Thursday, May 8, 2014


Finally, I am writing a post again. Its been on my mind so much lately, but then I couldn't find the energy to actually sit down and write it.

I used to think I don't get stressed, at all, simply managing myself and my family to avoid stress, but over the last year, I have finally come to realize that is not true. Every time my back hurts before I get my period for example, seems to be when I am stressed in my life. Just like this last week. My back started to hurt really bad, I couldn't bend over, I couldn't turn over in bed, I couldn't lie on my back in bed, and seriously, still having trouble lying on my stomach at the moment. Top that off with going from being too cold to too hot within seconds and you have a very unhappy Julia.

DH has been busy too. His works seems to be going well, and his company is doing even better. Usually when I am sick or not "up to standard", he gets weird and pulls away, not knowing what to do for me. But I am happy to report he knows me better than that now, and knows to take me in hand. Like yesterday. I  am going to admit it: I was feeling really sorry for myself, not knowing what to do with myself, where to even sit, cause everything was hurting, and he decided we would go on a little walk, just the two of us.
And it was exactly what I needed. Not only did we get a few minutes of alone time in, but I got some exercise too.
When he left for work that morning (still hard after all these years, letting him go every morning), he told me:  "No feeling sorry for yourself. Get up and walk, but otherwise, relax and rest."

I don't know about you, but being told to rest and relax always makes me feel better when I feel like this. After a day or two of my back 'not working', I always start to feel like the laziest person ever, and tend to try and get up and do too much, which you can imagine, doesn't help.

This morning, feeling a little better back-wise, (I can almost bend over - could turn over in bed, and can get up without feeling like my spine is going to crack in half), DH put our children on the bus, and then stuck around a bit longer. I was in my robe, which was keeping me warm when my chills start, but at the same time is easily taken off when I get too hot.

I sat on the couch, he stood in front of me, all dressed for work already.
"May I?" I looked at his crotch right in front of me.
He smiled at me, I could see he wasn't expecting much, but indulged me. I unbuckled his belt, and opened his buttons, taking out his limb cock. I took him in my mouth. I am horny!! I mean, yeah my back hurts, but have been fantasizing about him fucking me hard again for days now.
I took him in my mouth. He loves to put his whole cock in my mouth and let it get full and engorged in my mouth. Which didn't take long.
He pulled out, and I licked his undercarriage just the way he likes it. I got super hot at that moment and opened my robe, revealing everything to him.
Needless to say, we had super hot (in more ways that one) sex on our red couch in the middle of our living room. :)

Anyway, I am going to try and be online more again, I miss this community.

And on a side note, did you know they made a TV show out of Outlander?


  1. My back gets the same way. It's nice when they know what to say and 'do'
    I heard about Outlander, did it begin already?

    1. I am sorry your know what I am talking about. :(
      As to Outlander, not yet! July I think.

  2. Hey Julia,
    I suffer from back pain during my period too - I'm usually glued to my heating pad & taking lots of Midol. (my hubby is so patient with me, thankfully)
    I love that you were still horny for DH even so!! And getting to have sex in the living room is when you have kids is such a treat!!
    I'm in book 4 of Outlander and eagerly watching all the promos for the tv show that will be out in August. There's tons of stuff on Pinterest - I can't wait!! It looks like they are going to be so true to the book! Have you read the whole series?
    :) Cali

    1. I am sorry your suffer from backpain too, sounds very similar to me, only this time, I snuggled up with my heating pad in a bad position and managed to hurt another part all together.
      I did read the first four I think a long time ago, like seriously 9 years now?! Wow, but then kind of gave up on them. Just too much detail and not enough story line for some reason. Looking forward to binge watching the show though. :D

  3. I love those stolen kid free moments. And wow, horny when you're not feeling your best!

    I'm super excited for Outlander too. I was so apprehensive to read the first one. It's 900 pages long! But my good friend encouraged me and now were reading the series together. It's awesome. I love it!

    1. Sarah, I was a little surprised too, but since this has been going on for days and days and days now, no wonder! Lol. Plus, I am actually past my period now and always get horny after, you know?

  4. Hi Julia, I'm sorry you are suffering back pain and hope you feel better soon. So glad DH knew what to say and do to help you feel better. That sounds like an awesone start to the day ... despite not feeling the best :)


    1. Thank you Roz, you are very sweet. :)

  5. I experience back pain too sometimes. Hope you are feeling all better. Glad DH took care of you. I heard about Outlander and have read all the books - some more than once...but unfortunately don't get the channel it is going to be on... sigh Take care

  6. I like to hear the happy stories, like DH not turning away and knowing what to do. And great endings are the best


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