, and I don’t begrudge him that at all considering the last time he went on vacation it was to be fired on the day he returned. So, he has been staying up late, and getting up early to work on who knows what.

DH was diagnosed with ADD when he was young I guess, and I know he thinks and works differently than I do. Everybody is different, I know that. However, hinting doesn't always work with DH, and often times I feel like I have to get out  the two by four for him to understand what I am trying to hint at. 
Like when I am horny and want to be with him. And not just exhausted at the end of the day but anytime really. I want to have SEX . Loud sex. Long sex. Exhausting sex. Overwhelming sex…all of it!

And still, he was distracted, and then I got my period. I am finally over that time of the month again. And still horny, lol. I mean, how in the world could any guy have a horny wife? Don’t all guys want that? A wife or woman who wants it just as much as they do? 

Maybe that is the age difference after all, who knows.

Last night, he finally stopped and took some time for me, but you know that closeness brought on by lots of sex over an extended period of time? That closeness that is not possible when you don’t have sex, or just barely have sex? That closeness was still missing, I was awkward after, he was shy and awkward after, and even though the sex was great, I still wasn’t feeling it.

Getting up this morning, I couldn't find any socks except for my white knee-high socks for the outfit. The
outfit that I haven’t worn in months. At least.  I decided why not? Today was the perfect day! DH was staying home to take our youngest to the doctor, and I knew he would be working from home the remainder of the day. I looked in my underwear drawer, but couldn’t make myself take out the big white panties. They are just so not sexy, lol, even though I know DH loves them. But I knew they wouldn’t make me feel sexy. I took out my polka-dotted white thong instead. I looked in the mirror and really liked what I saw. I love when you can actually tell that you have lost weight!

I put my usual pants on and went about my morning, sending my other child on the bus and starting my work. DH finally got back with chocolate milk for my coffee in hand. And we had the house (mostly except for sleeping SS) to ourselves. 
We went into the bedroom, and for once, I just didn't care that there was another person in the house. I mean, I wasn't loud, but I let go of the worry.

I slowly stripped out of my shirt, uncovering my naked breasts. DH was sitting in the recliner, and I had his attention. I turned slowly, lowered my pants, while revealing my choice of underwear. He smiled at me, as in,-why-don’t-you-come-over-here. I shook my head, declining the invitation with a smirk and slowly turned while lowering my pants.
I stood in front of him in thong and stockings, my long hair cascading down around my shoulders and back. The look on his face was amazing, and he made me feel beautiful and desirable. I finally had his attention!

Update: Continue here...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Waiting her turn (fiction)

Hi, DH here.  Here's another (rough) excerpt from the story I've been working on.  ;)

Waiting her turn (fiction)

“Let’s go back inside.  I’ve got something to take care of, and then I’ll let you go change your clothes.”  He held the door for her, and she glanced up into his face as she walked through.  She smiled.

“Thank you, Daddy.”  She took two steps and stopped short.  There, against the wall where she had been standing earlier, was another girl.  She was standing with her nose against the wall like she had, holding her green skirt up in her hands.  Her white thong was pulled down to mid-thigh, and her back was bare except for her white bra straps.  He walked around her, and took her elbow in his hand.  

“I want you to go over and stand next to Daisy there and assume your position.  You don’t have to pull down your panties, though.”  She walked forward and stood next to the other girl at the wall.  She stood with her nose as close to the wall as she could and then pulled up her skirt and held it with both hands.  She thought she could hear his footsteps as he walked across the thickly padded, beige carpet, and then she heard the large wooden chair in the center of the room creak as he sat down.  Hannah was desperate to sneak a sidelong peek at Daisy as they stood side-by-side, but she didn’t dare.  Daisy’s blond hair was in a neat bun on her head, and didn’t seem quite as tall as Hannah.

“Daisy, come here.”  Hannah involuntarily held her breath as Daisy walked over to the chair.  She imagined the girl standing there with her hands clasped on her head, with her eyes on the carpet, as he sat there looking at her.  Her whole back would be bare, except for her bra and her white stockings.  When she had
seen Daisy from the doorway, she had thought that her bottom was fuller than her own.  Now, she wondered if Daddy felt differently about spanking a bottom with a different shape, or if they were all the same to him.

“Your uniform is at standard,” Hannah heard him say.  At standard, Hannah thought.  What does that mean?  Was her uniform at standard?  She tried to remember if he had said anything like that, but drew a blank.  She wondered if she would be in trouble for not knowing already, or if it was in the policy book.  

“Thank you, Daddy,” Daisy replied.  Her voice was higher than Hannah’s, and sounded more cheerful, even though the girl was standing naked in front of man sitting on his “spanking chair.”  

“Lie over my lap, now,” he said.  She heard Daisy’s skirt rustle as the girl positioned herself over his lap.  “Good girl,” he said.  “I’m going to get you ready for your shift.”  There was a pause, and then….

Slap!  “Ooo,” Daisy breathed in.  Slap!  Slap!  Hannah squirmed uncomfortably at the wall, feeling the swats on her own sore bottom as if she were the one stretched over his lap.  She imagined that if she turned around, Daisy’s feet would be pointing right at her as they came off the floor during the spanking.  Her thong might have slipped down or completely off by now.  Hannah wondered if Daisy had to shave her pussy too.

“I want you to have a good shift today,” he said, not breaking his rhythm.  Slap, slap, slap!  Hannah thought that he was alternating sides like he had done with her, first crashing his big hand down on her right cheek so that it temporarily caught fire, a pause, and then the same treatment on the left side.

“Ow!  Yes, Daddy!”  Slap!  CRACK! CRACK!  “OWWW AHH!”  Hannah thought that he had spanked Daisy at the tender curve at the bottom of her buttocks, which had caused Hannah to cry out too.  Hannah suddenly clamped her legs together as she felt the familiar warmth between her legs.  What if she got her panties wet?  Or stained them?  Wouldn’t he notice?  She stared at a point on the wall with her eyes wide as the spanking continued.

Slap!  Slap!  SLAP!  SLAP!  “Oww! Aha AH!”  The swats stopped.  “Ooooo,” Daisy mewed, the hint of a sob in her voice.  She hiccuped suddenly, and  Hannah thought he was rubbing her bottom now, which must be glowing bright red as the girl lay across his lap. 

“That’s a good girl,” he said.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Picture Friday

I was lying in bed last night, wishing DH was home and in bed with me, when I remembered I really wanted to make a Picture Friday post for today. So I am thinking I will post pictures of everything I fantasized about....

Now I am more horny than I was last night, lol. Happy Friday!

Monday, March 17, 2014


Its already past the middle of March again, and the days are getting longer again. I am never sure how that happens that quickly, I mean, weren't we just still in the Christmas spirit?

However, I do know one reason why time is going by so quickly: We are going to Germany in April!

I think having that to look forward to during the dreary months is a lifesaver. Usually I go ahead with the girls, and then DH comes after about a week. That way my whole family gets me a few days alone, but everybody gets to see him too. Only this time, we were tired of flying alone, without him, and being there without him, so we decided on  a shorter stay, but together.
And the funny thing? Absolutely everybody is thrilled that DH is coming with us right away even though it means a shorter stay.
The last two times I went back home, it was in the middle of winter, and this time, there is the chance of actually being able to go outside and do stuff too, even if its just sitting around in the yard watching the children speak their German/English with the cousins while roaming my moms big property.

But as every time, going on vacation comes with a price, lol. DH is not good at getting ready to leave his home. He likes to plan ahead and set himself all these goals of things to do before to get ready, and then seems to forgot about the right now aspect. He has been very busy, including still writing on his story, which I am super excited about. I mean he has told me the plot a little, and I have helped him get over a few hurdles, but otherwise I try to keep him from telling me more. Since I actually want to read it when its done!

There hasn't been much going on in the spanking department. Yesterday, DH announced he will keep track of my running again from now on, since its been a bit spotty over the winter, although really not for lack of wanting too, more like, wasn't able to because of a cough and the cold air, ice, snow,  RAAAAAIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNN.
I may have not reacted as if that was something I was interested, but it is. In situations like that, I am fast to try and defend or distract to hide myself, and sadly, sometimes that works too well on DH. Which is why I have this blog! And to show my good faith, I will go running this morning!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to my American and Irish friends! To my oldest child's shock and horror, I grew up not celebrating this holiday in Germany....Her face was priceless....

What I was listening to while writing this:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Here are two answers to Cali Mom's questions!

What is your favorite thing about the age difference between you and DH?

This I think is an excellent question, and something that really is interesting to those who are not with somebody twenty years their senior. However, for DH and I, we hardly ever notice, lol. I mean, I came by it honestly too I think. 

My father was 18 years my mother's senior; they never had a lasting relationship, and I didn't really have a male role model in my life while growing up. So I always craved that more mature person, had my first real boyfriend at 13 when he was 15. I was never interested in a boy, but always in a grown man, so when I came over to the US as the aupair to DH's children, the age difference was not something we noticed. 
I enjoy being able to ask him anything and he usually has an answer and a really good explanation so I actually understand it.
When I first came here, I enjoyed how much of an adult he already was compared to my 18 years old, he was 36 at the time. But over the years, that has balanced itself out, and for example, I run our finances now, and am doing a good job too. Finances are such a grownup thing, don't you think?

But otherwise, we really don't notice it a whole lot. Sometimes the kids will talk about it as if its the coolest and weirdest thing.

What was your favorite place you've ever traveled to? And what is your top choice now?

Not sure I have a favorite place I have traveled to, like a destination, because for me usually the memory is tainted by who I was with. For example, visiting San Francisco this last September was my favorite trip in the last few years. 
When I still lived in Germany, I seemed to do more traveling going to places like England, Corsica, Ibiza, and Prague as well as doing a sailing trip with my class once in the Netherlands, which was fun. 
But I think just places I would like to see again would be Prague. So beautiful, old, and just gorgeous, I would love to go back again as an adult and admire it more. I would also love to travel to England again.

I would also love to go to Greece, rent a car, and explore.

Thanks for the great question Cali Mom, very thought provoking.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A dry day in the middle of March

Since I started to work from home, and sitting at the computer more than I was already doing before, I decided it was finally time to buy one of those exercise balls to sit on and see if that would help with my back pain. If you have followed my blog for a while, you know that I constantly have a backache, and sitting here all day was making it unbearable. 

Anyone else have a ball like that to sit on?

Anyway, I have been using it as much as I was feeling like it for about three weeks now, and I can tell my body is more toned, my back is stronger, and certainly doesn't hurt as badly anymore. Drawback? Going running seems like I am trying to run through quicksand. Exhausting. 

I have been sneaking around blogland a little, commenting here and there, but didn't know what to blog about myself. Our lives at the moment are so family focused, it is hard to be kinky at the end of the day. Which is why we have been having our alone times outside in the woodshed, condensed into half an hour a day, right after the children have been put on the bus.

DH has been making good use of the paint stirrer out there. 

I feel blessed to have what we have, our love for each other, along with common sense, mostly good and doable expectations, and  fantastic sex (when it happens).

Every day, there are a million things I want to blog about, thinking of you guys, and wanting to share, and now I can't think of anything, expect that the sun finally came out after drenching this entire area for days now. I have already gone on my run, and the quicksand felt more like beach sand today, leading me to assume that sitting on the ball is just a big workout, and my legs have just been tired from it.

So, I will leave it to you, do you have any questions for me or DH? Leave me a comment or send an email!!!! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Patty-cakes are awesome

"OK, after THAT spanking, I owe you a blog post."

Julia laughed.  We were in the kitchen as I got ready to go.  She always makes me at least one cup of coffee for the road, and I was waiting as our Senseo machine hummed away.  

"Definitely," she agreed.  "Although I wouldn't really call that a spanking…"  I had to laugh too, because she was so right.  I had the best intentions the night before, but my attempt was nothing to blog about.  Here we go anyway.

It was late when I pulled her over my lap.  We were both in bed already, and had taken luxury showers earlier.  We were clean!  I was thinking, give her a good spanking to re-establish our bond, and then take her when she was ready and willing.

"You'll be too loud," she protested.

"Nope.  No one will hear a thing," I said confidently.  I knew my adult son was still up, so I left the sheet covering her bottom, and started swatting her with my fingertips with my perfected slap-whipping motion.  Left, right, left, left. 

She didn't move at all.

I pulled down the sheet, and started caressing her naked bottom gently.  She sighed, and I started again, using the same technique.  After a minute or two, I said, "I'm really proud of you for working so hard at your job."

"Snog, snort huh?  Oh, yeah, mmm hmmm…."

Hmm, I thought.  My efforts were not having the desired effect.  I swatted harder, and then my son's door opened and he walked out into the kitchen.  I kept at it, swatting her with my fingertips.  I could hear that the sounds my fingertips were making were not going to be heard outside our room.  I was keeping my word. 

Tink!  Tink!  Micro-swat!

"I really like how you've been reading with the girls every night," I whispered lovingly.  My son walked back into his room and closed the door with a thump.

"Zzzzz…..", she said.

I gently woke her up and moved her off my lap.  She giggled sleepily as I fondled her, clearly not aroused in the slightest.  As she drifted off to sleep, I realized that as spankings go, that was pretty lame.

But as patty-cakes go, it was awesome!