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Here are two answers to Cali Mom's questions!

What is your favorite thing about the age difference between you and DH?

This I think is an excellent question, and something that really is interesting to those who are not with somebody twenty years their senior. However, for DH and I, we hardly ever notice, lol. I mean, I came by it honestly too I think. 

My father was 18 years my mother's senior; they never had a lasting relationship, and I didn't really have a male role model in my life while growing up. So I always craved that more mature person, had my first real boyfriend at 13 when he was 15. I was never interested in a boy, but always in a grown man, so when I came over to the US as the aupair to DH's children, the age difference was not something we noticed. 
I enjoy being able to ask him anything and he usually has an answer and a really good explanation so I actually understand it.
When I first came here, I enjoyed how much of an adult he already was compared to my 18 years old, he was 36 at the time. But over the years, that has balanced itself out, and for example, I run our finances now, and am doing a good job too. Finances are such a grownup thing, don't you think?

But otherwise, we really don't notice it a whole lot. Sometimes the kids will talk about it as if its the coolest and weirdest thing.

What was your favorite place you've ever traveled to? And what is your top choice now?

Not sure I have a favorite place I have traveled to, like a destination, because for me usually the memory is tainted by who I was with. For example, visiting San Francisco this last September was my favorite trip in the last few years. 
When I still lived in Germany, I seemed to do more traveling going to places like England, Corsica, Ibiza, and Prague as well as doing a sailing trip with my class once in the Netherlands, which was fun. 
But I think just places I would like to see again would be Prague. So beautiful, old, and just gorgeous, I would love to go back again as an adult and admire it more. I would also love to travel to England again.

I would also love to go to Greece, rent a car, and explore.

Thanks for the great question Cali Mom, very thought provoking.  


  1. There's almost 20 years in between me and Steve and we don't pay much attention to it either. Steve's a big kid at heart and I've always been told that I have an old soul so I figure it balances out in the end.

  2. Aww...very fun to read. Age is just a number. With so many marriages not working out, why people worry about something as silly as age I'll never understand. It's all about finding that right person and it seems you've found him!

    1. Exactly, but it does bother people, and we have made many people unwillingly uncomfortable simply by being honest.

  3. I knew you'd have a sweet answer to the age question - I just wanted to hear it. My hubby is 7 years older than me, and I love it. I feel calm with him, I trust him, I rely on his wisdom. So I figured that you having a bigger age gap would be blessed with even more! Thank you for answering!

    Oh, and knowing that you were from Europe, I figured you had traveled a lot. I haven't been privileged to travel a lot - yet, but I hope to someday. I've heard Prague is a beautiful ancient city. I hope you get to go back again.

    :) Cali

    1. I think its just easier to travel in Europe and actually see something totally different and unique there by just traveling a few hundred miles. Here, going to Portland doesn't really look that different...

  4. Thanks for sharing, wonderful answers :-)

  5. Hi Julia, wonderful answers. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing :)


  6. Travel? Two on my "bucket list" would be to someday see the Aurora Borealis and I would really like to go to the Winchester House in San Jose, CA. That last one would be more than a 43 hour drive for us. For you guys it would only be.............14.

    Age difference? Only about 3 and a half years here. Age is irrelevant. I think longevity in marriage is largely based on being able to make each other laugh, unexpectedly, even in the worst of times. After all, life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.

    Oh, and I just realized that you are coming up quickly on one of those landmark-type birthdays yourself this year. Do you two have any big plans to celebrate it?

    1. Hi rednadedy! I've never been to the Winchester House either: ironically, my parents even live in San Jose, so we definitely have a reason to go! As for the age difference thing, Julia and I are BOTH hitting landmarks, and we've talked about going to Hawaii to celebrate both of our birthdays, but finances would have to align too, heh.

    2. Well, I think you should really work on getting the Winchester House off your list, I mean, its even within the country. Sometimes its important to make time!
      Yes, my birthday, I wonder what DH is planning....

  7. I am the opposite - a male top who married a cougar - 2 years older than me. Not a big deal - we were 24 & 26 when we met - might have made a difference in high school or even college, but not then. You would think as a 2 year older school teacher she would be the dominant - but she is not - at 60 years old she is still just a naughty nine year old on occasion. She is not a true submissive, just a girl that needs a good firm hand every now and then - on her bottom only.

    Carl H


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