Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Answers for Meredith

Meredith over at New Twists after all these Years posted a fun little questionnaire - I always love to answer these, lol. Here we go!

Do your eyes light up when he comes to you?
Yes, even when he is super grumpy. (Like today)

What sports do you watch together?
We don't really watch a lot of TV together, and it usually isn't sport. However, we have figured out we both like watching synchronized diving, figure ice skating, and the Seattle Seahawks of course.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is lingerie when it usually ends up on the floor?
I don't have a single matching set. DH loves white underwear, so I have a wide selection of those, but yeah, I would have to give this a 4.

Do you watch Netflix's House of Cards?
No. Currently, I am watching Twin Peaks. Anyone else watch this?

What outdoor activity do you do together?
This year, we have finally created a garden in our backyard and have been working on it together. We like working on our property together, and enjoy going running and for walks together. And camping, like we are going to do this weekend!!!!

What is his dream vacation?
Getting away with me for days and days and days. Just the two of us.

What is your dream vacation?
Getting away with him, being able to enjoy time away without feeling guilty about the kids not being there. Being alone for days at a time.

What is your favorite book of all time?

I have read so many books in my life already, I really can't say just one. Sadly, lately I haven't had the time to read at all.

What was your last argument about?
I don't remember. Seriously.

Are there any words you use that he does not like?

Nope, its more the other way around here at times.

Do you have any restrictions about internet time?
I work from home on the internet, and can work whenever I want to, therefore, DH really wouldn't think of restricting it.

Do you have a phobia?
Spiders. Sometimes I wake up having dreamed there was a spider on me somewhere in bed. I will jump out and make DH wake up, get up, check, and pretend to throw it out before I am awake enough to calm down. But even then, I get into the bed very carefully, the image lingers in my mind.

Are you watching Outlander?
No, but with good reason. I have read only good things about it and enjoy binge watching more than having to wait one week at a time or more for the next episode. So I am waiting for the entire first season and am really excited!

Does your Hoh have a motto?
Mh, not sure really. Maybe he will comment later...

What is your question for me?
Are you like me and excited about TV season returning soon? And if so, what show are you looking forward to most!?


  1. Great questions Julia and I love your answers, especially to the favourite vacation ones :) I am so with you on spiders! Hope you have a great weekend camping.


    1. Thank you Roz, our first and prob only time this year going camping. Really excited!

  2. Great answers, I think I'm going to have to borrow Mere's questionnaire.

    1. You should, always fun to read everyone's different answers!

  3. The show I am most excited about is Homeland.
    Glad you gaave teh questionniare a try!

    1. Thanks for the idea Meredith. Have to admit DH and I haven't watched it yet, at least not really.

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