Thursday, June 26, 2014

Reality bites!

I had this post all figured out this morning, and was going to call this one "Picture Friday - How to make me cum edition". I know, the title....

Well, the title came to me after yet another night of us not having sex. Again. Life can be such a drag, and ever since I have started working, I have been more tired than I used to be. All normal, I know, doesn't help though knowing that.
We have been having normal sex. You know the type I am sure (well I hope so at least), but rolling over, lazy style, me not cuming, ever, simply because we can never find a good time to actually have sex.


And still reality.

Last night, DH made a special effort to be with me, we watched a movie together, and then even fell into bed together. We lay there for a few minutes getting comfortable, but he was so hot, I knew he wouldn't want to cuddle.

"I want to give you a spanking. Come over my lap."

Hesitation on my part, then I went over. My stepson comes out of his room and goes in the backyard (our bedroom windows are overlooking the backyard). DH lifted the sheet over my bottom and started spanking me regardless, and I was really fine with it too.

After too short a time, he motioned for me to get up, his legs were sweating against my breasts and I think we were both uncomfortable in that position.
I lay back down next to him, a little disappointed. After a minute, he made a grab for between my legs, and I got twitchy (as he calls it), and basically I managed to make him stop, which was the exact opposite of what I actually wanted and so crave.

And we fell asleep.

This morning, anything would have set me off, and it really didn't matter what it was about. I got grumpier by the second, and he started to withdraw from me.

After I had (yet again) complained a tiny bit about the lack of kinky sex possibilities in our house, he grew frustrated. "I wanted to last night and you shot me down."

"No, I didn't."
He explained to me how it at least felt like it, and I admitted I was probably just playing hard to get.

He was getting more frustrated. "Don't you think that after a long day doing this and that, I can't deal with playing hard to get?" He asked me, really asking me that question.

I know all that, and still.

"I understand, but I can't help it." I admitted and suddenly I started crying, venting all of my frustrations through tears while leaning into his strong arms. After a little while, he led me to the bed and did what I had been craving for weeks now. And it was glorious!

So no Picture Friday today, instead reality. Can you relate?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Daddy's Day

Hi, DH here!  Julia made my day the best Father's Day ever yesterday!  She somehow arranged for ALL of my children to show up for our daughters' huge dance show, which was amazing!  We had a very nice day, complete with pizza for dinner, and a nice, relaxing evening.  We had finally made it to our room, when I turned to Julia and said, "It's not just Father's Day, you know."

"What do you mean?"  She was sitting on the small couch in our bedroom.  She had her laptop open, but she'd finished working for the day.

"It's also Daddy's Day," I said.  "And Sunday.  So I'm going to be spending some time with my girl tonight."

She smiled, but she didn't say anything.  I could tell that she was doubting my resolve, but what she didn't know was that I was determined to give her a good spanking last night.  We finally climbed into bed, and I sat up to pull her over my lap.  "Oh no, really?  She protested, but I kept my cool, and she finally slid over my lap, with her naked bottom under my hand.  I massaged her gently, and then drew back my arm and let my hand fall on her right cheek.  SLAP!  I warmed her up slowly, gradually increasing the velocity of my swings until the swats were loud, even in my ears.

"Oh!  Ah!"  Her bottom shifted on my lap, and then she turned her head.  "The sound is echoing off the walls!"

I stopped spanking her and massaged her bottom again.  The sound WAS echoing off the walls of our bedroom, which meant it could probably be heard elsewhere in the house.  I've stopped caring if my adult son hears or not; if he doesn't agree with our lifestyle, he can just leave.  But, her Mother is also staying with us, and Julia was not ready for her to find out last night.  

"OK," I sighed.  "It's not MY mother staying with us right now.  And if it were, I guess I wouldn't want to talk to her about it, either."  I pulled the sheet up over her bottom.  "It's too bad," I said, resuming my administration of her spanking.  "I love looking at your naked bottom."

I hope all the Dads out there had a great Father's Day!  Thank you, Sweety, for a beautiful day.  

Monday, June 2, 2014

First weekend in June!

Hello blogland!

Thank you everybody for my lovely birthday wishes, you guys are amazing! And as you can imagine, I had a great day, lets make that weekend actually! The day after my birthday, we went on a whale watching tour that lasted all day. It was so nice to spend that much time together as a family as well as by ourselves, stuck on a boat.

DH also surprised me with a wedding and engagement ring for my birthday. I have to admit, I really was surprised! Here he was, early on my birthday morning, pulling a little black box out of his pocket while lowering himself onto his knee. My heart started beating really quickly...

Since we got married, we have bought several rings, but never one from a jewelery store, always just from the mall, or the department store. Since I started losing weight, I also started to not be able to wear my ring anymore: it would literally just fall off.
Then the other night, tired and a bit under the influence, I admitted to DH how I didn't like walking around without a ring. It made me feel like any guy could just assume I am fair game, and I felt a little untaken-care-off. You know?

All weekend, I have been wearing my rings, and making sure they sparkle at DH every time we were in the sunshine.

Sunday morning, I woke up around 4. Who else wakes up like that? Anybody? What do you do? I was just wide awake and thinking next time I will just get up and work or something. Anyway, I finally went back to sleep around six and managed to sleep in a bit, waking up to no one else next to me in bed. I grabbed my kindle, planning to find some sexy book to read.

I did. Still enjoy Carolyn Faulkner.

Then I hear the door, DH came in, expecting me to still be asleep.

I pulled back my blanket, revealing my entire naked body to him. "Are you coming in?"

"No, I need coffee and I don't want to take off my clothes again." he says.


"Really? You are just gonna walk away from this?" I say as I spread my legs just a little.

And he got in bed with me where he fucked me doggy-style until we both came.

Later that day, back in bed again, DH turns to me.

"I want to resume Sunday night spankings, and as a form as discipline, I am going to put a plug in your bottom tonight."
I can't look at him, all embarrassed, not sure what he wants me to say or do.
"Turn over on your tummy. Good, now spread your legs." I feel has hands on me, anticipation is making his every breath tingle on my skin, trying to figure out what will happen next. My pussy was already wet, and as he enters my pussy with his finger, I can feel his surprise.

"Mhh, my little girl is horny, mhh?! You like my finger in your pussy?" he teases me, not really expecting as answer. He pulls out and starts circling my bottom.

"I want to take your bottom tonight, which is why I will put this plug in first." I hear the lube being opened, my cheeks being spread apart and I feel cold smooth glass nudge at this most private part.

After he inserted the plug, he got out a paddle he had stashed under his pillow, a thin wooden one, and spanked me. At first it was snappy, and I could feel he was starting to find his groove, when I realized just how loud the echo was. I said something along the lines, but only got spanked harder for saying anything, and I suddenly didn't care either. I let him decide that it was okay, and trusted his judgement.

I know anal sex is not for everyone, but I really enjoy it. And trust me, it took a long time to even admit that, let alone say it out loud or type for the whole world to see. But seriously, all it takes is patience, trust, love, and lots of lube!

Happy Monday!!!