Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to life, back to Reality

We are home again and have been for the last few days. DH arranged his schedule and our vacation just right to also get an extra day at home after returning from vacation before returning to work. Which was today.
I, on the other hand, worked all weekend and even managed to squeeze a few hours of work in while on vacation. It was still a great vacation though.

I mean seriously awesome. The first day, we left very early in the morning even though we woke up later than we had planned. One of our cats always likes to be let out in the middle of the night, and sure enough, he woke us up at exactly 4.20am. We had planned on being out of there by then, but no problem. We still managed to arrive  early enough in the day to go swimming and find willing babysitters for the children.
And then we took off to check into the hotel. Alone. As we walked up the stairs, DH kept starting at my ass, I could feel his eyes peeling off my clothes. Once in the hotel room, he turned a little shy and wasn't as sure that I wanted the same thing, but figured it out quick enough lol.

He dropped his pants, revealing his arousal to me. "Why don't you strip out of those clothes?" His voice low and full of intent. Just the way he said it pulled me in and kept me in such a sexual haze.
I stripped out of my skirt and top showing him my white bikini bottoms while climbing up on the bed on all fours. As I looked over my shoulder, I noticed I had his full attention.

It was almost a surreal moment, we were both so into one another, while both being aware of there being no  interruptions that we managed to really connect, physically and spiritually.

I never like starting in the doggy style position, it is more of a last position for me, and DH knows this. After he walked closer to the bed, he admired his favorite pair of bikini bottoms for a moment, however, he proceeded to divest me of them pretty quickly. And I didn't mind.

"Turn over", he instructed me after they were off and as he was climbing onto the bed. I lay down in front of him, spread wide.

"Your pussy is glistening. I am so glad you went and got waxed. I can really see everything. Are you horny?" he asked me as he slowly started to penetrate me for the first time that day.

"Yes," I said (whimpered more like it now that I think about it), but I didn't get more words out because DH surprised me so much by withdrawing his finger and instead starting to work his more-than-ready cock into my needy pussy.

We never made it out of that position, both reaching climax at the same time. (Doesn't happen very often for us)

So, as you can imagine, that set the tone for a wonderful time together. We managed to sneak off one other time, but what really made this vacation different was DH. He was so relaxed and calm the entire time, taking charge with the children in front of everybody as well as not being afraid to say something to me if he felt the situation warranted.

We even managed to go and visit DH's childhood-vacation lake and spent a day there. It was beautiful and not many people around. While we didn't manage to actually "do" it in the water, we did play alone in the water with one another which was a lot of fun, and as we walked out of the water, I told DH: "You know, that counts for now. We have children, teenage nieces and nephews with us, and this is as close as we are going to get to doing it in the water for now. So to me, it counts."
I smirked at him, and he lol-ed and kissed me one more time in the water.

How are you guys doing? :D


  1. Thank you for a beautiful week off, Sweety! I had the best time. :)

  2. Woe Julia, this is hot! So glad you had such a great time and that you and DH had opportunities for some alone time to connect.


  3. Relaxed AND aroused at the same time. It really doesn't get any better than that!

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