Thursday, March 6, 2014

Patty-cakes are awesome

"OK, after THAT spanking, I owe you a blog post."

Julia laughed.  We were in the kitchen as I got ready to go.  She always makes me at least one cup of coffee for the road, and I was waiting as our Senseo machine hummed away.  

"Definitely," she agreed.  "Although I wouldn't really call that a spanking…"  I had to laugh too, because she was so right.  I had the best intentions the night before, but my attempt was nothing to blog about.  Here we go anyway.

It was late when I pulled her over my lap.  We were both in bed already, and had taken luxury showers earlier.  We were clean!  I was thinking, give her a good spanking to re-establish our bond, and then take her when she was ready and willing.

"You'll be too loud," she protested.

"Nope.  No one will hear a thing," I said confidently.  I knew my adult son was still up, so I left the sheet covering her bottom, and started swatting her with my fingertips with my perfected slap-whipping motion.  Left, right, left, left. 

She didn't move at all.

I pulled down the sheet, and started caressing her naked bottom gently.  She sighed, and I started again, using the same technique.  After a minute or two, I said, "I'm really proud of you for working so hard at your job."

"Snog, snort huh?  Oh, yeah, mmm hmmm…."

Hmm, I thought.  My efforts were not having the desired effect.  I swatted harder, and then my son's door opened and he walked out into the kitchen.  I kept at it, swatting her with my fingertips.  I could hear that the sounds my fingertips were making were not going to be heard outside our room.  I was keeping my word. 

Tink!  Tink!  Micro-swat!

"I really like how you've been reading with the girls every night," I whispered lovingly.  My son walked back into his room and closed the door with a thump.

"Zzzzz…..", she said.

I gently woke her up and moved her off my lap.  She giggled sleepily as I fondled her, clearly not aroused in the slightest.  As she drifted off to sleep, I realized that as spankings go, that was pretty lame.

But as patty-cakes go, it was awesome!


  1. Yeah, well they can't all be perfect, and it made up in connecting us anyway just by laughing over it.

    1. Ha ha, yeah, that was pretty funny.... ;) I love you.

  2. these playful moments.....
    hugs abby

  3. Lol love this! Cute post DH.



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