Thursday, September 4, 2014

Piriformis Syndrome makes for NO spankings!

I haven't updated my blog since out little blow up, even though wanting to blog about it has been on my mind since. Life is just too crazy still!

Our summers seem to be full of visitors and it can be hard to stay connected, although I really think we have done very well as a couple this summer.

A reader of mine reached out to me the other day, and told me a little about her relationship, and reading her emails, I was always reminded of us finding out about this lifestyle at the beginning. The excitement, the sexual tension, and just everything great. I told DH about this, and he said:

"True, but for us it has become so much more. It is in every aspect of our lives, and even if we can't do spankings at the moment (its my piriformis I hurt, if you are really bored or interested, here is an article about my life at the moment basically), ttwd is as present as never before between us."

And the confidence with which he said this, made me look at us in a slightly different light. I guess I hadn't noticed the little things we now do to show each other our commitment, like him noticing when I have overdone it, and he sends me to take a nap. Or me being more respectful. I can feel myself really doing it, and enjoying it because he has earned my respect.