Friday, August 22, 2014


Warning: this post will totally reveal HOW OLD DH is, and may also contain explicit content.  I haven't decided yet.  ;)

First things first: Julia and I made up. We forgave each other and right now, we're both sitting in our bedroom listening to Robin Schulz while we work.  Awesome!

Julia just said this is the perfect summer song.  She also says thank you to all of you (and from me too!) you are all so awesome.

When I was 14, I had a little clock radio next to my bed.  Sometimes when it went off in the morning, I wouldn't wake up, and just dream to whatever the song was.  One morning, "Reunited" by Peaches and Herb played, and I had the most incredible dream:

I was on a playground, singing Herb's part with Peaches.  It was a perfect sunny day, and we were on the merry-go-round, singing and slowly spinning in the sunshine.   I'd never seen them in person, or knew what she looked like, but I was in love in my dream, and it was literally the best feeling of my life.  Until I met Julia, of course.  ;)

Last night, we were both desperate to connect.  I came home late, and Julia had already made most of dinner.  We had a quiet evening, but I stayed indoors.  We talked, and later, she gave herself to me in bed.  Her leg hurt as she lay on her side, so we moved to missionary position, and I thrust my cock deep into her pussy.  And then the dam broke inside her and she started sobbing.  I held her in my arms as she cried, with my cock still buried inside her.  I knew she would just grab my ass and thrust me back into her if I tried to pull out - the feeling was like nothing I'd ever experienced.  Her pussy clenched with each sob, and even as I soothed her we were still making love.

"I'm sorry," she cried.
"Me too," I said.  "Sorry for not being your HoH this morning."

And that was the truth of it.  She had lost her footing, because I had lost mine.  I gently turned her over so that we could do it doggy-style, and then attempted to put my cock in her bottom.  It took a few tries, but when I finally came, I almost blacked out as my balls exploded with shot after shot into her waiting bottom.  Unlike most times when we do it this way, she didn't push me out.  She held herself open and let me finish until I was completely done, and then took it there again later.

After she had come several times, we were finally both sated.  I lay on my back and stroked her hair.

"Go down and clean my cock with your mouth," I said.

And she did.


  1. " should lead to better communication and all that good stuff, right?"

    LOVE to you Julia!! And, you ARE right! =)

    The intense connection after is so needed. Julia gave you everything as you took control back- awesome you two!!

    My Man and I are finishing off our week of re-connection (aka: me swallowing each day) after our huge disconnect. Not that the actual act is out of our norm in any way, it's just the symbolic reminder that he WANTS to take the lead and I have agreed to follow. It's a daily reminder of both of our places in our home.

    So happy for you BOTH!!

    1. H Pearl! Thanks again for your words 'o wisdom! Julia has been walking around saying, "She quoted my own words back to me!" lol!

  2. Is there a health risk with her orally cleaning you after anal?

    1. Definitely. He had cleaned himself in between. One of those things you leave out of blog posts............. :)

    2. Ha ha! Good to know!

  3. Love that song too! Btw, DH is not that old.

    1. I keep telling him that too. Although the song is. :D

  4. Oh yes, I know that song too :) I am so happy to read this and so glad you reconnected and that the events of the other morning are behind you.


    1. Well, it was really the fact that he was able to see what was going without questioning my trust or love for him and admit it. It was an uncomfortable evening at first, and ended up being very intense and binding.
      Thanks Roz, Hugs!!!

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