Wednesday, May 28, 2014


"This is not a punishment spanking, so I'm just going to use my hand."  Julia had obediently slid over my lap and presented her bare bottom.  "I'm going to give you 30 swats," I said.  "I want you to count each one."

"Yes, Daddy," she said.

It was Monday evening, at the end of our glorious 3-day Memorial-Day-Julia's-Birthday-Weekend-Extravaganza.  She turned 30 on Saturday, so I wanted to make it her best birthday ever.  And at the same time, something that I've been thinking about finally clicked into place: Julia is with me.  I am her man, in every way.   I took her outside in the evening sun yesterday with her rings on, and let her blind me with her new bling.  Beautiful.  And the rings were pretty too ;) .

Swat!  "Ah, two," she said.  I pulled back my arm and aimed for her left cheek.  Slap!

"Three," she said quietly.  I continued spanking her with my right hand, adjusting my velocity carefully.  Her bottom took on a red hue.  During more severe spankings, I've taken to putting my left hand on the back of her neck to steady her and remind her that I'm in charge, but this spanking wasn't quite that hard.  My son was home in his room down the hall, but I let the spanking ring out anyway - I'm so tired of trying to be considerate with that kid, especially when we're just trying to live our lives.

SWAT!!  "Oww, twenty-three," she said.  I'd let one land on her right cheek a little harder than I had intended.  She started shifting her hips from side to side, but I put my hand on her bottom and gently caressed her where I'd been spanking, and she stopped moving and let me slide my hand over her skin, running my fingers down the cleft between her buttocks dangerously close to her sex, and then down her thighs and back up.

"Good girl," I said.  I pulled my hand back and brought it down hard again.  SLAP!  My pace was unhurried.  For whatever reason, I was enjoying this spanking as much as any I'd given her.  We reached thirty, and I pulled my arm back all the way.

WHACK!!  My hand spanned her cheeks over her sit spot and she yelped.  "And one to grow on!"

Happy Birthday mein Schatz.  I love you.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Happy Weekend

What a great day today has already been and it isn't even noon yet!

We have been to the local German store and gotten German breakfast as we like to call it, came home, I made us lattes. My mother gave me an espresso machine for my birthday, and then we went running around the neighborhood with the children.

DH has also surprised me tremendously with a special gift. An engagement and wedding band. It was such a surprise, seriously. When we got married, we went to the local store and picked out whatever we both liked just so we could have something always thinking we would get the real thing later on. Well, my 30th Birthday is LATER ON! 

Tomorrow we are going whale watching, and we will enjoy our Memorial Day at home doing nothing, or everything. What a beautiful weekend ahead!

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend too, and will be able to find time together with your loved ones to really enjoy one another.

And I have already been informed that I am going to receive a birthday spanking at the end of the day.  :D

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I'm With You

Hi, DH here!  I've been thinking a lot after Julia's last post.  Especially about what she said about my nature not including a "top" side that translates into regular discipline for her.  I've really wracked my brain trying to figure out this dynamic - why am I like that?  Why don't I take her to task for leaving her hair in the shower (or any of the other infractions we've agreed on)?

I'm a competent guy.  Really competent.  And I love it when everyone around me is succeeding like I am.  For example:  in 9 minute, I'm going to drive my son to his job, drive back to my house, and then drive to work myself.  He doesn't have a car, and he needs to work (better than NOT working and being underneath Julia's feet all day), and I know that I can get him there, get back, get dressed, get to work, and get on with my day faster than I can type this.  I REALLY rock.  Really.  So, in Julia's case, most of the time I feel like I'm with her.  Whatever I can do to make her life better; "her wish is my command," if you will.  I know what she likes, and I love doing things like getting her special chocolate milk for coffee in the morning.

But, this exceptional quality has its downside.  She feels like I'm not LEADING her.  I think she feels like I'm more of a butler than a husband sometimes.  A really good, outstandingly competent, incredibly sexy (and not looking my age AT ALL).... butler.   And I think it's OK to be that way (it's my natural tendency after all), but I've realized an important truth that I'm going to be manifesting over the next few weeks.  It really is all about attitude in the end, and living true to how you feel.

Sweety: you're with me.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Instead of a Picture Friday post

I was just browsing my tumblr for inspiration for my Friday post, but I have to admit, I am really not in the right place for it at the moment. It seems like its been forever since anything along any of those lines has happened lately, and I honestly don't even want to look at these beautiful pictures. Reading or watching other people's stuff can be hard to do at times, don't you think? Its hard not to compare, wish for something different, and really not appreciated what you have.

I know all that.

Still though, it can be hard. What really got to me just now was a picture of a woman's beautiful behind and a guy holding a belt, ready to spank her with it. It seems we are soo far away from that at the moment, that I can't even imagine it anymore. Getting spanked.  And the last time that it did happen, it hurt really bad. (Probably because we just don't do it that often anymore and my skin isn't used to it). So really, it wasn't even that enjoyable.

Its kind of weird, this journey DH and I started such a long time ago. We both say ttwd is part of our lives, and it really is, but sadly the kink has fallen away lately, leaving us a happy, healthy, and very functioning couple, yet something is still missing for me. I still crave the submission, his domination. I crave him wanting me to submit, needing me to submit to him, and yet, he doesn't crave it.  He just isn't that type of guy. I have learned that about him during our journey, and I have also learned that I don't want him to change into somebody he is not.

So, I have adjusted my expectations. At my work I would say DG (downgrading).
I just re-read this post, and it sounds negative, but it really isn't. My DH is incredible, the way he takes care of me, our family, the way he loves, the way he works, and that he can always put a smile on my face. Ttwd really has brought us closer. Helped us understand who we are as individuals and how to live together with another person happily.

Yet still. I miss it.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Finally, I am writing a post again. Its been on my mind so much lately, but then I couldn't find the energy to actually sit down and write it.

I used to think I don't get stressed, at all, simply managing myself and my family to avoid stress, but over the last year, I have finally come to realize that is not true. Every time my back hurts before I get my period for example, seems to be when I am stressed in my life. Just like this last week. My back started to hurt really bad, I couldn't bend over, I couldn't turn over in bed, I couldn't lie on my back in bed, and seriously, still having trouble lying on my stomach at the moment. Top that off with going from being too cold to too hot within seconds and you have a very unhappy Julia.

DH has been busy too. His works seems to be going well, and his company is doing even better. Usually when I am sick or not "up to standard", he gets weird and pulls away, not knowing what to do for me. But I am happy to report he knows me better than that now, and knows to take me in hand. Like yesterday. I  am going to admit it: I was feeling really sorry for myself, not knowing what to do with myself, where to even sit, cause everything was hurting, and he decided we would go on a little walk, just the two of us.
And it was exactly what I needed. Not only did we get a few minutes of alone time in, but I got some exercise too.
When he left for work that morning (still hard after all these years, letting him go every morning), he told me:  "No feeling sorry for yourself. Get up and walk, but otherwise, relax and rest."

I don't know about you, but being told to rest and relax always makes me feel better when I feel like this. After a day or two of my back 'not working', I always start to feel like the laziest person ever, and tend to try and get up and do too much, which you can imagine, doesn't help.

This morning, feeling a little better back-wise, (I can almost bend over - could turn over in bed, and can get up without feeling like my spine is going to crack in half), DH put our children on the bus, and then stuck around a bit longer. I was in my robe, which was keeping me warm when my chills start, but at the same time is easily taken off when I get too hot.

I sat on the couch, he stood in front of me, all dressed for work already.
"May I?" I looked at his crotch right in front of me.
He smiled at me, I could see he wasn't expecting much, but indulged me. I unbuckled his belt, and opened his buttons, taking out his limb cock. I took him in my mouth. I am horny!! I mean, yeah my back hurts, but have been fantasizing about him fucking me hard again for days now.
I took him in my mouth. He loves to put his whole cock in my mouth and let it get full and engorged in my mouth. Which didn't take long.
He pulled out, and I licked his undercarriage just the way he likes it. I got super hot at that moment and opened my robe, revealing everything to him.
Needless to say, we had super hot (in more ways that one) sex on our red couch in the middle of our living room. :)

Anyway, I am going to try and be online more again, I miss this community.

And on a side note, did you know they made a TV show out of Outlander?

Friday, May 2, 2014

Picture Friday - International Masturbation Month Edition

Hello everybody!

I was just starting to log into my tumblr account when I ran into something very intriguing sounding: International Masturbation Month!

I have never even heard of that, but am happy to help spread the word. According to Wikipedia (2014), "International Masturbation Month (IMM) is an annual event celebrated in the month of May to protect the right to masturbate". 

In celebration of masturbation:

My personal favorite!

This one too!

What do you think?